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The Importance Of A Sustainable Lifestyle

Importance of Sustainable Lifrstyle

You have seen the word “sustainable” being used in countless marketing campaigns, and calls to social action. We are told that we need to lead a sustainable lifestyle and told about what products to buy to be more sustainable.

Usually, the ideas are about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainability is definitely related to being environmentally friendly and cutting back on waste. There are many new sustainable brands in India, which is a very important step in the right direction. However, a truly sustainable lifestyle involves a lot more than just sustainable investing.  

A sustainable lifestyle is one where all the resources you need are made available to you in a way that does not cause harm and can be refreshed as needed. A sustainable lifestyle also means that even in a crisis or emergency, you can still receive the things you need to survive. 

To explain the role of individuals and the community for sustainable lifestyle behaviours, you must look at all aspects of your life. Even though we live in a bigger society, and are usually just following the patterns that exist, you can make a lot of choices that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Importance of Sustainable Lifrstyle

Everything that you use in your life, from food to clothing, to technology, can probably be sourced in more sustainable ways. As individuals, we can make these choices in our personal lives. As a community, we must make sure that everyone can have a sustainable livelihood. 

Ways to integrate sustainable living to your day-to-day life:

1. Food

The first and most important way to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle is to be mindful of our food. The easiest change for you to make is probably to invest more in making your own food.

You already know about the health risks of packaged foods and are probably aware of the amount of plastic waste that is produced by them. Another huge issue is that the ingredients may not come from sustainable sources. While restaurant food avoids the health risks, to a degree, you have the same issue with where your food is coming from. 

Consider investing in making your own food at home. While it’s obviously not possible to feed yourself entirely, you can make tiny changes. If you have a garden or even a window sill, you can grow your own herbs. 

You can also start buying more produce from local markets, and avoid food products that are sold in supermarkets and chain grocery stores. For food items that you don’t have the time to make yourself, consider having them made by a small business or home cook in your community. If you have the option, support people in your community in building their own sustainable livelihood. 

You can also invest in a more eco-friendly lifestyle by switching from LPG-based stoves and using induction stoves and other electronic cooking methods. 

Road to Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

2. Clothes

For most people, the biggest portion of your personal belongings is your clothes. There are many ways that you can change your approach to clothing to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The biggest sustainability issue in the clothing industry is to do with fast fashion. If you are someone who enjoys branded clothing a lot, consider exploring sustainable brands in India. It might cost more, but that’s because it’s more ethical. 

It is also a good practice in sustainable investing to put money towards higher quality clothes, which benefit your local community. Look for local fashion designers, or be your own designer and have your clothing tailored. 

You can also invest in thrifting, which helps reduce a huge amount of waste from the clothing industry. Most cities and towns have thrift stores that sell previously owned goods and clothing. You can also look on various social media platforms for a wide range of thrift stores that operate online. 

Sustainable Lifestyle means Sustainable Investing in Clothes

3. Furniture

A big part of sustainability is related to investing in high-quality items that last a long time so that you avoid creating unnecessary waste. This is especially relevant when you are looking at furniture and bedding. In a sustainable lifestyle, items like these are intended to serve you more permanently. You can use eco-friendly decor ideas to design your house on a green theme.

If you buy pieces of poorer quality, they are likely to break or be damaged. You’ll need to frequently replace large items, and you’ll be creating just as much waste. If your items are not sustainable, it will also be impossible to fix them.

Wakefit offers a wide range of furniture in sustainable materials such as metal and Sheesham wooden side table. Though these items are a more substantial financial investment, they will last you for much longer, and ultimately, do not produce as much waste. 

Wakefit is best Sustainable brands in India

4. Support your community

The most important and impactful choices you can make to build a sustainable lifestyle involve investing in your local community. Whenever possible, try shopping from small businesses, ideally in your own state, city, or even neighbourhood.

It is difficult to explain the role of individuals and communities for a sustainable lifestyle without talking about the challenges. Choosing to support a small business, or an individual over a larger company often means that things cost more, and are less convenient.

Support Small Business for Sustainable Livelihood

Try to remember that investing in small businesses will help your local community grow and strengthen its systems so that sustainable lifestyles are more achievable for everyone. 

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