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Decorating Ideas For A Newlywed Bedroom On A Budget

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Decorating a home is extra special for the newlyweds. But one particular place which is even more special is bedroom decoration. It is the place where you get relaxation and gets much-needed peace. For a newlywed couple, it is also the place where they get to spend quality time with each other. So for a newly married bedroom, ideas for couples are extremely essential. When it comes to bedroom ideas for couples, there are many things to consider. Here are some of the things that can bring the decor together, and you can start your life on a sweet note. 

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

A bedroom for a newly married couple should reflect togetherness and love. The bedroom ideas for couples should appeal to their taste and style. One of the important elements in bedroom ideas for couples is wall decor. It should have that x-factor that most rooms miss; here are a few bedroom wall decor ideas that can turn this place into a paradise. 

A Statement Wall Art Piece

It is one of the best bedroom wall decor ideas that any couple can incorporate. It adds a dash of colour to the boring wall and gives a dramatic statement. Wall art is also a great bedroom idea for couples who want to keep things minimal and simple but need a great vibe without clogging the bedroom with many items. 

A Decorative Wall Clock

A wall clock is a must-have for any room in the house, especially the bedroom. It is essential to avoid getting carried away in your relaxation therapy and missing out on important schedules. Apart from the wall clock being a functional piece, it is also one of the best bedroom ideas for couples. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs, and you can go for an accent piece or a simple one based on your style and preference. When you choose the right decorative wall clock, it is one of the best bedroom wall decor ideas for couples. 

A Gallery Wall

As a newly married couple, you would have captured many memories as photographs. Why not use freeze those unique moments by having a gallery display on the wall and using it as bedroom ideas for couples? It is a great bedroom idea for couples as it adds a touch of both partners’ personalities and styles to the bedroom. Also, when you add a gallery wall, there is no need for any other wall painting designs for the bedroom. Remember that this bedroom wall decor idea can be expanded as you collect more memories. 

Bedroom Decor with Lights

While many people plan the colour scheme as bedroom ideas for couples, they do not give a thought to the lighting. It is as important a bedroom idea for couples as the colour schemes and furnishings. Plan your bedroom decor with lights taking into the limitations and features of your room. 

Things to consider in your Bedroom Decor with Lights

One of the bedroom ideas for couples is that lighting should be done in layers like in other rooms. There should be:

  • Ambient lighting is the general light that serves to illuminate the room. It functions similarly to natural lighting and is also a beautiful lighting choice for a good bedroom idea for couples. 
  • Accent lights are lights that showcase an important visual feature, such as your art piece or the gallery wall.
  • Then there is task lighting, a focused lighting arrangement necessary for tasks like writing, reading, sewing, etc. 

The best bedroom decor with lights is to have all three of the above to meet all the needs. Remember that whatever lighting you choose as part of the newly married couple’s room design should create a serene, relaxing, peaceful environment. 

Bedroom Decor with Lights Ideas

  • Designer standing lamps are a great way to light up your art pieces or other collectables. They enhance the design as well as work with natural light to give accent lighting. It is also among the best small bedroom ideas when there is not enough wall space for decoration. 
  • LED light strips: Adding a false ceiling is a  bedroom idea for couples as it improves the ambience. These can be used with a false ceiling to provide diffused but sift lighting to brighten the whole bedroom. You can also use table lamp LED strips as task lighting for studying or working. 
  • Chandelier as a wall-mount fixture: For ambient light, you can choose a stylish chandelier as a bedroom decoration item. A wall scone that is installed high on the wall also offers good ambient light and is among the cool bedroom ideas for lighting. 

Bedroom Decoration Items

Add a couch or a sofa: Include some furniture as bedroom ideas for couples. It will enable you to sit and share your day. It also prevents people entering your room from jumping into the bed. Even if there is no room for a sofa or a couch, you can use the chairs available at home.

Choose beautiful bedlinen: This is another bedroom idea for couples on a budget. Ensure that the linen is neither too feminine nor muscular. Go for colours that are cheerful and bright. To give a plush look, one of the bedroom decoration items is luxury bedding like quilts, blankets, pillow covers, etc.

Romantic candle stands/holders: Candles have a romantic allure like no other bedroom decoration item. So brighten your bedroom with this bedroom decor idea to create a romantic mood with beautiful candle holders. Opt for subtle candle fragrance with scented candles. 

Flowers for Room Decorations:Flowers are a great way to bring romance as well as beauty to the setting. Set up an elaborate flower arrangement or a simple one with fresh decorations in your bedroom. If you have not got any flower vases at your wedding, tough luck. There are many vases online as bedroom decoration items that you can purchase on a small budget. But make sure to use this bedroom idea for couples, as it is a sure shot hit. 

The first few years of marriage is the time to understand each other, and it is best done in a beautiful bedroom. Use the above bedroom ideas for couples and get talking. 

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