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Coffee table decor ideas

Just like decorating other pieces of furniture in your home, you can also spruce up your coffee table! Coffee table décor is a great way to display your aesthetic taste and a nice addition to your home decor. So If you’re thinking of any coffee table design ideas to complement your living space, read on and enhance your coffee table with interesting concepts.

Top 8 Trendy and Innovative Coffee Table Decor Ideas:

Coffee table decor ideas

1) Candles 

Candles can be a great coffee table design idea. Today with candles of multiple types, colors and designs available, you can choose something that matches your coffee table and also the color theme of the room it is in. You can also experiment with an assortment of shapes and fragrances. A cluster of colorful designer candles can create a soothing environment and also look visually appealing.

 2) Flowery Reception

Flowers bring freshness and positive vibes. It feels good to be around flowers and it can really accentuate the look of the center or coffee table. An arrangement of flowers or common house plants on the center table that match the colors of the room, walls, and coffee table can be a great touch. Coffee table décor with homegrown flowers gives them a more authentic touch.

coffee table flower decor ideas

3) Upholster the center table

Upholster means adding seats, fabrics, etc. For center table living room decoration ideas, upholster the table with designs that complements the sofa and walls. One of the most proven and appealing ideas for modern coffee table decor is to use floral motif contrasts against the neutral palette of the sofa set and other furniture. In addition, you could place a tray or vase with pebbles and marbles. It will give an added appeal to your coffee table design ideas.


4) A mixture of Everything for Coffee table décor

As the name suggests, this idea is about the balanced mixture of different center table design ideas. This includes a few flowers, vases, stones, etc. You can place saucers, cups, coasters but also remember not to congest the table. If you overload the table, there would not be any space for placing things on the center table. 

5) Books Never Fail to Impress

Books are a great medium to impress visitors and an effective tool to personalize your coffee table décor. Books also express a lot about your personality, taste, and preference. So placing an array of the best books to read for beginners is a great addition to the center table design for the living room.

6) Decorate Coffee table with Potpourri

Potpourri is a combination of petals, fragrant natural plants for gentle scent in living rooms. It is placed generally in a bowl for coffee table décor. It beautifies the persona of the room and makes the ambiance aromatic. Apply this center table living room decoration ideas and make a solid impression on guests and visitors.

7) Coffee table décor with lights

 There are hundreds of varieties in lights and if you select the right one for decorating the center table, the result will be amazing. Try a chandelier attached to a slender stand and hang downwards on the center table, it is a dramatic and magnificent way to enthrall your visitors. Another idea is to hang a pendant light and be ready for people’s envy.

8) Leave the center table decor as it is

Some center tables are well crafted and made with designs in the center and sides. If your coffee table has designs and engravings, it would be great if you just leave it as it is. Sometimes the best idea is to leave the coffee table bare and in its true form without exterior decoration.

So if this blog has inspired you to decorate your coffee table, check out our unique range of coffee tables for your home!

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