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12 Types of Sofa Sets that Sync with Any Living Room Decor

types of sofa sets

A sofa set is one of the most essential types of furniture in almost every Indian household. It’s the first piece of furniture that welcomes our guests, hosts our movie nights, and supports our relaxing Sunday afternoons. 

There are multiple types of sofa sets and your decision to buy one depends upon various factors such as space at home, budget, preference, requirement, etc. 

These different types of sofa sets should complement the rest of the furniture and modern room design. Continuity in home decor is vital to express your style. 

We know it seems like a daunting task to choose the best sofa set for your space, style and comfort. But fret not, and read on as we explain the variety of sofa sets including sofa set for the hall, and sofa set for small living rooms, to make the decision easier for you.

types of sofa sets

12 Types of Sofa Sets you Need to Know About:

Different homes have different design styles. Not necessarily everything needs to be the same. Wouldn’t it be monotonous if it were so? Our creative minds may yearn for something different, something unique and one that fits with the entire room’s essence. So, we are here with various sofa set for small living room that helps you with both comfort and free space. Here is an exhaustive list that tells you how and why these sofa styles are a great choice.

1. Standard Sofas for Every Home

Home décor is a vital thing to consider to express your style, design sense, and personality. Different types of sofa sets offer different standards of comfort. So, while deciding on the type of sofa set, consider one of the most basic, yet comfortable ones in the range- Static type of sofa sets.

Different Standard Sofa Styles that make your Living Room Complete

Talking about these types of couches, it’s never the boring old ones. In fact, we try to highlight some unique styles that everyone in your family would love to sit or sleep in! From cute and minimalistic love seats to sturdy leather recliners and sofa sets, we’ll tell you all about them! So, let’s start.

Fabric Sofa Sets

Style your sofa with fabrics including polyester, velvet, linen, nylon, silk, etc. This gives you flexibility and the option to try out a variety of sofa sets by changing the fabric. More than the regular sofa styles, you can focus on the material of the sofa to make a difference in comfort.

Velvet fabric sofas are one of the softest and most comfortable ones. It just adds to the entire set and the whole room. With a great sofa that has an ergonomic design, the velvet fabric might just make the scene complete!

Leatherette Sofa Sets

If you like chic fashion and glossy material for the sofa set, try leatherette, also known as synthetic leather or faux leather. Bring these types of sofa sets for a small living room because they are budget-friendly, sleek, and easy to maintain. Also, the leather sofa sets are easy to clean.

However, this doesn’t mean you are free to take food on the sofa. Try not to spill as it does leave a mark in the long run. But overall, yes these sofa styles are easy to maintain and have great longevity. Also, you can choose these types of couches in the form of armchairs or loveseats as well!

Genuine Leather Sofa Sets

The genuine counterparts are visually different. These sofa set types are durable, rich, and can be seen in houses with luxury living room designs. These types of sofas absorb the spillage and are comfortable for a long time. However, even though they have good longevity and don’t care if you spilt anything on it, try to avoid bringing food. This is a best practice for living room etiquette and for your room’s furniture as well.

Also, you can find these types of sofa sets in the form of recliner couches and more. So, if you are thinking to buy something for the long term, this can be a great investment.

2. Wooden Sofas 

Traditionally, in Indian houses, the wooden sofa styles are the dominating designs. That is, the frame and body are of wood, of course. And the seats could be anything of your choice. So, typically, the seater has an ergonomic design to support your hips muscles for a longer stay and keeps your back healthy.

As the name suggests, wood is the dominant material in this variety of sofa sets. It is sturdy, reliable and sleek. Wooden types of sofa sets are traditional and can live for ages as part of your home and memories.

3. Corner Sofa 

Corner seats make way for more space leaving the main walkway in the living room free. Larger families and small spaces are a common scenario in Indian homes. And a corner sofa will be the best option to accommodate bigger families. Also, this style is a sofa set for small living rooms and are a great option for freeing up more space to walk through.

This way, you can use the rest of the space for legroom, coffee tables, or even unique statement pieces. Also, corner seats are great design ideas for the living space as it allows you to create a small reading corner with a bookrack just beside it!

4. Sofa bed 

Otherwise known as divans, the sofa beds can be of different types. Not all of these sofa styles need opening from beneath. These multipurpose types of sofa sets can be used as a bed as well as a sofa. This is ideal for maximising your room space during the day and unwinding into bed at night with the same furniture.

Moreover, sofa beds are common at hostels, studio apartments, small homes, etc. Doesn’t it make you feel like there are a variety of sofa sets like this that you can explore?

5. Lounger Sofa

People mostly use lounger sofas for a laid-back space meant to help you relax and rest. These types of sofa sets are a combination of a sofa set and a lounge chair. This sofa set for hall has a design that helps you sink in and de-stress. It comes with cushioned armrest and an extended footrest to stretch your legs as well.

If you’re a fan of ‘Friends’, and you have always wanted to fall back on a similar lounge chair to spend your weekend, you can get your hands on one of them at an affordable price at Wakefit!

6. Recliner Types of Sofa Sets 

There is nothing as comforting as home, and one of the most inviting parts of that is a recliner sofa. So, for a relaxing evening to unwind, the recliner comes to your rescue!

Furthermore, these types of couches are comfortable, rejuvenating, and great to relax after a day-long work. It’s like a break from the traditional styles of sofa that you can sit and press a button to sink back and relax. Literally!

Types of Recliner Sofa Sets

The recliner couch can be different. One is manual and the other is automatic. Each of their names is self-explanatory. According to your needs, you can choose from these types and take them home!

Manual Recliners: You need to adjust the height, position by yourself. The manual recliners come with a lever that can be used for backrest and footrest position adjustments.

Automated Recliner Couch: Instead of a lever, automated recliners come with a switch. Plug into a power source and play around with the switch.

7. L-type Sofa Set Design 

With their L-Shaped structure, this type of furniture can be used as a sofa set for the hall, for the living area, etc. It takes less space and provides extra space for designing the interiors of the home.

Now, this is a great sofa set for small living rooms as well as for spacious ones. For smaller spaces, just one l-type sofa set design will do wonders! However, for larger spaces, you can add several small seats after adding this one!

L-Type sofa set designs are available in wooden as well as a fabric material. These are durable, cost-efficient, trendy and lasting.

8. Armchairs

Talking about types of couches, one cannot forget about armchairs. They typically stand at the corner of your living room where it’s a part of the space but also a vital part of another space. For eg, you can plan to create a reading corner in your living room and add the armchair to seat and read your favourite classic! You can also place a small end table to place your book and leave for a quick break! Also, the backdrop of your bookrack will add to the whole corner!

9. Ottoman

The general use of an ottoman is for a footrest. You can place it near your sofa seat to lift your legs on them and watch your favourite shows. Or, you can simply sit on an ottoman if it’s just another small sofa without the recliner. Also, this is a great addition to your sofa set for hall. Plus, it’s also a great idea to place them near your window for your kids to sit and read their favourite fairy tales.

10. Loveseat

Talking about types of sofa sets for small spaces, the loveseat just takes the spotlight. The designs are generally minimalistic and showcase a great sense of style. They are the ideal sofa set for small living rooms that exude elegance along with comfort.

Moreover, a loveseat is generally a 2-seater of a 3-seater and is generally smaller than a standard sofa. Hence, it’s chic design just makes the living room cosier and more spacious.

11. Tuxedo Sofas or Straight backs

These types of sofa sets tend to have a backrest level that is equal to the armrest as well. Also, they tend to have a chic minimalistic design. This sofa set for hall can come in different materials and we’d suggest you go with the leather one. It looks sturdy, bold and makes a statement!

Moreover, the style is pretty uncommon in Indian households and they go great with modern room decors! So if you have a bias towards contemporary sofa styles, you can easily go for tuxedo sofas!

12. Camel Back Sofas

This design with a camelback is one of the most elegant types of sofa sets. In fact, you will find these in Indian houses that have a luxury design in their living room. It exudes a royal essence and the style justifies the statement extraordinarily. If you have enough space, you can also place this as an extra seater at some corner for additional gathering purposes.

There are different styles, materials, and varieties for these types of sofa sets. After considering space and budget, finalize a comfortable sofa set for your home and enjoy some quality time on one of these trendy sofa sets. Don’t forget to check out our guide on stylish modern sofa designs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Types of Sofa Sets

What styles of sofa is the most popular in India?

Although there are different types of sofa sets, in India, the typical family loves the traditional sofa designs. That said, here are some of the variety of sofa sets that you’d love for your living room design as well:

  • The L-type sofa set design
  • Loveseats
  • Wooden Sofas
  • The Standard Mid-century
  • Chaise

How many types of sofas are available in India?

In India, there are a ton of designs that you can choose from. However, in most places, you’ll find the popular ones themselves. So, here are the types of couches that are popular in furniture stores:

  • The loveseats
  • Sectionals or modular sofas
  • Armchairs
  • L-shapes sofas with ottoman
  • Chaise

Which sofa styles are the best for a small living room in India?

Lack of space is a common complaint in Indian homes. So, here are a few different types of sofa set for small living room that’d be perfect for your space:

  • The Seetee
  • Chaise
  • Divan
  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • The Armchair
  • Beanbags

How do I arrange an L-type sofa set design in my small living room?

Ideally, for a small living room, you can place the l-shaped couch at the l-shaped corner. This way, you will leave much more space for walking through the room and not make it congested. After that, you can also place an ottoman or a small single-seater but try to limit the seats beyond that.

Are sectionals good for a small living room?

Sectionals are good for a small living space if you restrain from adding further seats. Too many seats for the living room can make it difficult to walk through the space. So, ideally one l-shaped sectional will be enough along with another single-seater right in front of it would be great!

What type of sofa set for hall is durable?

The genuine leather sofa set is the most durable of all the different types of couches available in India. Also, they appear sleek and elegant adding to the essence of the living room. Plus, you’d not have to clean it often as it needs less maintenance. Therefore, cheers to longevity!

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