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Bonded Foam Mattress – Your Back’s Best Friend!

Wakefit Bonded Foam Mattress

Do you remember the days that followed a night of restless tossing and turning? We’re guessing that you were probably puffy-eyed and fueled by coffee, barely able to function? Now, do you remember a day after a well-rested good night’s sleep? Didn’t you feel more peaceful, productive and energised?

Today, rest and sleep are more important than ever before due to the tech distractions and rising anxiety around. And a good bonded foam mattress could just make things easier for you.

This goes to show that the importance of sleep goes beyond the hours you actually spend sleeping. When this is the case, preparing your environment, especially your mattress, to be conducive to sleep is paramount.

Out of all the types of mattresses that are designed to aid in sleeping, the bonded foam mattress has special advantages. So tuck in and get comfortable as you read on to find out the importance of the bonded foam mattress

Wakefit Bonded Foam Mattress

What is the Bonded Foam Mattress?

Polyurethane foam or PUF is engineered for comfort. Layers of PUF are fused (or bonded) together to form a sturdy yet cushioning block. The bonded foam mattress is orthopaedic, crafted for providing unparalleled back support. The bonded mattress is formed with a hard base layer to ensure durability, but it is usable on both sides! Since the layers of the bonded gadda are heavily bonded, there is no scope for the mattress to wither or sag over the years. 

Wakefit Bonded Gadda

What Are The Benefits Of The Bonded Foam Mattress?

The bonded gadda is your back’s best friend for several reasons:

1. Fit for your full body:

The bonded foam mattress is a soft hug for your body. One of the greatest bonded foam mattress benefits is that it allows you to fully throw yourself into a heavy sleep, without straining your back or shoulders.

The materials are yielded in such a way that the mattress forms a mould for your body, so you can melt right into it comfortably.

2. Hassle-free tossing:

If you had ever woken up with random body aches, it might have been because you were tossing and turning. (Between us, that just means you’re active and expressive, even when you sleep). However, the aftermath of that by morning is not worth it. 

Similarly, if you’ve been on the receiving end of a partner’s squirming throughout the night, you know that you need a mattress that can support both your sleeping styles. 

This is what a bonded foam mattress is for! 

3. Adaptive temperature:

We all have experienced sleep where we went to sleep at an optimal temperature but we woke up sweating bullets, or with frosty feet. The bonded foam mattress has a thoughtful feature where it adjusts the mattress to your body temperature so that you’ll never sleep uncomfortably at night anymore.

4. Pain and pressure relief:

In one of the studies conducted to test which foam mattress is best, and how do they perform compared to the other mattresses (like latex, spring and coir), the bonded foam mattress performed well in terms of pain relief. The mattress is bonded in a way that it is dual supportive- the firm side gives you the rigidity your back requires, and the soft side pampers your back and ensures that there’s no soreness when you wake up.

5. An ally for being allergy-free:

A mattress usually contains anywhere between 10,000 to 10 million particles of dust, mites and allergens. These are terrible for your breathing and lung health if not constantly sanitised. The bonded foam mattress is the best option for anyone who’s hyper-allergic to these particles.

The PUF is more dust and pest resistant compared to the other mattress types. 

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Bonded Mattress:

The bonded foam mattress is body-friendly. It seems like a no-brainer to pick this over other mattress options. However, here are a few things to be wary of:

1. Heat:

The bonded gadda holds onto and radiates heat. While this can be warm and comforting for a few, especially those that mind the cold, for the rest, it could be inconvenient and non-conducive. 

2. Density:

If you don’t have a reliable, sturdy bed, then the density of this mattress can be worrisome for the bed structure. The density also depends on the kind of bonded mattress you buy and how well-bonded they are. 

In the end, your choice of a mattress depends on the need, required body support, and factors like the bonded foam mattress price. At Wakefit, we take our sleep study seriously and apply all that we’ve learnt to provide the most suitable mattress for you

Make an informed wise choice, and sleep well!

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