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Humans are meant to socialize, connect, and form relationships. But at the end of the day, it is important to never compromise on the time you spend with yourself. In today’s world, relaxation, self-reflection, and growth are top priority.

So, where’s the best place to achieve these three? The most personal space of all – your bedroom. That’s why investing in comfortable and modern room designs is worth the money.

Modern Room Designs:
Why Personalise
your Room?

We all heard about modern interior designs of houses. And for some reason we think it’s close to something futuristic. Well, it’s true. But before assuming let’s learn what it is and why you should care.

What Is a Modern Room?

A modern room aims to maintain the specific purpose of any room intact with it’s design. The design elements of a bedroom would be different from a living room. That’s because the purpose and energy of both rooms differ.

For a bedroom, the design is such that it allows you to have a good night’s sleep. It incorporates luxe accessories and bedding, is mindful of the lighting, and allows occasional colour pops. Thus, it gives off a sleek look with a cosy vibe!

What Are the Characteristics of a Modern Design?

The design style of modern rooms incorporate geometric shapes and clean lines. They maintain simple shapes and occasionally allow asymmetry that show luxury.

The belief of the modern design school is progressive hence it leaves behind the vintage shapes like domes, intricately designed arches, etc.

Why Is Personal Space Important and How Does It Help?

Long gone is the era when having some ‘me-time’ was considered indulgent or selfish. Having your personal space is ironically selfless.

How? Because when you give to yourself, you rejuvenate and can give more in your relationships, workspace, and other touchpoints with the world.

A cozy personal space has all the elements that stimulate relaxation – from a welcoming bed to a pretty reading nook. So, when you consider modern room designs for your bedroom, you focus not only on aesthetics but also on wellbeing and functionality.

How Can You
Modernize Your Room?

A majority of the elements in a modernized bedroom prioritizes practicality. Even the modern room decor and its placement in the room have some functional significance.

The common question on how to modernize your room has several answers, But are they creative enough or do they match your personality at all?

We have compiled a set of aesthetic room decor ideas so you can modernize your room easily. They aren’t heavy on your pockets but are great additions to your room. Make sure to pay attention to your living space as well. Take a look at smart decor ideas for a small living room to bring your ideas to reality.

You can modernize your space in no time with this simple checklist:

modern room designs

Keep a Minimal Theme

The minimal theme is all about reduction and disguise – reducing the clutter and disguising the unpleasant. All minimalists follow the ‘less is more’ motto.

When you really start questioning the necessity of each object, you’ll find yourself left with fewer elements. But those few elements will give you more value than you can ever wish for.

A convertible sofa bed, a modern single bed, an ottoman with storage, concealed wiring, and modern chest of drawers designs all scream minimalism.

Whenever you consciously decide on your modern bedroom interior with an aim to stay minimal, you’ll end up with surprisingly marvellous layouts.

modern room designs

Choose Neutral Colors (Subtle Hues, Pastel Colors, Textured Wallpaper)

The most ultra-modern bedroom designs follow a neutral palette. The common belief that neutral colors are boring has been debunked.

The whites, subtle greys, and creams can help you unravel the beauty and elegance of your room while helping the other attractive elements draw attention. These modern bedroom colors are great team players and work with any design, color, or texture.

If you want to take it up a notch but simultaneously stay faithful to neutrals, then you should experiment with textures. You can add textures to one of the walls and watch it complement the rest of your modern room colours.

Want to ditch neutrals altogether? Put your faith in pastels. Icy blues, pastel pinks, and lilacs are ruling the modern room designs today. And this applies to your TV room as well. You can also look at TV room design ideas to get more cues.

Bring Large Mirrors

No, large mirrors in your bedroom don’t mean that you’re narcissistic. Every modern room decor is incomplete without these decorative items.

Mirrors with metal or woodwork uplift the room not only because they are elegant but also because they reflect light and magnify a space.

Also, mirrors have the power to make your room appear spacious. Hence, mirrors stand as one of the best aesthetic room decor ideas by far! With more mirrors, you feel that there’s more light and space. No wonder they are at the top of the modern home decor trend!

If you have limited bedroom space, then watch these mirrors instantly create more room by helping light bounce within your four walls. Yes, science comes in handy for contemporary room designs.

bedroom designs in india

Add Plants

You don’t have to miss out on the joy of growing plants just because you’re a serial plant murderer. It’s true that plants need constant watering and care – which is impractical with today’s busy schedules.

So, low maintenance indoor plants might be just the right green friends for you. Snake plant, Devil’s Ivy, Zanzibar Gem, and Aloe Vera are a few common plants that can deal with low light and infrequent watering. Plants are more than just decorative items. Most low maintenance indoor plants also have the ability to purify the air and eliminate toxins. Wouldn’t you love that for a room where you spend a lot of time?

aesthetic room decor ideas

Set Warm Lights

Among the trending modern bedroom designs 2021, warm lights have become a necessity. Luxurious-looking homes no longer have harsh cool lighting. Yellow or warm white lights bring a cosy and comfortable vibe to the room.

If you visit modern hotels or cafes, you’ll notice that warm lighting adds so much beauty. Bringing that set up to your home will instantly modernize your space. Plus, this is also one of the thoughtful kids bedroom ideas that will help induce sleep.

Additionally, warm lighting is gentler on the eyes. Prolonged exposure to cool lights can cause strain on your eyes. Plus, these types of lighting is one of the top aesthetic room decor ideas of today.

Opt for sustainable warm lighting to give a rustic feel to your modern bedroom interior. You can do this with the help of scones, ceiling lights, fairy lights, etc.

bedroom designs in india

Don’t Forget Natural Lighting

Natural white light is a free gift from nature that enhances your bedroom. If you’re someone who prefers artificial lighting, here’s what you’re missing out on.

Sunlight gives you a good boost of Vitamin D. Also, you’ll save huge on energy bills if you plan your space to encourage the entry of natural white light. What a great way to live healthily and sustainably! And correct lighting happens to be one of the important apartment living room ideas.

The method of ‘daylighting’ is used to bring as much sunlight into the room as possible with the help of large windows and skylights.

However, if your room does not get much sunlight, you can make use of a natural white light lamp to have a brighter space.

Choose Subtle Hues

Modern room designs mostly work with subtle hues. For those who aren’t big fans of pop colours but love dull and muted hues, there is a whole palette of gorgeous subtle modern room colours.

Flamingo pink, cool blue, plum, mint green, and jade green are subtle hues that give you the splash of colour in a moderate amount. And these modern room colours are a huge contributing part of the contemporary room design. And subtle colors are one of the best guest room design ideas that will make them happy!

Now, that we know the elements you need for styling your room, let’s look at what your bedroom design foundation could be.

What are the Top Modern Room Designs in India?

The design of a room can follow any style or bedroom theme. If you like to keep things low, go for a minimalistic vibe. If you love to keep things traditional, it’s your call.

However, before selecting a design for your room, let’s see the different types of bedroom designs in India.

The top room designs include various types of styles and themes. Before adding your decor items, make sure your bedroom has a certain design foundation. And these ideas will help you decide which one you can go with.

Some of the top bedroom designs in India are the colonial style, the Indian contemporary style, the minimalistic design, and the traditional design!

Let’s have an in-depth look at each of these room designs and how you can follow them.

colonial bedroom designs in india

Colonial Bedroom Design

The colonial bedroom style has an elegant appeal. The majority of the role is due to the handpicked furniture items that complement match the others around while the bedroom colours are warm. This creates the contrast.

You can top this design with certain items for decor and voila! You have a colonial style bedroom design.

Indian Contemporary Room Design

Indian Contemporary Room Design

The contemporary style is basically the modern design of a room. And this design aesthetic cares about sophisticated and futuristic-looking pieces, clean lines, and other elements of today.

The Indian contemporary design focuses on subtle sophistication, rely on simplicity, and conscious use of textures.

Indian Minimalistic Room Design

Indian Minimalistic Room Design

The basic idea of minimalist room design is to use only the essential items to make the room appear spacious and uncluttered. This style has close resemblance with the modern or the contemporary design but is somewhat different.

If you go for a minimalist bedroom theme, you can pick elements with simple design that complement the entire space. Also, you wil generally focus on the functionality of any decor item that you decide to bring in. This way, you tend to maintain the minimalist bedroom theme.

Traditional Bedroom Design

Traditional Bedroom Design

Indian traditional room design tends to bring back what a typical Indian house interior looked like but with a tinge of modern aesthetics.

A traditional bedroom design is the classical style that involves rich color schemes and maintains symmetrical arrangements of the furnishings. Indian room elements makes the most of original features and materials and add pastel shades to keep the balance.

How to Make
Your Room Your

The bedroom is your sacred space hidden from the world. It might play many roles in your life – your reading room, meditation room, or resting room. If you’re into the modern aesthetic, the contemporary room design ideas will make your room seem and feel cosier!

However, what are the modern home decor ideas that you can add to your room?

The room already signifies so much but how can you make improvements to this sanctuary so that it feels welcoming? You can take a look at these elements for the best bedroom designs in india.

modern room designs

Add Cozy Furniture

Your modern single bed need not remain the only attractive piece of furniture in your room. The latest furniture design for bedrooms is cosy additions with multiple functions. Here are a few:

modern room designs

Come in, Comfy Chairs

Not the one chair that holds all the clothes! A chair in the bedroom could be for work, relaxation, or reading. If you’re going to spend a lot of time on this piece of furniture, don’t be shy to invest in a sturdy and comfortable chair.

Look for cushioned chairs with breathable fabric. Test it out to see if the chair provides adequate back and neck support.

Bring in the Bean Bags

Ever wondered what sitting on clouds would feel like? An adult bean bag is the closest to that feeling. This comfortable blob is great for your backaches and posture. It also relieves the tension in your muscles and joints.

The USP for an adult bean bag is that it adapts to any shape. So adding a colorful or even a leather adult bean bag can really spruce up your room!

Add a Swing near the Balcony

For those who are suddenly confused whether this article is about parks or bedroom designs, yes, swings are great for the bedroom.

They are super relaxing furniture for modern room designs that you should definitely get if feasible for your space. While cradles work for babies, swings are the best for your adult self to find peace and rejuvenate.

If you’re into contemporary bed design, then you might have come across swing beds. This is definitely a more dramatic change but it does add a dreamy effect to your bedroom.

Place Throw Pillows

Modern luxury bedding has fluffy pillows and rich comforters. In addition to the standard two-pillow bedding set-up, you can incorporate a few throw pillows.

Throw pillows let you play with the colours and textures of a typically neutral bedding set. You can also use these cushions on chairs and in your reading nook.

Sit Outs for Balcony

A sit-out is a layout in an open space with a small tea table surrounded by two or more relaxing chairs. You can use this concept if your bedroom has an attached balcony.

When you need relaxation with the bonus of nature’s freshness, sit-outs provide the perfect scenario.

Do some DIY Projects

DIY projects give immense satisfaction to the creator. Rather than adding pieces that you find in a store, DIY items add a touch of personality to modern room designs. Apart from the pride of creating, DIY also helps you save tons of money. Here are a few DIY must-dos:


If you look at modern bedroom designs 2021, a large abstract painting makes an appearance in almost all the modern room decor ideas. Art is irreplaceable.

You don’t need to be particularly good at a project because art is subjective. Even a messy painting can look unique.

DIY Sculptures

Even if you don’t want to attend a sculpting class or workshop, you can buy clay and start moulding miniature sculptures.

The activity provides endless modern room designs. It is also a significantly cheaper alternative to purchasing decor items.

DIY Pottery

Pottery projects need a few more materials than sculpting, such as clay, pottery wheel, and decorative tools, although both activities are essentially similar.

Pots offer an earthy feel to the home and keep you one with nature. It is a great variety of sustainable decor that can be used as decorative pieces, storage, or as planters.

Hang your Favourite Photographs

Photographs are undoubtedly the best way to personalize a bedroom space. You can add family pictures, vacation snaps, or even images that inspire you.

Photo tiles for walls spice up the vertical space. They change a room from a space meant for sleeping to a personal retreat space. When choosing photo tiles for walls, you can play around with different sizes to add asymmetry.

modern room designs

Display your Passion Projects

Apart from these common DIYs, there are unlimited project ideas. If you browse through Pinterest, you’d be brimming with new modern room designs to try.

Especially if you are a person with picky taste and don’t find a particular decor item in your area, DIY projects are your lifesaver. This way, you can pick your own bedroom designs in india.

Let your old couch be stubborn. Time to bring in one that gets you!

Ways to Make Your
Room More Zen

Zen is a state of calm attentiveness. It is achieved with numerous relaxing factors in the background that instantly lift up your mood and calm your mind. And a Zen bedroom had elements that helps make the room more favourable for sleeping!

Modern room designs with zen in mind will help reduce stress and promise you calm surroundings. Here are a few ways to up the zen factor:

Use Essential Oils

Once you’ve got your modern luxury bedding in place and you’re all comfortably tucked in, wouldn’t you love all your senses to feel relaxed – the sense of smell is one of them.

Essential oils have so many purposes, one of which is that it adds fragrance to your bedroom. They are natural mood boosters that aid in providing a good night’s sleep. What better place to enhance with essential oils than the bedroom?

Place Diffusers

Diffusers are small devices that help incorporate the essential oils into the surrounding air. It is similar to a humidifier which releases moisture into the air. A diffuser also has a tank for water but it does not do as good a job as a humidifier.

So, if you want a moisture-packed room, it’s best to invest in a humidifier, but for fragrance, diffusers are great modern bedroom design additions.

Add a Reading Nook

If you spend a lot of time reading and don’t find the bed appropriate, then create your own cute corner. Place your bookshelf and a seating area such as floor cushions or a comfortable chair.

You can also add a canopy and warm lighting for a dreamy vibe. This comfortable environment will enhance your reading experience.

If your room does not get much sunlight then make sure to add natural white light for a brighter space for reading.

Create a Meditation Room/Corner

If you are a regular meditator, then your room needs to provide the space and comfort for the activity. A meditation room requires quietness, comfort, and adequate natural light.

Calming paint colours for bedroom corners for meditation can also be a great addition. When all surrounding factors are favourable, you can have a peaceful and relaxing session in your bedroom.

Light Incense Sticks

If you don’t want to invest in an essential oil diffuser, incense sticks are a cheaper and less complex option.

Incense sticks come in all varieties of scents ranging from lavender to ocean to vanilla. There’s a scent for every desired mood. These are also a great addition to your reading and mediation corner.

Add Inspiring Art

Art that promotes inspiration can include a wall sticker quote or a symbol of motivation. An inspiring art piece sets the tone for your daily objectives.

It is also a reminder of who you are and what you value. It doesn’t have to be a generic quote that you found somewhere. It can also include being photo tiles for wall inspiring painting, image, etc.

bedroom designs in india

Use Cool Colors/ Soothing Shades (Walls, Bedspreads, Cushions Etc.)

Modern bedroom colours include cool and soothing shades. Colours have a significant effect on the zen of your room. They are known to create a certain mood such as blue for tranquillity and red for danger or passion.

Modern room designs with zen follow an earthy and cool palette as these colours are relaxing to the mind. You can apply zen colours to your walls, bedspreads, cushions, and carpets.

Calming paint colours for bedrooms take your mind off the stress of life and give you the opportunity to enjoy focused meditation, superior relaxation, and happy energy.

Hang Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have been around since the beginning of time. They are traditionally hung to ward off nightmares during sleep.

These decorative pieces come in different colours that symbolize different meanings. They are also pretty when adorning the bedroom wall or hanging on a hook.

Let Wind Chimes Sing

According to Feng Shui, wind chimes are said to welcome positive energy. Apart from that, it also produces a relaxing sound when the wind hits it.

Although a bedroom usually receives a minimal amount of wind, even the faintest of sounds from the windchimes brings great relaxation.

Add Speakers for Music

Another universal way to cater to the hearing sense is through music. Good quality speakers make the listening experience unreal.

Lying down in bed after a stressful day can turn into an invigorating me-time with some music.

Light Candles for Calm

Candles, especially scented ones, bring the spa vibe to your bedroom space. These items not only soothe you with a refreshing aroma but also function as decorative pieces.

Modern room designs use candles that come in more shapes and shades than before. They truly feel luxurious and refreshing for the mind.

Add Plants (Succulents, Potted Plants)

Low maintenance indoor plants such as succulents require very infrequent watering. Plants are extremely relaxing and pleasing to the eye. They are not only soothing to the eyes and your mind but also are a modern home decor idea.

Apart from having health benefits, plants tend to add a natural feel to your room. Succulents such as Jade, Cactus, and Kalanchoe are commonly gifted as housewarming gifts or as decor items for the home.

Correct your Lights/Pictures

Ambience lighting sets the mood for your bedroom space. Warm colours promote relaxation while also giving all other colours a pretty filter. The use of wall sconces, table lamps, and string lights can add to the zen of your room.

A picture wall is another great decorative idea to bring a human feel to the room. You can bring attention to the picture wall with spotlighting.

A great pillow can do wonders. Choose one that speaks comfort!

Frequently Asked Questions on Modern Room Designs

There are numerous ways to expand the space in a small room. Making conscious choices when it comes to modern bedroom interiors such as colours, elements, and layouts of the room can make a huge difference.

Whenever you are working with minimal space, you can consider the following modern bedroom designs 2021 tips:

  • Declutter as much as you can and fill your room with purposeful elements and decor.
  • Make use of neutral colors for main room elements such as modern luxury bedding, curtain, rugs, walls, and furniture.
  • Add bursts of colors such as blues and greens in standout pieces of decor.
  • Use multi-functional objects such as a small tea table with storage or a sofa bed.
  • Bring in as much natural light as possible and use reflective elements such as mirrors, high-gloss surfaces, etc.
  • The latest furniture design for the bedroom includes using contemporary modern single bed designs and meaningful furniture to save space and enhance your room’s appearance.

Any bright colour that is great at reflecting light can make a room look brighter.

  • Unlike dark colours that absorb light, modern bedroom colours like white, beige, and light grey reflect light all over the room, making it look bigger than it actually is.
  • That is why choosing calming paint colours for bedroom walls keeps your room looking energetic and reviving.
  • Apart from neutral, if you want a more colourful palette that still offers brightness, then pastel colours are your go-to.
  • The pastel blues, greens, pinks, and yellows are common in most modern room designs as they form the perfect middle ground for neutrals and pop colours.

The bedroom is all about relaxation and rest. So, all the furniture in your bedroom should aim to give off coziness from its appearance and layout. The latest furniture design for bedrooms prioritizes comfort over design.

Whether it is a modern single bed or contemporary bed design that fits snugly in a bedroom or a comfortable office desk that enhances your productivity, furniture is important.

The type of furniture you choose highly depends on the space available and the purpose of your room. If you do not have a separate office room, you will have to allocate a workspace in some corner of your bedroom.

If you require lots of hidden storage, then there are unlimited modern chest of drawers designs to choose from. Don’t be spontaneous when it comes to a bedroom layout. It pays to be a little strategic.

Modern bedroom interior ideas can include:

  • Picture frames with washi tape
  • Wall murals
  • Chalk wallpaper
  • Jute string lights
  • Oil paintings
  • Crochet cushions or throws
  • Handmade yarn rugs
  • Homemade candles
  • Photo clipboards

You can make your bedroom more aesthetic by including some modern room decor additions:

  • Add a canopy to your bed
  • Faux brick wall
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wall shelves placed abstractly
  • Indoor house plants
  • Candles
  • Pastel wall paint
  • Self design wallpaper
  • Tapestry for the wall
  • Vintage small tea table or coffee table
  • Warm lighting
  • Hexagon or circular mirrors
  • Adult bean bag

Bedroom makeovers need not be expensive or even extreme. Here are the top 10 ways in which you can give your bedroom a makeover:

  • Fill your bedroom walls with interesting hand-made artwork
  • Use curtains around your bed
  • Give your bedroom a themed colour scheme
  • Add a coat of calming paint colours for bedroom walls.
  • Declutter your bedroom space by using beds with storage
  • Add statement pieces (a small statue, lamp, or wall-hanging)
  • Make your window-space airy and bright
  • Add a coffee table or small tea table with interesting night-reads
  • Personalize your room with photo tiles for wall.
  • Create a small personal space for yourself to unwind (with an adult bean bags, rugs, reading nook, or wall-separators.)
  • Use bunk beds to maximise floor space
  • Install small indoor plants wherever possible

A modern bedroom follows a neutral color scheme. It also follows the rule of function-first. All elements in a modern bedroom are most likely to have a practical use more than a decorative one.

The best master bedroom designs in a modern bedroom have premium lighting, abstract art, and touches of glass, wood, and metal. A bedroom accent wall in a rich black or bottle green or nature wall prints can also modernize the bedroom.

To summarize these points, a modern bedroom has:

  • Muted color scheme
  • Functional furniture
  • Decluttered storage
  • Standout modern pieces
  • Glass, wood, or metal elements

A modern theme is often confused with contemporary. But the difference lies in the fact that a contemporary theme represents that specific period and changes with time and trends. The modern theme remains unchanged.

Here are some ideas for safe and low maintenance indoor plants that can spruce up a room:

  • African Violets
  • Daisies
  • Venus flytrap
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Succulents

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