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Eavesdropping on Homes: Unveiling the Happy Home Index 2024!

Welcome, Homes; Humans Not Allowed

Hi! I’m Wakefit Office. Naam toh suna hi hoga as someone who loves snoozing. But I’m also always looking for ways to feel at home. 

Since what you seek is seeking you, I recently stumbled upon the Soft Rock Cafe with a big board that declares: 

“Welcome, Homes; Humans Not Allowed”

Thinking that hamara office bhi home se kam he ke, I quickly got in and was welcomed by this hilarious menu: 

After ordering a piping mattresso, I looked around to realize that this is where all the cool homes have their house party. 

From bachelor pads to lavish 3BHKs, this cafe is on everyone’s radar. Since walls have ears, I started eavesdropping on their conversations. 

These Indian homes are clocking in at a solid 8.2 out of 10 on overall happiness. But some are happier than others, as is always the case. 

1. Gen X 16.7% happier with their homes than Gen Z

Like most cliches, older and wiser, seems to be true as Gen X (45 and above) is 16.7% happier than Gen Z (18 to 25)! 

There could be several reasons for this, but one definite reason is that Gen X has been investing in furniture that loves them back. The 45-and-above crew is flexing at 7.98 while the younglings are at 7.3 when asked if all their furniture meet their needs. 

2. Men 16% happier with freedom to change things at home

You won’t believe it, but guess what? According to everything I heard, the guys (8.3) are having a blast within their humble abodes compared to the gals (7.78). Yep, that’s right! Apparently, the men are finding more joy both emotionally and in their living spaces, making their homes their happy places. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, both men and women equally look forward to kicking back at home after a long day, but it turns out the guys are a whopping 16% happier with the freedom to spruce things up around the house. 

While spilling the tea at Soft Rock Cafe, the homes spoke about how men are pretty chuffed with every aspect of home life, scoring higher satisfaction levels in all the social stuff, like feeling more at home (by 2%), enjoying hosting duties and having their own private spots (by 8%), and even getting more involved in group activities (by 6%). Looks like there’s a whole gendered happiness gap going on right in our living rooms!

3. All cities love to come back home, but some cities hate leaving it

Homes from all cities visit Soft Rock and so now it’s time to create some healthy city-level rivalry with the data I have collected. 

So, it turns out that when it comes to the big smiles and cozy vibes, Chennai and Mumbai are hanging out at the bottom of the happiness ladder with a score of 8. Ouch! Meanwhile, Hyderabad is the reigning champ, strutting its stuff with a top score of 8.54. 

But wait, there’s a twist in the tale! When it comes to the feels, Hyderabad is feeling a tad less excited about heading home after a long day, scoring an 8.2.

And guess who’s stealing the show emotionally? None other than Mumbai, with folks there eagerly looking forward to kicking back at home (scoring a whopping 9.32!). They’re also rocking the freedom to express themselves (8.88) and making changes to their homes (8.8). Talk about being in touch with their inner decorator! 

 Now, on the social scene, Bengaluru is stealing the spotlight with a strong sense of belonging (9.2), while Delhi-NCR is lagging behind with a score of 8.62. And let’s not forget about those space-savvy Hyderabadis who are pretty happy with their happy home balance (7.86), while the Chennai folks are struggling to find their sweet spot (scoring a mere 6.74). 

Lastly, when it comes to shared activities, Hyderabad and Kolkata are leading the pack with a score of 8.2, leaving Bengaluru and Chennai trailing behind at 7.18. Phew!

4. Pet Families Are Rocking the Social Scene at Home, 15.9% More Than the Solo Squad

Ah, here’s the scoop on home happiness! Nuclear families are totally killing it on the happiness scale with an impressive score of 8.58! They’ve got it all – from comfy furniture (8.42) to stylish decor (7.28), not to mention their awesome social vibes with shared activities (8.14) and a strong sense of belonging (9.11). 

But hey, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for those flying solo. Individuals living alone are reporting the lowest overall happiness within their homes at 7.62. Their furniture game (7.04) and lighting situation (7.3) could use a little sprucing up, and they’re feeling a bit disconnected with their sense of belonging (8.46) and shared activities (5.94). 

Now, let’s talk about our furry friends – pet owners are living the emotional dream, eagerly bounding back home (9.02) and expressing themselves freely (9.08). But even with all that joy, both pet families and nuclear crews are feeling a bit handcuffed when it comes to home modifications (8.25). 

And as for our big joint families, well, they’re struggling a bit with finding that perfect balance between hosting and privacy (7.26). It’s a wild ride out there, folks – living arrangements sure do play a big role in our home happiness journey!

So much food for thought at the Soft Rock Cafe has made me all the more hungry. Time to wrap up this data feast and dig into some warm cinnamon blanket rolls. Because hey, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make every home a happy one, it’s a belly full of delicious treats!

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