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Your 2021 with Wakefit was #WrappedInComfort

Wakefit 2021 wrapped

2021 was a mixed bag of triumphs and trials.

We learned that if there is one thing that lasts, it is gratitude (and of course, Wakefit products).

So here’s us saying THANK YOU to all Wakefitters who let us turn staying at home great for them

From the reviews that made us smile even in our sleep, to the number of people who welcomed Wakefit into their homes and their hearts, here’s our kickassessment of the year that was!

In 2021, we had your back

Wakefit Mattress

We delivered 5.1 Lakh Mattresses across India. 

Did you know that if we stacked all these mattresses, they would rise up to the height of almost 9 Mount Everests! Talk about scaling our efforts to help India sleep better.

Wakefit Wardrobe

Though Wakefit Mattress was the captain, we wouldn’t have won 2021 without the dream team. After Mattress, the 10 most ordered Wakefit products this year were: 

  1. Mattress Protector
  2. Pillows
  3. Bedsheet
  4. Comforters
  5. Sofa
  6. Engineered Wood Bed
  7. Sheesham Wood Bed
  8. Wardrobes 
  9. Back pillows
  10. Cushions

These Wakefit products were taken home by 5.9 lakh Indians which is 4.5 times the number of people the Narendra Modi Stadium aka the largest stadium in the world can host! 

East, West, North, and South, Wakefit made it to every house!

Wakefit Bedding

From the dawn-lit mountains of Aalo in Arunachal Pradesh and seasonal salt deserts of Gujarat to the windy valleys of Baramulla in Kashmir and breezy beaches of Kanyakumari, we set out on an expedition around India in 365 days! We are happy to announce that we were successful in delivering dreams to every part of the country

#ProudMomentAlert: We even charted a course to Port Blair in order to reach a pillow set to two lovebirds. May they always have their head in the clouds!

All seasons of 2021 saw your love for Wakefit, but one season that took the cake was the Wedding Season! 

Wakefit products

In 2021, you made Wakefit a part of your shaadis. Whether it was wishing your favorite yaar or helping them get ready for sasuraal, you bought Wakefit products to say Badhai Ho.

wakefit gift cards

Fun fact: We generated 11247 Gift Cards this year, which is a whopping amount of  11.5 million! We are getting warm fuzzies from thinking that 11247 times last year we were a part of your best wishes. 

Snoozing is an art and we have always been its truest patrons! 

Wakefit Sleep Internship Season 2

In 2021, we upped the ante by announcing Wakefit Sleep Internship Season 2 to find a SLEEP CHAMPION who stands a chance of winning up to ₹ 10 Lakhs

We threw down the gauntlet by collaborating with the Professional Sleeper, Yashraj Mukhate. And… 545412 sleep enthusiasts applied! That’s like the entire population of Maldives signing up. 

When looking for sleep giants, can THE SLEEP GIANT be far behind?  

Kumbhkaran as our Chief Sleep Officer

In 2021, we onboarded Kumbhkaran as our Chief Sleep Officer. He officially “tested” each mattress before it was delivered to you, and on the sides, became a massive influencer on LinkedIn before getting banned (but that’s another story for another time).

By fulfilling every sleep enthusiast’s childhood dream of meeting their idol, Kumbhkaran, we generated a 64% increase in revenue. That’s a giant leap, wouldn’t you say?

Some more fanstatstic figures

  1. In 2021, a 35-year-old Wakefitter from Aizawl brought home ₹590600/- worth of Wakefit products. Please know that YOU put the Wake in Wakefit
  1. The hours you spent on our website this year were equal to 9000 Days. That is like listening to Manike Mage Hithe 5.2 million times!
  1. While everyone kept fighting over the fastest delivery for food and groceries, Wakefit ninjas delivered a MATTRESS to a customer in Bangalore in 3620 seconds (that’s a little over an hour). Let’s blame it on the training!

For the joy with which we decorated your homes, we were decorated with awards!

Business World

It was a lucky year for us. In 2021, we received seven major awards. 

  1. Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Awards 

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ankit Garg won the BW Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Award 2021.

  1. Businessworld 40 under 40

Wakefit Co-Founder, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda won the Businessworld 40 under 40 Award in 2021

  1. Distinguished Young Alumnus Awards (IIT Roorkee) 

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ankit Garg was one of the recipients of the Distinguished Young Alumnus Awards 2021

  1. ET Shark Awards 2021 (ET Brand Equity)’s Babloo Artist Campaign won Silver in the Retail-consumer products category

  1. Top 30 Disruptive Brands (Economic Times and Little Black Book) was named among the 30 most exceptional consumer brands in 2021

  1. Best Finance Transformation (Best Finance Transformation SAP ACE Awards 2021) received the Best Finance Transformation Award at SAP ACE AWARDS 2021

  1. Best GMV during the Big Billion Days sale presented by Flipkart received the Best GMV during the Big Billion Days sale by Flipkart. 

While we won awards, what won our hearts were your kind words. 

Customer Reviews 1
Customer Reviews 2
Customer Reviews 3

+1,80,000 reviews and counting!

And that’s a wrap on 2021!

2022 is here, and we have some BIG DREAMS to achieve. 

But like this year, we won’t be able to pull them off without you and your support. 

Here’s wishing we wakefit together this coming year and beyond. Happy New Year!

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