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Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation Ideas

If you want to enhance your home’s aesthetics, update your existing home, or add value to increase sales revenue, you should go for a home renovation project. Home renovation, especially of older homes, poses many challenges which are not pocket-friendly. But a carefully planned and executed home renovation can help you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are some home renovation ideas that are not labor-intensive and are budget-friendly. 

Home Renovation Ideas


New countertops: The countertops are hard-working surfaces in your home, even in your latest modular kitchen design. So why not give that an upgrade? If you have a small kitchen, you need to cover smaller square footage, which means lower cost. That, in turn, means you can afford a more expensive material. However, even if you have a big kitchen, there are many affordable and good-quality countertops to choose from. 

Change backsplash tiles: Swap out your old and tired backsplash with something that increases visual interest. A ceramic, stone, or glass option can freshen up your kitchen. If you do not have the budget to install the entire kitchen, you can opt for an affordable material for the backsplash and have it near the skink or behind your cooking range. 

Make your old cabinets look new: Add a new face to your old cabinets. Wondering how to do this? Choose wood products that are peeled and stuck, stick wallpapers or paint them with a new color. Kitchen corbels, decorative brackets available in many materials, shapes, and sizes, can be added to a wall or cabinet. It can also be added under floating shelves to give a built-in look. The other choice is removing the doors of some of the cabinets to create open storage. Check out various ideas to refresh your kitchen within budget and utilize space effectively. 

Living Room

Change window dressings: A new fabric, shade, or a combination of both can give an instant uplift to the living room. Since changing windows is a costly affair, you can opt for cheaper things like hiding them by dressing them up with new drapes. If you are on a budget, reuse the existing rings and curtain rods. 

Install dimmers: A simple change in lighting can upgrade the living room and also make the living room furniture look great. Set the right tone with the perfect balance of light. While you can have overhead lighting like chandeliers, pendant lights, etc. You can also have side lamps and floor lamps in the mix. However, if only a few outlets are available, choose a dimmer light to provide ambient lighting. 

Install a modern tv unit design for the hall: A great solution to make your living room look beautiful. There are many designs to choose from that range from simple wall-hanging TV designs to comprehensive entertainment centers. Add some floor mats for your home, and your living room gets a facelift like never before. 


Add new furniture: You can choose a new bed and mattress or the latest bedroom wardrobe design that can act as a focal point in your room. But if your bed is comfortable and you don’t want the hassle of choosing a new one or already have a wardrobe, a beautiful bedroom chest of drawers is also a great addition. 

Add interest to walls: Choose to paint a single wall opposite the headboard or install wallpaper. This makes for a dramatic impact on the wall. Hang your favorite photos or other artwork, creating a visually interesting wall. 

Dining Rooms

Lighting: Dining room lighting is usually stuck in a time warp. But when you spend money, you can change this and make for a great focal point. Choose a traditional chandelier or contemporary hanging pendant light for your modern classy dining room and find the positive impact it has. 

Make use of obscure places: The wall behind the shelves or the sideboards does not get too much attention. But these can be good spots to add color. Use wallpaper or paint to give it a dash of interest. If you have glass shelves in cabinets, replace them with colored film, and it gives a renewed feel. 


Add storage A simple and budget-friendly medicine cabinet adds storage and style to your bathroom. If you have a wall-mount mirror, replace it with this to gain a new look and some storage. If you are short of storage, you can also have some open shelves. Cabinets that use vertical space are great storage options. 

Upgrade to new hardware: If you already have cabinets, change the hardware to give it a new look. Pick out small knobs for the doors, long pulls for the drawers, and a mix-and-match for an eclectic look. 

Add safety updates: Towel bars and toilet paper holders are no longer just intended to serve that specific purpose. Many companies are using it to make your bath safer. These can be used as a grab bar and is worth an investment as a safety update. 

Now that you have some home renovation ideas handy, start setting a budget and planning your project without any worry. Implement the home renovation ideas and enjoy a revamped home!

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