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5 Ways Your Home Can Nurture Your Personality

nurture someone’s multifaceted personality

Do you believe home is where the heart is? We feel the perfect home can nurture someone’s multifaceted personality. The evolution of personality depends on a bunch of things but the process of building a home is pivotal to it.

If you have moved several times, from one house to another, you will understand the value of having a space that’s truly yours. The evolution of personality also reflects in the way you keep some things and let go of others. 

How to set up spaces that can nurture someone’s multifaceted personality? Let’s find out!

1. A room dedicated to rest

You can chart the evolution of personality by evaluating how you chose to rest. Do you regret the naps you didn’t take as a child? Well, it’s time to make up for them. Constantly working on yourself may feel conducive to the evolution of personality but it is not.

You need to take a step back and relax too. You have to take breaks and find time to truly unwind. You spend most of your time in the bedroom so create an environment that helps you calm down. Lots of pastels, cozy comforters, cotton bedsheets, and a soft light can help. Make sure your mattress is best suited for you. Check our guide to pick the best mattress.

2. A nook for creativity to flourish

Nothing can nurture someone’s multifaceted personality like creative pursuits. It can be cooking, painting, singing, dancing, reading, or knitting – the possibilities are endless. Being dedicated to the evolution of personality means cultivating your hobbies. Don’t chase perfectionism, just try to enjoy the process. 

An ergonomic chair, a small table, and a bookshelf is sufficient for most hobbies. If you want to move your body everyday, keeping a yoga mat in the bedroom might help. Put up pictures that inspire you on wall shelves, arrange a few plants…your space should reflect your thoughts.

3. A space for you to hustle hard

A WFH set up is an absolute must these days. Evolution of personality happens through work. You should keep jotting down your goals and pat yourself on the back when you achieve them. A study lamp and a back support cushion are your best friends.

4. A corner reserved for entertainment

Have you ever wondered what is evolution of behaviour? Behavioral evolution in humans is best explained through art. Just plop yourself on a plush sofa and watch your favourite show. You will see how you look at it from a different lens than you did 5 years ago. 

5. A place with a view for you to enjoy meals

What is your favourite spot in the house? Having a dining area is great for family meals or when your friends come over. However, you can have a beautiful coffee table and a bean bag if you feel like changing things up every once in a while. Keep some indoor plants or frame a painting that’s close to your heart. If you love watching TV while eating, do that too. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a meal.

Spaces can impact the behavioral evolution in humans and we hope you find things that spark joy at!

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