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Good Living with Wakefit: In Conversation with Rittika of Ariyona Interior

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“Making a house a home is about infusing yourself into every corner and making it your own.” 

Rittika Ariyona

This month on Good Living with Wakefit, we chat with Rittika of Ariyona Interior, a boutique interior design firm that is dedicated to making personalized dream homes for their clients. 

Rittika does not believe in following trends. She says you can certainly browse magazines and websites for design and bedroom decor ideas, but you should only pick an idea to implement because you genuinely like it, not because it’s trending. 

Imperfections differentiates a home from a hotel room, or one home from the other, Rittika notes. “That the furniture is not all matched, that the artwork is not all framed exactly the same way, that a Chinese lantern might hang next to a Madhubani painting. Making a house a home is about infusing yourself into every corner and making it your own,” she adds. 

When designing and decorating for clients, Rittika believes that a good plan is the most important thing to begin with. You need to get the layout and functionality of the space right. The rest of it is all the dressing up of the bride. The next thing that she pays attention to its practicality in terms of materials. To illustrate her point, Rittika tells us that she has used laminate all over her house instead of vener because her dog loves to scratch furniture. Finally come the style and décor, which must be something the clients relate to, Rittika notes. “After all, it’s their home I’m designing.”

Rittika’s dos and don’ts of decorating a living room include:


  • Do make sure your layout is first practical, and then beautiful.
  • Do go with pieces you truly love.
  • Do use furniture that is proportionate in size to space.
  • Do accessorise with artwork, décor, and plants to make the space warm, inviting… and your own.


  • Don’t use too much or too little furniture.
  • Don’t blindly follow trends.
  • Don’t match everything, whether furniture pieces or furnishings.

All of us want our homes to stand out, we want the decor and the styling to speak for who we are and reflect our likes and dislikes. But is it possible to do all of this without going broke? Rittika believes you can. She shares that one can often find unique and reasonably priced pieces at second-hand furniture dealers, local craft shops, and thrift stores. Furthermore, you can upcycle your bedroom decor, like framing an old saree ‘pallu’ to make a stunning wall frame, using leftover embroidered fabric to make an unusual lampshade. Don’t try to do it all at one go, Rittika suggests. Prioritise your requirements and get to them one at a time. She recommends using plants in the bedroom to make your space come alive.

Wakefit has recently launched its line of ergonomic furniture, such as wall shelves, bookshelves, sofas, study tables, and more, and we couldn’t help but ask Rittika about how significant ergonomics is when designing a space. According to her, you cannot make a practical layout or design without keeping basic measurements and sizes for furniture pieces and spaces in between in mind. “Having said that”, she adds, “there are instances when you sometimes break the rules. Sometimes it’s because of lack of space in a small apartment, sometimes because you let aesthetics take precedence over function in a decorative space.”

If someone saw a wall shelf and knew instantly that it was decorated by Rittika, she says that an eclectic mix of decoratives in no single style and plants would give her away. We also asked her if a bookshelf is a good idea in the bedroom, to which she shared with us that her bed is one of her favorite places to read. To make your bookshelves stand out, Rittika recommends decorating with personal memorabilia, such as photographs of family and friends, mementos picked up during vacations and DIY decor that you might have made yourself. Rittika’s ideal bedroom would be a magical space, she says. As with any other space, soft colours can have a calming effect while bright colours are invigorating. A mix of soft colours, bright patterns, pretty lights, comfort and wonder,” she shares with Wakefit. 

Quick-fire questions with Rittika: 

  1. Describe your perfect home in five words.
    Warm, cozy, beautiful, inviting, organized.
  2. What are the three things that one would find on your bedside table?
    Phone, book, water.
  3. What do you do to unwind?
    Read, watch Netflix, catch up with friends.
  4. A designer whose work is currently inspiring you.
    Emily Henderson.

To follow Rittika’ work on Instagram, find her here: rittika_ariyonainterior

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