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Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Women's Day Gift Ideas| Wakefit

Every year women’s day is celebrated on March 8 to acknowledge their contribution to our lives and also express appreciation. A gift is a great way to show that appreciation. Selecting the women’s day gift is not that easy. It may be because the woman for whom you are purchasing has everything she needs or because you are still getting to know her. But yet, you have to come up with an attractive and unique women’s day gifting idea that is useful, and she feels appreciated and respected. Here is a list of such women’s day gift ideas that can bring a smile to their faces

Women's Day Gift Ideas

Corporate Women’s Day Gifts for Employees

Women employees deserve special appreciation and recognition. On this women’s day, corporates can make them feel appreciated and loved by having women’s day gift ideas in the office that are unique and useful. Here is a list of such Corporate women’s day gifts for employees. 

Candle Holders

A pleasant and corporate gift item for women employees, is the candle holder. It is a great choice. Lighting a mildly scented candle creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere that can help relax the soul, mind and body. A candle holder is important whether you plan to illuminate the room or enhance it with positive vibes. It is used for many purposes, one of which is to ensure that the candle has a sturdy base. A beautiful candle stand design also grabs the eyeballs with its design and aesthetically pleasing look. Opt for metal candle holders as women’s day gifts as they are beautiful and provide a stable base for those candles. When it comes to choices, options galore in shapes, sizes and styles, making them one of the best gifts for women’s day. 

Decorative Showpieces

If you are looking for a suitable women’s day gift for employees, then your dilemma should end with this choice. A decorative showpiece is a home decor item that is one of the best corporate women’s day gifts for employees. That is because it is unique and useful for everyone, as there are very few who do not like to decorate their home. It is an ideal corporate women’s day gift for employees, especially if you want something that is affordable. There are a bunch of decorative showpieces to choose from that suits the style and decor of most homes, so they are counted among the best gift for women’s day.

Wall Decor

Gifting wall decor may seem like a risky proposition as you don’t want the recipient to think otherwise. A home is a happy place for most people and is designed based on those who stay in it. While it seems difficult to guess what fits the recipient’s home as a women’s day gift idea for colleagues, some of the home decor items get a lot of use. Among them is the wall decor. A decorative and stylish wall clock or wall art is a perfect women’s day gift. A beautifully crafted and designed wall decor can elevate the style quotient of any home. Additionally, these are the best gift for women’s day as they are practical and functional women’s day gifts that every woman is going to appreciate.

Cosy Blankets

Everyone needs cosy blankets; even if your employees have them, the more, the merrier. So blankets are an ideal women’s day corporate gift idea. Choose Sherpa blankets, as they can be used in summer or winter. They keep you warm without making you feel hot or sweaty. Look for hypoallergenic blankets so that there are no allergic reactions. 

Jewellery stand

Jewellery is a women’s best friend, and even the one who is minimalistic is sure to have a few pieces of jewellery in her collection. A jewellery stand is one of those useful accessories that is one of the good corporate women’s day gifts for employees’ ideas. It is an efficient and functional piece that can also add great style. Choose jewellery stands that can be placed on a table to help women store all their jewellery in one place.

Best International Women’s Day Gift for a Wife

Pillows and Cushions

Women’s day is a special day for any lady. It is a day when she gets a chance to rest and relax. So why not give a women’s day gift that helps her accomplish this? Lack of sleep can make anyone more tired and down. A woman feels drained and exhausted due to all the personal and professional responsibilities she has to shoulder. So give your wife something comfortable and cosy. Pillows or cushions are a sweet and practical women’s day gift. A comfortable pillow is one of the best gifts for women’s day as it gives quality sleep and uncompromised rest. You can choose from a variety of pillows, from wedge pillows, soft pillows, nursing pillows and more. 


If you are in the mood to indulge in quality women’s day gifts for your wife, a recliner is one of the best women’s day gifts for your wife. From women with reduced mobility to nursing mothers to women who like to enjoy their coffee relaxedly, recliners make for a great women’s day gift for a wife. They come in many styles and types. An automatic recliner is an ideal choice as the best gift for women’s day, as changing positions of the recliner is easy. 

Office Chairs

Is your wife working from home, sitting on an ordinary chair? Since a majority of the people sit the whole day, there is a need for a chair that is supportive. A perfect international women’s day gift for a wife is an ergonomic office chair. It helps you strengthen the back and core muscles and gives room to the organs to function properly and concentrate better at work. 

Multipurpose Storage Organiser

It is a perfect international women’s day gift for a wife if she is someone who looks to keep things organised but does not have enough space at home. It is a great choice for those who like to keep their home clean and tidy. A multipurpose storage organiser is an ideal women’s day gift for a wife who is keen on achieving tidying goals. These can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or office. Look for stylish ones that are moisture-resistant to get more accolades for your thoughtfulness. 

An international women’s day gift is special not only to the recipient by also to the giver. While the giver can show appreciation with words, a women’s day gift is better as it helps the woman feel good and well appreciated. 

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