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Buy Bookshelf Online At Best Prices

A bookshelf is the epitome of class and can never go out of style. It is a staple at every book lover’s home and now also a style statement. It is a great way to keep your precious books of different sizes and shapes in an organized manner.

Here at Wakefit, we make buying a bookshelf online an easy task. We offer modern and contemporary designs of bookshelf online. Our bookshelf online is made in versatile designs that compliment the theme of every type of home. When you buy our bookshelf online, you also get a warranty of 1 year, so you can be worry free about the quality.

Our bookshelves online are made with keeping in mind tall books and files, so you never need to compromise. Our range of bookshelf online includes the Plath book shelves which follows a zig zag pattern, the Burns book shelf which is inspired by a staircase design, the Barnes bookshelf and Wilde bookshelf racks that are two toned colour. All of our bookshelf online come with great depth of each shelf, which helps you organize and store better.

Wooden Bookshelf Online At Wakefit

A Wooden bookshelf gives a home a good spruce and lends a mode of expression to those living in the home. A bookshelf that is made out of wood has a unique charm to them and can be very aesthetically pleasing. Wood, known for its strength and durability, makes a great bookshelf if you need storage options in your home or if you need an organizer that can double up as a bookshelf. Additionally, a bookcase or bookshelves can store multiple things such as office files, novels, indoor plants, records and much more.

Wakefit's wooden book rack and bookshelf online are made in such a way that you can also use them as display units. Our engineered wood bookshelf lends a lightness to the furniture. You can store books, art collectibles, small indoor plants and decor accents and accessories on each bookshelf.

We have various kinds of bookshelf online such as a ladder bookshelf, a zig-zag inspired variant and a staircase inspired bookshelf. Whether you need a ladder bookshelf, engineered bookshelf, sheesham wood bookshelf, a bookshelf for home or office, wooden book rack, we have it all!

Wakefit Bookshelf Table Price: Budget Bookshelves Online

Bookshelf Price (Starting from)
Engineered Wood Bookshelf ₹ 3,054
Sheesham Wood Bookshelf ₹ 4,355

The table above shows the bookshelf price. So look through our range of beautiful bookshelf online and buy one today, and get it home delivered with a hassle free online shopping experience.

Apart from a book rack and bookshelf online, you will also find other kinds of furniture to furnish your living room such as coffee tables, sofas, wall shelves, shoe racks and much more. You can be assured that this range of furniture is budget-friendly, but of premium quality.

Explore Eclectic Bookcase Designs

Bookshelves are a great addition to any room they are placed in. They keep your books organized and arranged in a manner that is convenient. A Bookcase are enclosed units that encase books and can be placed on the floor. A wooden Bookcase or a wooden bookshelf have a charm of their own and can enhance the theme of your home. It is an attractive piece of furniture that is visually pleasing. At Wakefit, you can choose from a range of designs, based on your personal style and theme of your home, Wakefit's wooden book rack , bookcases and bookshelf online, can not only be used as storage units but also display units because of their aesthetic appeal. Moreover, they are also easy to move and easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth and your bookshelf will look as good as new. With Wakefit, you can be assured that this range of furniture is budget-friendly, but of premium quality.

We have several types of bookshelves such as a zig-zag inspired variant, a staircase inspired bookshelf, the classy ladder bookshelf, etc. We have designs that meet all your needs such as sheesham wood bookshelf, engineered bookshelf, a bookshelf for home or office and much more!

Book Rack For Your Home Library

A home library is a sacred space. It is your sanctuary that helps you escape the realities of everyday life. A wooden book rack can be the perfect addition to your modern home. They are usually designed to arrange your books in different ways, making it easier for you to organize your precious books.

At Wakefit, choose from a wide range of beautifully designed bookcase, book rack and bookshelf online that can accentuate the quality of your own personal home library. We have a plethora of bookcases for your needs, a small bookshelf, wooden bookshelf, book stand wooden case, wooden book rack, bookshelf for home or for work and a lot more!

Engineered Wood Bookshelf

For several decades, wooden furniture has been a common piece of furniture in Indian homes and households. Apart from being visually appealing, wooden furniture passes the test in strength and durability. Its natural rawness, grains and colors of wood can add a minimal yet sophisticated vibe to your home. They are also low maintenance and could last for generations.

Engineered Wood, commonly known for its versatility and durability, is also known as composite wood and is manmade. It is an extremely popular choice for all types of furniture such as bookshelves, book rack, dressers, book stand wooden case, coffee tables, wardrobes and beds etc.

At Wakefit, we offer a range of wooden bookshelves online that can enrich the beauty of your space!

Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

Sheesham Wood, also known as Indian Rosewood is one of the most commonly used materials for wooden furniture. It is grown locally in India and also found in the sub-Himalayan region. With its naturally distinct appearance and colors, the Sheesham Wood Bookshelf is the perfect aesthetic choice for your living space, bedroom or hallway.

Choose from Wakefit’s classy Sheesham Wood Bookshelf collection and enhance the elegance of your home today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between a bookcase and a bookshelf?

→ A bookcase is an encased or enclosed piece of furniture that resembles a cabinet. It is designed to stand on the floor. Bookcases often have doors that are either made of glass or wood.

→ A bookshelf on the other hand is individually pieces that are usually attached to a wall. These are used for books and to also store other items such as coffee mugs, CDs, trophies, wine glasses etc. Bookshelves weigh less than a bookcase as they are open ended.

→ Both a bookcase and bookshelves are commonly made out of plywood or solid wood since it is strong enough to withstand the weight of books and magazines.

At Wakefit, you can choose from a variety of wooden bookcase and bookshelf online !

2. What are bookshelves usually made of?

→ When you buy bookshelf online, you need to do your homework on wood. In order to sustain heavy books and magazines, the material of a wooden bookcase is an important factor to consider. A bookshelf is ideally made of wood of three types - Pine, Birch and Oak.

  • → Pinewood is generally inexpensive because of its lightweight properties. Due to this it may also dent easily.
  • → Birch is solid hardwood and hence much more sturdy and durable than Pinewood. It is a more popular choice for wooden bookshelves.
  • → Oakwood is also hardwood that has a unique, rustic charm.However due to its aesthetic properties and strength, they are more expensive than the pine and birch. Among Oakwood, Red and White Oak are commonly used for bookshelves.
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