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Vastu Shastra For New Home – 2023

Vastu Shastra For New Home

Vastu shastra is a science that was developed many centuries ago for designing homes, buildings and office spaces. It provides the basic construction principles by harnessing the five basic elements like the sky, air, water, fire, air and earth. These, coupled with architecture when scientifically combined, can boost energy, wealth, health and prosperity and makes the working or living atmosphere enlightened and serene. If you are keen on having a home according to Vastu, here are some tips for Vastu shastra for your home. 

Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Tips for  New Home

Vastu shastra for a home is defined for all kinds of property, be it newly constructed homes or land. A Vastu shastra for a home has guidelines on where to place bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other structures. Directions play an important role in Vastu shastra for home. That is because it enables one to have the right kind of energy in a home and promotes the well-being of those who stay there. But if you have bought a built home where changes in construction are not possible, Vastu shastra for the home can still be implemented without needing too many changes to the plan. 

Vastu Tips for Home: The Living room

The living room is the place where your family and friends spend time socialising. So it is essential to implement Vastu tips for home in the living room of your new home. As per Vastu, the basic Vastu for home living room is:

  • It should face the northeast and east as it attracts success and good health. 
  • Add a slope to the ceiling and the floor as it brings positive energy to the place, as per Vastu’s tips for the living room. 
  • When fixing a spot for the TV stand, choose Southwest, as is said in Vastu shastra, for a home that prevents frequent repairs. When arranging furniture, start with the largest piece, which is the sofa. Orient it toward a gallery wall, TV, or window. 
  • Next, as per Vastu Shastra, for home position seating options like love seats or chairs opposite or adjacent to the sofa’s first piece. Or choose an L-shaped sofa as per the house plan according to Vastu, which is ideal with many seating options. Then complete the look by filling the room with coffee tables, lamps and ottomans. 

Vastu Tips for Home: The Entrance

The facing of the house, as per Vastu, is important as Vastu shastra for home focuses on promoting positive energy through the alignment of spaces and objects. Since one of the essential aspects of Vastu shastra for home is the entrance, ensure it is aligned with the planets and stars for a positive move into your house. Make sure to have a large enough entrance so that it allows for freedom of movement. The basic Vastu for home entrance should be well-lit with wall scones or other decorative lamps. That helps to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere at the entrance.  

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Vastu Tips for Home: The Kitchen

The kitchen is another place where implementing Vastu shastra at home is critical. It is a space in the house which provides energy throughout the day. Every appliance in the kitchen should be placed as per Vastu shastra for home so that there is positive energy everywhere. The kitchen according to Vastu, should be in the southeast, and the appliances, too, should be placed in that direction. According to Vastu, the gas stove in the kitchen should be facing the east. There has to be harmony between the 5 elements, water, sky, fire, earth and air, to get that positive energy. Modify specific areas of the kitchen to achieve basic Vastu for the home. 

Vastu Tips for Home: The Pooja Room

Not just the living room and kitchen should be according to Vastu; the pooja room should also follow suit. The pooja room or the mandir home plan, as per Vastu, should be on the northeast of the house towards the east wall. If it is placed in this direction, you will notice positive changes. As per Vastu shastra for home, praying in the east leads to growth and happiness as it is the direction of Lord Indra and the rising sun. Praying facing north is also good but never pray facing south. When you are placing a portable mandir or have a designated pooja room, basic Vastu for home is to ensure that it is peaceful as it is the place where you seek strength and surrender to the almighty. 

Vastu Tips for Home: Dining room

If the kitchen, according to Vastu, is important, the dining room is another important place in a home where the family gathers to have food. The dining table is the furniture where they bond and should be facing north, west or east. Having meals facing south leads to many health issues and thus be avoided. As per Vastu shastra for home, the shape of the dining table should be rectangular or square and not irregular or round. Try to create the dining table as a welcoming space with fresh flowers. Choose vibrant table linen and cutlery that is appealing. Remove clutter as it reduces the positive energy flow. 

Vastu Tips for Home: The Bedroom

It is a place to relax and rejuvenate; hence, it should resemble a paradise. So it should be decorated with many items as per Vastu shastra for home. Apart from decorating the bedroom with many things, there are a few that you should not have, as per Vastu tips for the house. For instance, an old mattress, exercise equipment in the corner, electronic devices and such. The basic Vastu for a home bedroom is to ensure that there are no unused items in the bedroom and there is no clutter. Also, Vastu shastra tips for good luck and to keep the family happy and cheerful; the master bedroom should be in the Southwest direction. The bedroom walls should not have pictures of wars, vultures or demons as they lead to negative energy. 

Vastu Tips for Home: The Bathroom

The bathroom position seems trivial but not in Vastu shastra for home. If it is not Vastu-compliant, it is believed that it can lead to loss of wealth, health issues and more. If you are building a home, fix the bathroom in the northwest or north direction. Have it raised a few inches from the rest of the house. The basic Vastu for a home bathroom is that the toilet seat should be such that the person using it should face south or north. Place mirrors in the east or north wall to reflect positive energy. 

The purpose of purchasing a new home is to live in peace, achieve success and have positivity in life. While east face house plan with Vastu shastra may not be possible when you buy a home. By following Vastu shastra for home and making it Vastu-compliant with a few changes, there is a flow of positive energy, and you can feel the difference. 

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