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Guest Room Design Ideas

guest room design ideas

“Atithi Devo Bhava” translates to “Guest is God”. This common proverb goes deeper into Indian culture and ethos. Guests could be friends, relatives, clients, fellow team members, etc. Plan your guest room decor in such a way that any guest who comes into your home must feel comfortable, whether they are visiting for just a couple of hours or for a few days. This guide on best guest room design ideas will help you in the same!

guest room design ideas

The guest room should be separate and dedicated for the visitor’s privacy. They should feel at home for a comfortable stay and fond memories. So if you have a guest room in your house that you are thinking of decorating, this blog on guest room design ideas is for you!

Let’s go through some guest bedroom ideas in the following paragraphs for your reference. So read on and follow them while planning renovation or guest room interior design for visitors.

Top 10 Guest Room Design Ideas

1) Get your basics right!

Your guests may be tired after some traveling, so the first thing they need is some rest after freshening up. The first step in the book of guest room design ideas is to make sure the basics are sorted.

Ensure the following things are in place before the arrival of the guests:

·       A comfortable bed and mattress

·       Small table for personal stuff, books, etc

·       Desk or work station

·       Chair or couch

·       Sockets for laptop, computer, and other device charging

·       Toiletries

2) Comfortable Guest room

Beds are a vital part of the guest room décor because it is the most used furniture during the stay by visitors. It is often better to go for a King or Queen-size bed with quality wood, and a comfortable headboard for a guest bedroom.

Guests spend a significant share of their time resting on the headboard, listening to music, talking on the phone, binge watching web series, etc. So, a comfortable bed should be your first thing while considering guest room design ideas.

3) Guest Room Décor

The walls in the guest bedroom are the place where you can showcase your aesthetic taste. Hang some beautiful artwork and photographs. These ideas elevate the guest experience and they will appreciate your taste in art. To maintain continuity, keep artworks throughout the home, it leaves a positive impact on visitors.

4) Guest privacy matters

If you are designing your home and the guest room is on the plan, ensure to make it separate and private. 

5) Make it Green!

Home plants indoor and outdoor give positive vibes. Guests will feel more relaxed and at peace with plants and trees around. Common Home plants are scientifically proven stress-busters, controllers of anxiety, and give a calm & peaceful mind.

Plant greenery improvises guest house interior and provides a peaceful living experience.

6) Guest Room Furniture and lighting

Your primary focus while considering guest room design ideas should be innovative, trendy, and quality guest room furniture. We have explained the bed above that is the most important part of the furniture in the guest bedroom. 

Lighting is another essential element for guest room interior design. Good lighting fills the blank spaces and transforms the look of the room from simple to trendy. Use wall-sconces, concealed lighting, warm lights, etc to cover every corner of the bedroom.

7) Partitioned Frames and Mirror Arrangements

Use mirrors and glass at crucial places within the bedroom and home premises. For example: if you place large-sized mirrors over a dresser, the space will feel larger than real.

Another great guest bedroom idea is to provide partitioned frames. It adds a great touch to the room and can also be a useful addition to the room.

8) Wardrobes for Guests

Wardrobes are another very important element for guests. They need to keep clothes, their stuff in the wardrobe and if you are considering guest room design ideas, consider a quality wardrobe for the guest room.

Wardrobes types range from metal cupboards to wooden, matte finish to glossy, etc. Choose the best quality wardrobe so that visitors can utilize the space properly. 

9) Ventilation 

If possible, design guest rooms with a balcony, it will give open space to feel the breeze on the face. Rooms with proper air circulation are comfortable to stay and unwind in the balcony with one easy chair.

Even people who are looking for a calm place for work will find it inspiring and peaceful to work in a guest bedroom with open space. Guest bedroom ideas must include renovation of the bedroom for making it airier and more spacious. 

10) Colors and Space Utilization

Keep the gentle colors for the guest bedroom with proper contrast. Furniture, wardrobe, and other elements of the guest room interior should complement each other. Avoid too much variation and discontinuity. Space should be properly utilized and do not congest the bedroom with furniture and other stuff. Experimenting with different guest room design ideas with several designs and concepts can be fun. However, the golden rule for a guest bedroom makeover is to ensure comfort and a home-like ambiance for the visitors. So make your guest room appealing and memorable.

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