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Upgrade Your Living Room With The Perfect Sofa Cum Bed

sofa cum bed

The pandemic has resulted in many changes in people’s lives, including working from home and online classes. As a result, the popularity of multifunctional furniture has skyrocketed. Although things are back to normal, people are always on the lookout for this furniture, and one of them is the sofa cum bed design. It is also an excellent choice for people who live in small apartments and do not have the luxury of having many furniture pieces. The sofa cum bed design is a space-saving solution but is also stylish and can upgrade your living room. If you are searching for such a solution, here’s all about the perfect sofa cum bed.

What is a Sofa cum Bed Design?

A sofa cum bed design, as the name indicates, is a sofa that can be turned into a bed when needed. When you have this sofa cum bed design furniture, you have a place to sit and lounge during the day, and the same unit becomes a bed and a place to sleep. The main advantage of this sofa cum bed design is that it uses minimal space even when unfolded as a bed. It is practical and functional furniture that appeals to people who want useful things. 

The Advantages of using a Wooden Sofa cum Bed Furniture

  1. Space saving: It is the most obvious advantage of having a sofa cum bed design at home. It is an ideal choice for adding an extra sleeping room or additional seats when needed. The sofa cum bed design allows sufficient space for a person to sleep, and at best, two people can sleep in a large sofa cum bed.
  2. Storage space: Sofa cum bed furniture is an excellent item for those who live in compact homes. It is also a good choice for those who are averse to spending too much on furniture but still want a place to sleep. Since they come in many sizes, you can find the perfect choice for your home.
  3. Maintenance is easy: Sofa cum bed furniture maintenance is similar to that of a regular sofa. Vacuum every few months to remove dust and do spot cleaning in case of spills. The conversion of sofa to bed and vice-versa is also easy and quick.   
  4. Cost-effective: If you are on a tight budget and don’t have to money to buy a bed, mattress and couch for a home, a sofa cum bed design is the right choice. You get all of this in a single unit saving you money. The price of the sofa cum bed design varies as per the size, quality, brand, etc. 

Types of Sofa cum Bed Design

Single Wooden Sofa cum Bed Designs

If you lack the space for a full-fledged bed, it is best to have a single sofa cum bed design. The idea is to use the sofa during the day and as a bed mattress at night. The structure and design of a single sofa cum bed design varies and can be chosen as per the interiors. It is ideal for a single person to sleep or for two people to sit at a time on the couch. Here are some of the single sofa cum bed design choices:

Single Sofa cum Bed perfect for a studio or a small apartment

If you are running out of space doesn’t mean that you can’t have something stylish. All you need is to choose something that is versatile and seamless, and you can move from day to night without worrying about where to sleep. The Flipper single sofa cum bed from Wakefit is one such ideal choice. It is a stylish sleep sofa that can be converted into a sofa and a comfortable bed. It uses space perfectly, and the easy conversion mechanism helps to transform the bed into a couch and vice versa quickly. Also, this bed cum sofa design is lightweight and hence easy to move around. 

Single Sofa cum Bed ideal for guest room accommodations

Many people live in compact homes, and entertaining overnight guests often becomes a problem. To save the hassle, the Flipper sofa cum bed is the ideal solution. It not only saves space but also saves your face when guests come. They get to sleep on a comfortable bed. 

Single Sofa cum Bed is a companion for your Kids

Transform your child’s bedroom into a fun and exciting space with sofa cum bed furniture. The single-seater sofa cum bed give them a chance to explore and sleep on their own while providing enough space for them to keep other essentials like a study desk and a chair. 

Single Sofa cum Bed & new reading space

Add a single seater sofa cum bed design to your living room, guest room or kids’ room and create a new reading place. When kept in the living room, the sofa cum bed furniture becomes an extra seating option while reading, entertaining guests or watching TV. Or you can use this folding sofa cum bed for a quick nap or a night’s sleep in the guest room. If you want some storage, you can opt for a sofa cum bed with storage.

If you want a bigger sofa cum bed design, then you can go for Naples 3 seater sofa cum bed or Ameoba sofa cum bed. These are made for modern living spaces where multitasking is essential. They are sleek sofa cum double bed that can be effortlessly transformed and also saves space. It is lightweight and sturdy so that it can be moved around from one place to another.  

Types of Sofa Cum Bed Design

L shape sofa cum bed 

The L shape sofa cum bed online are one of the most popular sofa types. Even though they look like they occupy a lot of space, they are, in reality, a space saver. They can be used to utilise unused corners or to mark out living spaces in a larger room. The L shape sofa cum bed design is not only a great place to have conversations, but it is also a comfortable place to sleep. The shorter side of the L shape sofa cum bed can be used as a bed and a cosy sleeping arrangement. Not just that, these are elegant, eye-catching and modern and add great personality to the room. It is ideal for those who often entertain guests but need a separate guest room. There are many L shape sofa cum bed designs to choose from. To know more about how to pick a stand-out design, read here

Why Choose a Wooden Sofa cum Bed?

For a sofa cum bed, it is not only the style and functionality that matters. It is also about strength and durability. Since it has to perform multiple duties all day and night, a wooden sofa cum bed is a better choice as a material for the legs and the frame. Adding premium quality wood to the internal structure increase the resilience and needs very less maintenance. Even after many push and pulls to transform the sofa cum bed, it remains intact. Hence it is best to choose a wooden sofa cum bed.

The need for space is getting bigger, but the homes are getting smaller. Hence there is a need for intelligent furniture that can multitask without compromising style and aesthetics. Sofa cum bed design is one such smart space-saving solution that is practical as well as stylish.  

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