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Wooden Side Table Decor Ideas For Every Room

wooden side table

Whether you are planning your new home or upgrading a space you have been in for a long time, you will almost certainly find space for a wooden side table. They are very practical and do a great job of bringing a room together to meet your needs. They are also the perfect way to build an aesthetic plan that you have chosen for your space. 

Though you probably mainly think of wooden side tables for living room decor, every room of the house can use a wooden side table in a creative, practical way. You can use a solid wood side table, as well as side tables that incorporate other materials, like glass and metal. They can serve a practical purpose that your other furniture is not able to, and can also be decorative. 

Apart from our master guide on these fantastic wooden side table decor ideas, you could also get ideas on side end tables for adding a new flavour to your house corner next time!

wooden side table

Ideal places for a perfect Wooden Side Table:

1. Foyer

The entry area of your home is often where clutter accumulates the most. If you choose a wood side table with drawer and shelf features built-in, you can save on a lot of space and mess. 

If you choose a wooden side table design that is longer and sits lower to the ground, it can serve as temporary seating while you put on and take off your footwear. 

Depending on the climate you live in, a wooden side table in your foyer can be a good place to keep your keys, mail, and even some small, low-maintenance potted plants. 

2. Living room

You are probably most used to thinking of wooden side tables for living room decor. The purpose and design of most living rooms naturally make space for a wooden side table. A wooden side table design that uses a glass top, is often used to keep your living room aesthetic minimalist and open. Wakefit’s collection of sheesham wood bedside tables offer an open design with the stability of solid wood that would work well with any living room layout. 

You can have a small side table for living room layouts that have noticeable corners. They are most often used to hold drinks and snacks while spending time with friends and family. They are also a good place to put table lamps which contribute to the lighting. Side tables for living rooms can be rectangular or circular, and add a touch of personality to your home. 

Home decor is something we choose according to our own taste and comfort, one which adds to our joy and serenity at the same time. We can never have enough decor ideas for a small living room in India, hence be really picky when it comes to choosing what truly gives you and your visitors a good fresh vibe throughout the day.

3. Dining room

There are many good uses for a wooden side table in a dining room. If you are someone who invests in the decor and function of your dining room, you will find many designs and styles of side tables that can fit into your space seamlessly. 

A wooden side table with wheels can serve as an extension to a dinner wagon and can hold cutlery, condiments, and even larger dishes. This clears up space on your dining table and allows you to pass things between people with a lot more ease. 

You might also choose to have a small wooden side table designated for water, or a slightly larger side table that can serve as a permanent drinks table, which can also hold some cups and glasses. 

4. Kitchen 

For many families and homes, the kitchen is the most important room in the house! Especially if you are a foodie, and love to cook, you will want to make sure that your kitchen space is as versatile and appealing as possible. 

You can use a good solid wood side table to hold small pots with fresh herbs for your cooking. You might use a side table with shelves for added storage and to extend your counter space. You might also use a slightly larger side table to keep your spices, and other ingredients at ready access for you while you cook.

Depending on the design and layout of your kitchen, you might be able to include stools with a higher side table to allow for friends and family to keep you company while you work your culinary magic. 

5. Office

In the same way, you might use a small side table for living room layouts, next to your seating, you could use a similar style and design of wooden side table for your home office, or study, or even your office in the workplace. 

Particularly if you take a lot of meetings in your office, a side table would be a great way to make your workplace seem a lot more inviting and put-together for your colleagues and clients. 

If you are a student or have someone who uses a study area, you can also effectively use a wooden side table to make their space a lot more cohesive and practical. They can be used to hold a lamp, stationery, plants, or even a handful of books or notebooks. 

6. Bedroom 

A wood side table with a drawer or shelf feature is perfect for the bedroom, to sit on either side of your bed. There is a wide variety of designs available for bedside tables, which can be used around your bedroom. A side table with storage or a small bedside table is a great addition to your bed unit. 

Also, you could place a pretty coffee table somewhere next to you for sipping some hot coffee and relaxing after you’re down with all the chores. Read our detailed guide on the modern coffee table decor in India to consider buying one for yourself, as it could function as a side table too, isn’t it!

You can opt for open, minimal tables which offer a convenient tabletop for your personal items and can easily be moved around the room. On the other end, there are cabinet-style tables, such as Wakefit’s collection of engineered wood bedside tables. These designs have drawers, shelves, and doors, that offer you contained storage and are the most stationary fixture.

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