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Once considered a piece of furniture for the living room, stereotypical sofas made significant progress with time. However, have you ever wondered how sofas evolved over the years? The origin of the sofa dates back to 2000 BC in Egypt. The word “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “suffah,” meaning “bench.” These were expensive pieces of furniture only used by wealthy people in the Roman empire.

Thanks to artisans and craftsmen, after the collapse of the Roman empire and during the industrial revolution, sofas evolved majorly. From traditional wooden to the mid-century modern sofa and other stylish modern sofa designs, sofas have indeed come a long way.

Stylish Modern Sofa Designs:
Sofas Speak Volumes

Your home is your place of solace. You leave all your stress and anxiety outside before entering it. That is why it is essential to set your living area precisely how it comforts you. It makes your life healthier and happier, both mentally and physically.

Hence, you need to bring in the right elements with the right design to suit your ambience.

Stylish Modern Sofa Designs: Why Invest in One?

Invest some time and think before buying the best furniture for your home. Spruce up your living room with a fantastic sofa arrangement to make your house a better place to live. By choosing stylish, modern sofa designs, you can relax at home and leave all your worries at bay.

Today, sofas play many roles. From aesthetics to utility and comfort, sofas are essential for your home in several ways. Here is what a sofa can offer.

relax unwind

A sofa is a place to relax, unwind, rest, read, and even nap after a long day.


It is also a place where family and friends have conversations and bond with each other.


It is an inviting place for extended families and guests.


Stylish modern sofa designs for living room save space without disrupting the home decor.


Sofas are the most comfortable spot for everyone at home, including children and pets.


They bring everyone together to watch TV, enjoy drinks, play games, and more.


Leaning on a comfortable sofa relieves stress, boosts positivity, and improves your mood.

Stylish modern sofa designs for living room can speak a lot about your style. You can go with big, bold, and beautiful sofas that stand out and express your individuality.

Whether you like a wooden couch design for your sofa or an Indian-style sitting sofa, you can always go bold in the colors, patterns, textures, and styles to make your statement. And to maintain their longevity, you can follow the basic tips for cleaning upholstery and you’re good to go for decades to come!

If you prefer a mid-century modern sofa, go with whites, smoky blues, or olive greens to create that perfect iconic look in your lounge. The idea is simple: be as playful as possible before you pick the right sofa. Whatever you choose, make sure it lets the world know who you are and what styles you admire.

Let thoughtfully designed sofas accentuate your living room.

Modern Sofa Types
and How to Style
Them to look fab!

Your living room is the heart of your house, and the sofa is the centerpiece of it. Hence, the types of sofa sets you to opt for needs to match the expectations of everyone in the house.

The comfort, style, design, and features are all crucial aspects of selecting a couch. Also, many experts advise using modern sofa designs for living rooms creatively to design the layout of your living spaces.

You can look at the latest sofa designs for drawing room that combine aesthetic and comfort!

Apart from these ideas, it is best to look for an ideal place for your sofa arrangement and find something that appeals to everyone.

To find the best sofa for your living room, we have compiled different stylish modern sofa designs suitable for your current and contemporary life.

Types of Sofa Designs and What’s Special in them

To find the best sofa for your living room, we have compiled different Indian sofa design ideas suitable for your current and contemporary life. Also, learn about other sofa styling options that will complement the room’s decor and reinforce your style statement. Here are some exclusive sofa buying options.

stylish modern sofa designs

1. Mid-century sofa set

You often see mid-century sofa sets in the home magazines, catalogs, and stylish coffee shops. A mid-century sofa that is sleek and retro in style has undeniable charm.

As the name suggests, the mid-century modern sofa came into the limelight in the middle of the 20th century. Alvar Aalto primarily developed these designs, popularly known as Scandinavian Modern. During this time, democratic, sleek, and affordable furnishing became the hallmark of modern style worldwide.

People started paying more attention to Aalto’s designs because they were carved, heavy, and dark.

Later, due to a shortage of materials after World War II, the basic designs began to change. The newer designs came from oak, teak, and birch wood with many styles and dramatic colors in the mid-century modern sofa designs.

Slowly, mid-century sofa designs became a rage amongst people who wanted cutting-edge trends for their furniture. Most people with classy taste still prefer these dramatic and unique sofas for their living room. Talking about the types of sofas, you can also take a detailed look at some living room furniture for small spaces.

However, the key features of a mid-century modern sofa include the following.

  • Functionality

Stylish modern sofa designs from the mid-century are mainly centered on the functional aspect of furniture. Every curve and angle of these sofas are ergonomic, which offer maximum comfort and sustainability.

  • Shape

Mid-century sofa incorporates subtle curves and a sleek design, which offers a clean look. Whether you pick a C-shaped sofa or luxury U-shaped couches, these simplistic shapes from mid-century sofas go incredibly well with most interiors. And they complement your luxurious living room design!

  • Contrast

Modern designs from the mid-century emphasize more on contrast and texture. A great mix of bold base colors and contemporary clean lines makes an excellent choice for a sofa that will surely complement your interiors.

Mid-century modern sofas are ideal for urban dwellers looking for maximum space utilization in their living space. If you are someone that loves the latest sofa designs and appealing furniture pieces, go for a mid-century sofa set.

stylish modern sofa designs

2. L-Shaped Sofa Set

An L-shaped sofa set is the perfect amalgamation of comfort and style. These are casual, informal, and straightforward sofas that fit well for an L-shaped room design.

People prefer buying an L-shape recliner sofa or a 3-seater couch because they are flexible, adaptive, and versatile. It can blend well with your large living room layout ideas and beautifully fill in the room’s awkward corners.

Also, they are easy to maintain if you know the simple tips on how to clean a sofa at home.

Here are some features of L-shaped sofa sets.

  • Casual

An L-shaped recliner sofa is simple, informal, and classy. The flexible design and look make it an ideal choice for relaxing in the living room. You can add some plush cushions or arrange throw pillows to make them more comfortable and stylish.

Moreover, you can choose from the available hundreds of contemporary modern sofa designs for living rooms in L-shaped sofas. This is one of the best large living room layout ideas to cover the space

  • Space saver

Unlike traditional pieces, which typically have a fixed shape, L-shaped sofas can be molded according to the living room space. You can use every nook and corner practically and creatively with an L-shaped sofa to save space. Experts recommend this for people who have specific room arrangements ideas and custom needs. It can be a space-saving interior design for a compact house.

  • Optimal storage

You will fall in love with L-shaped sofas if you need storage space under your sofa seats. It allows your L-shaped room design to breathe free without cluttering the space with unwanted storage shelves. You can store extra cushions, quilts, and board games to keep your living room organized, accessible, and spacious.

You cannot go wrong with an L-shaped sofa in your living room. It’s one of the ideal decor ideas for a small living room and people who frequently host guests and friends for fun. Go for a wooden couch design and upholstery materials for sofas in an L-shape for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance in your living room.

stylish modern sofa designs

3. U-shaped couches

Luxury U-shaped couches are almost synonymous with family couches. Dating back from the Roman empire, U-shaped couches were initially designed in a horseshoe shape for Romans to gather and talk while eating.

Today, families prefer buying U-shaped couches for their living room because it lets them sit together in a pleasant semi-circle. It is one of the best choices when looking for stylish modern sofa designs that are functional and appealing. Here are some features.

  • Comfort

Luxury U-shaped couches are known for their comforting nature. Families have the advantage of talking while looking at each other’s faces without twisting their necks. Your loved ones can lie down, watch TV, eat food, and do many things comfortably on a U-shaped couch.

  • Aesthetics

A U-shaped couch will instantly improve the aesthetics of your living room. If you are looking for large living room layout ideas, a U-shaped couch and an elegant center table will fit seamlessly. There are various patterns, shapes, sizes, and designs available in U-shaped couches, so you can pick the right one that can elevate your room’s interior decor.

  • Luxury U Shaped Couches

A luxury U shaped couches or a sofa is a symbol of grandeur and a perfect addition to your luxury living room design. They are sturdy, durable, and express your lifestyle. Right from the armrest, frame material, joints, cushion fillings, and suspension, everything will give you a sense of luxury and comfort. These are premium sofas that offer a unique sense of coziness.

Luxury U shaped couches are ideal for large family settings. It allows families to host events, gatherings, and parties at ease. Most of the U-shaped couches also come with sections so you can split the sofa according to the occasion and settings.

Add a center table that reflects your personality and tastes to enhance the sofa arrangement. Check out Wakefit’s coffee tables that are not only functional but also blend well with your luxury U shaped couches on which you can rest after a long day.

stylish modern sofa designs

4. Convertible sofa

Otherwise known as sofa cum bed, a convertible sofa is an increasingly trendy furniture option for modern and contemporary houses. It will sit in your living room like a sofa, and you can convert it into a bed when needed. So, besides offering a comfortable seating space, it also serves the purpose of an extra bed when your guests arrive.

Convertible Sofa is a perfect mix of innovation and functionality that is slowly ruling the stylish modern sofa designs. Sofa cum beds are becoming hot favorites among urban dwellers who want to combine the luxury of a bed with the benefits of a practical sofa.

These are great choices if you are looking for sofa designs for small living rooms. Here are some features of the convertible sofa.

  • The convertible feature saves space and is one of the best living room ideas.
  • It can easily convert into a bed for friends, family, and guests.
  • You do not need to have an extra guest bed in the house.
  • Just like a real bed, a sofa cum bed will be comfortable and relaxing.
  • You can unfold, move, and fold it back effortlessly.
  • It has storage space to hold your bedding and other linen.
  • Crafted with durable materials, sofa cum beds last for years.

Sofa cum beds are ideal for small living spaces and kids’ bedrooms. Children’s rooms are typically full of toys, books, and other study material. Most parents find it challenging to accommodate beds because of a lack of space.

A sofa cum bed is a great space-saving and safe option for a kids’ room. It will help ensure your children have enough space to play in their room and sleep when they need to. It is also a pocket-friendly option when planning to get a wooden sofa set designs in Indian style for children’s rooms.

Wakefit’s sofa cum bed is an excellent choice for people looking to save space in their living and children’s rooms. These are made-to-order pieces of furniture, so you are free to choose your color, upholstery material for sofas, and cushions according to your preference and interiors.


5. Futon sofa bed

Futon sofa beds are gorgeous minimalist couch designs that serve as both sofas and beds. Unlike the sofa cum bed, futons are made using robust wood and are muti-functional.

The futon’s back is folded up and turns into a bed by flattening it. You need to press the futon’s back down, and the cushions turn into pillows. Futon sofa beds also blend well if you are looking for sofa designs for small living rooms.

Here are more about futton beds:

  • Types of futons

They are multiple types of futons based on the materials used and size. There are single bed futons and double bed futons whose structures are of wood or metals. Whatever you choose, it will be great for your space-saving interior design.

  • Usage

The great thing about futons is that they are compact yet expandable. If you want to accommodate more sleeping spaces in a small area, they are perfect to use. What’s more, they are easy to transform and very comfortable.

  • Ideal place for it

Your futon is perfect for any part of your living space, be it your beautiful living rooms, bedrooms, or balcony. It boils down to where you want to relax, read a book, drink some coffee, or listen to music. Futons tend to be that laid back and
give your space a casual air.

  • Colors

The futon these days come in multiple colors and shades. Pick according to your house interiors. Also, check out Wakefit’s ottoman to complement your

Lastly, a futon is ideal for small spaces and a particular state of mind. It is an option with a young and rejuvenated feel. It needs very little maintenance and adds volumes
to your home and personality. What’s more, it can also convert into a bed for a good night’s sleep if you have family or friends visiting.


6. Indian Traditional Sofa Set

Indian traditional sofa sets come in many styles and designs. It can be a C-shaped sofa or a wooden couch design that complements your interiors.

A C-shaped sofa or a wooden couch design type of couch is a typical Indian-style sitting sofa crafted using durable wood. You can go for a 2- or 3-seater couch that can effortlessly be the cozy centerpiece of your modern room designs, especially when the space is limited.

Here are some design ideas for an Indian traditional sofa set.

  • Rajasthani designs

Traditional gudri, a 3-seater couch, is a trendy Rajasthani sofa design. It is elegant and vibrant and comes in different fabrics to give a traditional look to your living room.

  • South Indian designs

The inspiration for South Indian sofa designs comes from South Indian traditions. These sofas have beautiful and clean designs. You will have a wooden display, intricately woven seats, and finely carved wooden legs. It is one of the stylish modern sofa designs in India.

  • Kashmiri designs

Kashmiri wood carvings are famous all across the world. The same is true for Kashmiri sofa designs. There are many wooden couches in Kashmiri patterns that will infuse your living room with style.

  • Indian floor sofa

Indian floor sofa, otherwise known as baithak or patla, is usually a low sitting arrangement that is coming back in style. Indian floor sofa perfectly complements an Indian-style living room because they create a dramatic traditional look flawlessly. Unlike other sofa sets, they are not jarring because of their similarity in designs.

You can enhance the look for your Indian traditional sofas using Wakefit’s cushions and give your living room the perfect look.

Find yourself a stylish yet comfortable sofa! Make your pick.

Want to Spruce up
The Space Around
Your Sofa? Read on!

There are exciting ways to transform and refresh your living room. After choosing the right sofa, you can spruce up the floor space around it using these room arrangement ideas.

Talking about sprucing up your space, some ideas resonate with your personality! Whether you go with minimalism or boho culture is in your veins, you will find a lot of ideas that will help make your living space more inviting!

modern coffee table for living room

1. Coffee tables

It is a perfect partner for your stylish modern sofa designs. Combined with sofas, coffee tables tend to make the room look complete. The shape of your coffee table will largely depend on the kind of sofa you have. This means L-shaped room design sofas will have different sizes, decor, and styles from a 3-seater sofa . Many things can accompany your coffee table. Just some excellent room arrangement ideas options include,

  • Magazine ideas

You are what you read, so having some favorites for your guests is a good idea. Are you into sports or nature? Stacking up magazines that you like on your coffee table makes your personality shine better.

  • Coffee table books

If you go to any home with a Chesterfield sofa set, Indian floor sofa, or any other kind of furniture these days, the coffee table books say a lot about the owner. Some themes could be travel, food, sports, and photography, based on your interest.

  • Snacks

Who does not like a snack between meals? Your coffee table is a perfect place to keep light snacks. Choose healthy options, such as almonds and walnuts, and place them in an airtight container.

  • Decorations

Modern coffee table decor ideas include potpourri, vases, and candles. It can improve the appearance of the coffee table and add color and contrast to your living
room. Remember not to include clashing colors while decorating your living space.


2. Throw blankets to accentuate the sofa designs

Throw blankets provide new textures, personalize your sofa, are functional, warm up the room, and can be very attractive. You have to keep in mind many things when selecting the perfect throw blanket for your stylish modern sofa designs. You will
need to decide on the size, style, and color you want to use. Here are the things to consider.

  • Types of throw blankets

The throw blankets that you select must match your house. Some of the options are mid-century modern, traditional, minimalist, and other types of homes that require throw blankets to match the design.

Not only are throws add to your couch designs but also they keep you warm as you binge watch your favourite series.

  • Function and size

Before selecting the throw blankets, ensure you ask pertinent questions such as how big and functional they should be. Do you want to use it to warm yourself or as decoration? Typically, if you want to add to the set and are not looking for functionality,
small blankets are good. Smaller ones work best on armchairs. However, if you have a large-sized sofa, a large throw blanket is more befitting.

  • Colors

As a thumb rule, try to bring in contrast. However, ensure that there is some balance of colors in the sofa, living room, and throw blankets. If you have bold colors on one side of the room and dull ones on the other side, consider using bright
colors on the light side, and vice versa. It helps create a balance in different areas of the room.

  • Texture

Another essential aspect of the throw blanket is to pick the kind of texture you want to add to your living space. The texture adds interest to the room. It can also help when you decide the functions of the throw blanket. Invest in the texture
you require after careful consideration.

  • Styling

How you use the throw blankets and pillows will impact what your living space says about you. Whether the latest sofa designs, the Chesterfield sofa sets, or even futon sofa beds, how you style it matters. For instance, if you fold your blankets and pillows to perfection, your guests may be reluctant to use them or make them their own. On the other hand, a casually draped blanket can be more inviting.

  • Number

There is such a thing as too many throw blankets for your stylish modern sofa designs. Having too many of them can clutter the area and make it uncomfortable to maneuver. Instead, create a storage area for all your prized possessions and use your
favorites in rotation.


3. Shelves to showcase your personality

Corner shelves work well with the latest sofa designs for drawing room. Books, artifacts, and items of interest that you place on corner shelves can help showcase your personality. Typically, wooden frames with a different finish or metal shelves can help elevate and enrich your living room. It helps show your guests your interest and can be a great conversation starter.


4. Wall painting

Many color combinations come into play for wall colors. Leave behind conventional choices and paint your walls behind your sofa sets in colors that stand out. Art, mirror designs, and modern wall paintings can give a dramatic look to your living room.

The latest sofa designs for drawing room need the company of a good wall art or painting. You can accessorize your living room likewise!

wall hanging

5. Wall hangings

Many color combinations come into play for wall colors. Leave behind conventional choices and paint your walls behind your sofa sets in colors that stand out. Art, mirror designs, and modern wall paintings can give a dramatic look to your living room.

Artwork alone adds a lot to your space and is one of the stylish modern sofa designs. Plus, you can also go with house wall design ideas that covers up an entire wall. It’s either with the help of wallpapers or plain art throughout the wall.


6. Hanging plants

If you are someone with a green thumb, there is nothing more calming than plants in your house. It not only adds color to the home but also freshness. Remember that many indoor plants can enliven your room. Add a little bit of beauty to your living space.

Investing in sofa and living room accessories will contribute to your healthy living. Wakefit believes in offering exclusive and eco-friendly furniture at an affordable price. Seek help from our experts to design and accentuate the beauty of your home.

Find the perfect decor ideas for your living room space!

Don't Compromise on
Style and Comfort of Sofas

Frequently Asked Questions on Stylish Modern Sofa Designs

Wakefit is one of the best places to buy a sofa online. You can find a variety of designs, patterns, and shapes that are highly durable and functional. Sofas from Wakefit have unmatched quality and are available at the most affordable prices.

The truth be told, both have their pros and cons. It comes down to what your focus is on as you invest.

If you are looking for a unique design, they both have excellent options. If you want longevity, leather tends to be a good idea.

That said, leather does heat up if you spend long hours sitting on it. Leather can manage spills better. However, fabric options are easier on the pocket.

A good sofa design is comfortable, aligned to your space, and reveals your personality in size, design, and aesthetic. A good sofa design looks inviting to the people that share the space with you, whether family or friends.

There are many popular sofa designs to suit different tastes. For instance,

  • If you are into traditional furniture, an Indian floor sofa can do the job.
  • When looking for a multipurpose sofa, a futon sofa bed or Chesterfield sofa set will fit the bill.
  • The latest sofa designs also come with an ottoman to rest your foot.

The sitting remains firm thereby giving your hips a great support.

The “traditional 3 piece set” is the most popular sofa set. They are available in a variety of colours and fabrics, and they enhance the comfortable and stylish appearance of a living area. The traditional Indian sofa design exudes a certain vibrance. Combines with the modern is becomes one of the best sofa designs!

Sofas are frequently used to make a statement in the living area. As a result, choosing the proper colours for your sofa is crucial.

  • Dark blue
  • Green
  • Beige
  •  Black
  • Dark Grey

Are some of the most striking hues that can enhance the appearance of your living room. Hence, choose a colour for your wooden sofa set designs indian style that goes with your ambience.

Sofas require only moderate maintenance to keep them beautiful and presentable.

  • Clean the sofa as well as the inside.
  • Dish soap in a liquid form should be used.
  • If at all feasible, vacuum it.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible.
  • Allow the sofa to air dry completely.

Wooden sofa set designs indian style last longer with proper care and hygiene. They are the best sofa sets if taken care of.

When it comes to presenting, “less is more” is always a good rule of thumb. As a result, pay attention to the type and number of cushions on your sofa. In general, 3-5 cushions is a nice amount to achieve comfort and appearance. Also, choosing a perfect fabric for your cushion adds to your couch designs!

A well-kept sofa is a go-to spot for relaxation and comfort

  • Make certain to have a rug on top.
  • Sew the pillowcases together.
  • Repaint the sofa with a fresh fabric.
  • Vacuum to keep dust from settling in.
  • Keep it protected with stylish sofa covers.

Use these tips to keep your wooden sofa set designs indian style dust-free!

When you have a small living room, your furniture should be sleek. A thin low armed sofa is the ideal sofa design as it does not overwhelm the space and also does not block the flow.

The Wakefit Serial Napper and the Wakefit Snoozer are two of the most comfortable sofas. They are a perfect combination of effortless style and comfort.

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