Want to Create a House Both You and Your Pets Love? Here’s How.

It is always a pleasure to have pets around. Not only are they soft and cuddly to have around, but they also make for great companions at home. But these angels do come with a condition. If you own a pet, you know the struggles of keeping your house clean amid all that fur and dirty paw prints. 

This new season, transform your home into a safe and happy haven for your dog without compromising on your comfort. Here are Wakefit’s five tips on creating a pet-friendly home. 

1. Avoid Rugs and Carpets 

Avoid rugs and carpets if your pets love their trips to the outside world. Muddy paw prints are never fun to look at and even worse to clean. They hold on to stray fur and can quickly collect bacteria. To create a pet-friendly home, the best option might be to avoid rugs and carpets. Cats love to sharpen their nails on any available surface. Why let your carpets bear the brunt?

2. Store Fragile and Precious Items High 

Want a pet-friendly home? Store fragile and precious items high. A great way to approach this is through all-fours inspection. Try and get a look at all the things that come to the height of your pet; they’re easier to reach. Once you get them out of the way, treasure hunting won’t be as easy for your four-legged buddy. 

3. Avoid Open Wires 

A pet-friendly home also means an accident-free home. Open wires often translate themselves into chew toys for pets. Avoid open wires and place long wires in places your pet won’t be able to reach. Doing this will keep your mind at ease when you leave your pet home alone.  

4. Place Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants 

Have a green thumb but also want to make a pet-friendly home? Place pet-friendly indoor plants around your home. Plants like bird’s nest ferns, specific succulents and Boston ferns are all great indoor plants and are entirely pet-friendly! 

5. Choose Durable Fabric for Sofas and Chairs 

While setting up a pet-friendly home, choose durable fabric for sofas and chairs. Avoid light-coloured upholstery, and keep furniture and mattress protectors at bay. An exciting leap onto the couch might be innocent but can leave stains that are hard to eliminate. 

Wakefit’s Must-Haves for a Pet-Friendly Home

1. Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector 

Cuddle with your pet in bed without worries; our pillow and mattress protectors have your back. If your pet sheds a lot, keep your pillow safe and pop the protectors in the washer when needed! 

2. Hanging Pendant 

Hanging pendants make for great light fixtures and can’t be knocked out of tables by an overenthusiastic tail. Placing fragile items at a height, much to the displeasure of your pets, help create a pet-friendly home. 

3. Sideboards and Cabinet

One main focus of designing a pet-friendly home is to keep valuables from getting damaged. With our range of sideboards and cabinets, hide away your items in style! These multifunctional sideboards provide quality storage and can be placed in any corner of the home.

4. Non- Cushion Dining Set

With pets around, cushions and sofas are often the easiest items to get damaged. Cats love to pull at cushioned chairs and other soft surfaces. We at Wakefit provide multiple non-cushion dining sets so that you can bring home great decor while also having a pet-friendly home!

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