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Sofa Cover Design Ideas In India

sofa cover design ideas

Your sofa is the center of your living room, and very often, the first thing you see when you enter your home. At the end of a long day, before you fall into bed, you will most likely fall into your sofa. It is quite possibly the most used piece of furniture, for guests, friends and family. 

Though nowadays there are a lot of stylish modern sofa designs available which are often sold and bought readymade but there are many opportunities for you to explore unique sofa cover design ideas. You might be re-doing the upholstery for a sofa that you already own, buying a new detachable sofa cover, or even making an order for a custom sofa set cover design.  

sofa cover design ideas

Even if you are not fully ready to make a change, it is never too early to explore sofa cover design ideas and patterns that will suit your style and needs. If you are a young adult, living with roommates, or preparing your home for a family, there is a wide range of sofa cover ideas that check all the boxes for your dream home. 

When exploring sofa cover design ideas, you will want to consider the room that your sofa is in, type of sofa set and the ambience you are hoping to create. You will also need to consider the climate of your town, the size of your space, and of course, the lifestyles and ages of the people who will be using the sofa. 

Factors to Consider for Picking Modern Sofa Cover Design


The first thing to consider for your sofa set cover design will need to be the materials. In a cooler climate, you might lean towards leather, or synthetic fibres that mimic the properties of leather, like polyesters, or even faux leather. In a household that is more prone to spills, this is a great option for easy cleaning, as it can quickly be sprayed and wiped down. 

If you live in a warmer place, you might benefit from sofa cover design ideas that use breathable fabrics. If you use a detachable fabric cover, you can wash this pretty easily every few weeks, or in an emergency. A removable fabric cover might also be the cheapest way to give your sofa cover latest design elements. 


Most home designers will have a general colour scheme that they are working with. It makes sense to collect sofa cover design ideas that fit into your existing colour scheme. Especially if you want a modern sofa cover design, it is important to have a cohesive colour scheme to fall back onto. If you don’t have a specific colour scheme in mind, this is a good time to build one. 

Look at the existing furniture you have, as well as your curtains, table clothes, and sheets. Alternatively, you could choose a family of warm or cool colours to use consistently. 

If you are someone who takes a lot of photos at home, it might be worth your time to consider colour families that match the undertones of your skin. 

Sofa Cover Design Ideas and Patterns

 If you have chosen to go with fabric for your sofa cover, you can explore the option of printed sofa cover design ideas and patterns. More traditional designs have simple geometric patterns that are often woven into the fabric itself. With a modern sofa cover design, you might have the option to go for more stylized patterns. 

If you are exploring sofa cover design ideas with a more personal, quirky style, you might lean towards bolder prints, that may even be themed according to the room your sofa is in. A child’s room might have a playful cartoon print, a sun room might have a funky leaf or floral print.

Protectors and Liners

If you have given your sofa cover latest design styles, you might want to keep your sofa uncovered, so that it contributes to your aesthetic. However, you might also want to include a liner for the back and seat of your sofa, for protection and aesthetics. 

Whether you have chosen fabric, leather, or synthetic materials for your sofa cover, it might benefit from an additional layer of protection from dirt and oils. If you have a sofa with a more neutral colour and design, liners are a great way to add a touch of personality to your sofa cover design ideas. 


If you have chosen your materials, colour, prints, and liners for your sofa cover, it’s a great opportunity to consider some fun accessories to match the personality of the room. Your sofa cover design ideas should also take into account how you intend to use the room and the sofa itself. Also adding a colorful pillow or cushion as a contrast can be a great addition to style the sofa.

You can include shawls or light blankets as part of your sofa set if you envision more cozy moments for yourself on it. If the sofa is going to be used by a lot of children, big stuffed toys that double as cushions can be a great option. 

Throw pillows and bolsters are a common choice, and the covers for these can be coordinated with your liners. It also makes sense to contrast bold prints in your cushion covers with sofa covers that are plain and vice versa. This is a good place to experiment with your sofa cover design ideas and be as playful and bold as you’d like. 

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