Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for sleep

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychotherapy treatment to help people solve problems better. It is supposed to be time-bound and steered by a particular goal. CBT is today being used with the goal of better sleep to help deal with sleep disorders, particularly insomnia. 

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. Its symptoms, as given by Mayo Clinic include difficulty falling asleep at night, waking up during the night, waking up too early, not feeling well-rested after a night’s sleep, daytime tiredness or sleepiness, irritability, depression or anxiety, difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering, Increased errors or accidents and ongoing worries about sleep. CBT can help with insomnia and is a safer yet effective non-drug treatment to the disorder.

CBT-I or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia is a structured program that involves identifying thoughts and behaviors that cause bad sleep patterns. After identification, the program helps replace the thoughts and corresponding behaviors that promote better sleep. Apart from the fact that CBT-I is a non-drug approach, it is also a step ahead from sleeping pills as it tackles the root cause of bad sleep in the patient. 

Once you start CBT-I and are encouraged to make better sleep choices, you might also be asked to invest in a good sleeping mattress. The best mattress for deep sleep will conform to your body shape. It will distribute your bodyweight uniformly so that no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders, and hips. It will keep your spine naturally aligned by not bending it in an unnatural way during sleep. This will further prevent postural defects in you. The mattress will also provide the feature of motion isolation. In cases where the mattress is shared between two people, the mattress will absorb the movement of one and totally isolate it so that the other sleeper is not jostled out of bed. The mattress will be hypoallergenic. It will keep dust from settling on its surface or seeping into its layers. It will ensure no molds or microbes set camp in the mattress. Wondering where you will find such a mattress? You might want to check out Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress here

Wakefit’s Ortho mattress is a superior quality memory foam mattress that helps you sleep better, thus preventing insomnia. In case you are worried that the mattress will heat up during the night, please put your worries to rest. The mattress has incorporated into its design an open-cell CoolFit foam that will absorb the body heat and circulate it through it instead of trapping it, thus ensuring you sleep comfortably through even the most sweltering nights. The mattress comes with two covers, an inner fixed cover and an outer removable cover. The outer cover can be washed as and when, thus further enhancing the hygiene and freshness of the mattress, both of which are very crucial factors when it comes to sleeping healthier.

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