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Bringing Home a New Member? Here’s How to Prepare.

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Bringing home a new member can be nerve-wracking, whether a newborn, a relative or a guest. Presenting the best version of your house is essential to make an excellent first impression, and with that comes the task of ensuring your guest has everything they might need. Starting with prep for a newborn, here are some tips on preparing your home for the arrival of someone new. 

1. Prep the Nursery Beforehand

Setting up the nursery beforehand will save you a lot of trouble and energy when bringing a baby home. Not only will a cosy room be ready for the baby, but they will be able to begin acclimatising themselves smoothly. Newborn baby room decoration can go a long way, with colourful walls and bright-coloured decor, that lets your baby feel at home. Another tip is to keep a bag handy with any cleaning supplies you might need in case of innocent emergencies! 

2. Conduct a Decor Overview  

If you’re expecting relatives or guests, one of the first things to prepare your home is to look at your decor. It is common to have scratches or torn fabric that might have gone unnoticed here and there. Better to fix them beforehand than find out later! Doing so will also give you a fair idea of whether you need to reorganise your space before the guests arrive. 

3. Everyone Loves Good Linen

New guests to the home mean fresh linen products. You can never go wrong with a new set of towels and freshly washed bedcovers. Make your guests love your home by making it warm and welcoming. Hosting guests tired from a long journey? Keep it simple by fluffing up the guest pillows and lighting a candle. 

4. Have a Self Care Kit Handy

A large part of bringing new members into your home is ensuring they have everything they might need. A great way to be ready beforehand is to prepare a self-care kit for their arrival. Add anything they need, from fresh toothbrushes and soaps to moisturisers and candles. Nothing speaks louder to guests than small acts of kindness!

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Wakefit’s Must-Haves for Preparing Your Home for a New Member

1. Cotton Fitted Bedsheet 

Nothing feels more inviting than a perfectly made bed, so why not invest in good sheets? With the Wakefit cotton fitted bedsheet, make your guest feel at home. Easily manageable and easier to wash, one can never go wrong with a fitted bedsheet. 

2. Super Soft Foam Pillow

Who doesn’t like super soft pillows? The Wakefit super soft foam pillows are the answer to a long day of work. Want your guests to have a good sleep and wake up energised? This is your sign to bring home a pair.  

3. Eirene Solid Wood Side Table

The Eirene solid wood side table is a sleek piece that makes for a great side table while also optimising space. Place this in your guestroom or your baby’s nursery, and use it to display your favourite items—no more items lying around on the floor with this table by your side. 

4. Mulan Sheesham Wood Baby Cradle 

While preparing your nursery, the Mulan Sheesham Wood Baby Cradle is a must-have. Simple and elegant in its design, this cradle is perfect for your newborn. This cradle is lightweight and easy to carry and position, making the experience of setting up the nursery easier for you. 

Don’t let the task of making your home perfect overwhelm you; with Wakefit, you’ve got everything covered. From organisational tips to smart home decor, make your house its best version, all without having to break the bank! 

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