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Kids Room Colours : How to Make the Right Choice

kids room colours

Humans are known to be visual individuals, especially kids. They are drawn towards colours, designs and patterns. Although personal taste and preferences change with age and time, colours have a great impact on children and can affect different emotions. Hence, kids room colours should be safe, soft, stimulating and gentle as their brains are developing.

There are hundreds of innovative ideas for children’s room available but you need to do thorough research, consider the child’s taste, compare different colours, and then finalize your children’s room interior design ideas.

Children are tough to impress. Their choices could be tough to replicate on walls because they might want a bold colour, which could cause discontinuity in the colour scheme from the rest of the house. So to deal with this colour situation, we have put together a collection of excellent kids room paint ideas to make your kid fall in love with their own little space.

So read on and take notes to make your child’s room inspiring with colour schemes that will boost concentration, bring positivity, and will improve your children’s overall performance.

kids room colours

6 Kids Room Colours for Children’s Growth

Today’s parents have become extra conscious about their kid’s upbringing and learning. To help you in deciding which colour scheme would be perfect for your children’s room, we have explained the features of colours in the following paragraphs.

1) Red

Red in the right shade is bold, glitzy, and appealing. Children’s room interior design with red colour provides visual impact and high energy. Though it is not a very common color for adult’s rooms, the red colour remains one of the distinctive and engaging kids room colours.

However, red helps balance out the cool tones of a room. So, using it as an accent shade is wise instead of filling all four walls as it may trigger aggression in toddlers.

2) Cheerful Yellow

The colour of the sunrays, sunflowers and summer is yellow and your kid will be happy in a room filled with anything that stimulates that feeling. The yellow colour spreads cheerfulness and happiness. It motivates and improves concentration among kids.

You can definitely try one of these kids room design ideas for your children and help improve and maintain their overall mood.

3) Fresh and Natural Green

Green is one of the kids room colours that welcome calmness and a soothing effect on children. They say that it represents nature and greenery which has always been beneficial for the eyes, mind, and therefore, the body.If your overall design & decor is around eco-friendly decor ideas then this is definitely the best for your munchkins.

Moreover, the positive impact of the green colour is scientifically proven. As per experts, the green colour improves concentration, reading, and understanding speed that resulting in improved performance at the exams.

Green is one of the kids room colours that leading schools and pre-schools adopt for the psychological benefits and the Vaastu aspects. In fact, a majority of schools and institutions choose the lighter shade of green to help boost concentration along with a calming effect on their psychology.

You can try green with the assurance for improved overall performance in your children and see why it is one of the best kids room paint ideas.

4) Blue

If you have a reading corner for kids then this is one of the most subtle colours to paint it with. Blue is known to be one of the best kids room colours as it depicts calmness and concentration. According to some experts on child behaviour and colour effect, blue can be good for blood pressure, heart rate, and stabilizing agitated persons.

Moreover, blue is most common for children with tantrums and those with very high energy. It helps in lowering blood pressure and soothe breathing in agitated children.

5) Orange

Orange remains one of the most controversial kids room paint colors. It is said to be not a great choice when it comes to deciding ideas for children’s room. But, in reality orange stands as the most misunderstood kids room colours. There are a group of people who do not consider orange a good option as per Vaastu whereas some people think 

Truth is that orange is good for warmth, confidence, youthfulness, and friendliness. Orange or the color of rust also complements wooden furniture well. Therefore, the mild shades of orange is a brilliant choice for children’s room despite being wrongly interpreted by most people.

6) Royal Purple

Purple is one of the top kids room colours for creative minds as it is associated with creativity. The color signifies ambition, confidence, and authority. Using purple in designing your kid’s room for inspiration and positive improvement in their behavior and creativity.

Vaastu Shastra and Kids Room Paint Colors

Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui have emphasized a lot on color schemes for kid’s rooms. Indian families follow Vaastu shastra while deciding their kids room design ideas because they spend majority of their time in the room and so, there should be positive energy around.

  • As per Vaastu Shastra, Green rings positivity and growth.
  • Loud colours such as mango orange, bold yellow can divert attention, lower concentration, and trigger agitation.
  • For calmness, use the color blue, but avoid this if the room has a window in the northern direction.

For behavioral stability, use light yellow for kids room colours. Similarly, Vaastu Shastra has explained every color along with its pros & cons. The kids room paint ideas are important for children’s positive thinking, concentration, good night’s sleep, behavioural improvement, etc. So, take inspiration and decide on a color that complements other parts of the house and brings positive vibes around.

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