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Top Wall Decor Ideas For Home

wall decor for living room

Wondering how to decorate those empty walls in your house and transform them into a space of grandeur? An empty wall is a canvas with myriad possibilities, and with a few changes and additions, it can make your house a home. Here are some creative tips that can bring out your taste and personality and increase the style quotient of your walls. 

Room by Room Wall Decoration Ideas for Home 

Wall Decor for Living Room

wall decoration ideas for home

Living rooms reveal a lot about your style and personality, and when you decorate the walls, it is almost as if you have left your signature on them. It is like a canvas where you can showcase whether you are a bibliophile, an art collector, a fashionista, or a minimalistic person at heart. If transforming your forgettable wall into a masterpiece sounds like something you want, here are some ideas to explore. 

Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas 

  • Large Artwork

Art attracts attention, so let a large piece of artwork or painting grace your living room walls. You can choose an abstract painting or go for a minimalistic black-and-white photograph to add an aesthetic touch to the wall, which is one of the best large wall decor ideas for the living room. 

  • Use the Vertical Space

Whether you are a bibliophile or not, floating bookshelves are a trend and are the best way to lend character to your blank walls. It also makes your home look tasteful and cultured. 

  • Add a Personalised Gallery

Creating a gallery of pictures on the wooden wall decor ideas gives the walls a quirky personality. Display photographs, framed posters, paintings, or even wall hangings. Covering the entire wall gives an expansive look and continuity to the wall from ceiling to floor. 

  • Accentuate the walls with wallpaper

Want something simple and classy? Choose a wallpaper on a statement wall and liven up the space in a matter of minutes. It works amazingly well for smaller living rooms and is the best living room accent wall idea.

  • Metal as wall decor 

Brass sculpture can quickly turn a boring living room into a masterpiece and makes for unique wall decor. Choose a colour palette that is soothing and as per the living room’s theme to get a refreshing vibe. 

  • Hang a mirror

Mirrors can make any space look beautiful. Additionally, they reflect light, and your living room looks more spacious than it is. You can choose mirrors of any size, and they still can enhance the aesthetics. 

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Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

bedroom wall decor ideas

The wall decor is the most underrated aspect of your bedroom design. It is an expansive part of the space, and hence the way you decorate it can impact not just the looks but also the mood it invokes. To add individual flair to the space, here are some ideas:

  • Use wall art

Using art is an opportunity to bring character as well as colour and texture to the room. The bonus is it is inexpensive and easy to add. Use hanging art, randomly place artwork on the wall or use a framed sculpture or fabric. 

  • Use different tones of wall colour

If you have the budget, you can paint the bedroom with different shades. It can be one bright and one dark hue on the same wall to make the ceiling look taller. 

  • Create a mural effect

A decorative mural can add life to a wall, and it can be either large or small. If the mural is expensive, opt for tiles, wallpaper, or paint to achieve this. 

  • Showcase treasures

Souvenirs from holidays, frames with pictures, delicate china, and tarnished mirrors can all be placed together to form a vignette over the headboard. 

  • Light the walls

You can add frosted wall panels backlit by lights along the top to add light and luxury to your white modern bedroom ideas.

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Decorating a Staircase Wall

  • Add a gallery wall

It is a beautiful way to add decor to the stairway. It can be a collection of your children’s artwork, family photos, or even your favourite prints; it is an easy way to add decor to it. 

  • Use large artwork

Another bold option is to use the entire stairway from wall to ceiling by using a large artwork. A gallery wall sometimes may look cluttered, but this ensures it adds to the beauty without looking cluttered. 

  • Add tapestry

If this is your decorating style, the stairway wall is a good backdrop for this beautiful display. 

  • Collections

Do you have any collectables that are worth displaying? Use them on the stairway as wall decor. It can be antique plates, baskets, or bread paddles grouped for a better look. 

Exterior Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

  • Floral laser cut wall decor

These are a set of two pieces of identical outdoor decor made of wrought iron using laser-cut traditional decals. It gives the exterior an old-fashioned but sophisticated look. 

  • Wall decor with lettering

This is trendy outdoor wall decor with letters made of cast metal finished in bronze or brown with black accents. Letters are in the middle, and the top and the bottom are decorated with various motifs. 

  • Spray paint designs

This is a DIY wall decor making your art using coloured spray paint. 

  • Flowers wall decor

This gives a charming yet rustic look. You can use planters or use a vase with fresh flowers between metal bars on brick walls. 

Balcony Wall Ideas

  • Use a bright paint

Bring colour and texture by using bright colour paint to your statement wall. Use contrasting furnishings to make it more impactful. 

  • Use wall planters

Plants are a must on any balcony, and they don’t have to be on the floor, especially if you have little space. Use planters or use brackets to fix your plant pots on the wall. 

  • Add wall shelves

If you want more flexibility on what you want to add, choose shelves instead of planters. You can still use them for plants and easily move them around. 

  • Trellis

This is another way to add plants to the walls. If you are using climbers like money plants, it provides support to climb up and spread across the wall. 

  • Artificial grass cladding

Make a green wall with artificial grass. It can be used to cover the wall or a part of it completely. 

An empty wall looks boring but using the above tips; you can bring style to every inch of the wall to create visual intrigue.

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