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Top 10 Unique & Creative Temple Design Ideas

A prayer room or a pooja mandir is an integral part of every Indian home across all faiths. It is a place of comfort, tranquillity and solace for the family. It is where you pray and honour your favourite Gods and Goddesses. The home mandir is the place for daily rituals to help keep the family healthy and happy. The home Temple ideas you implement show your effort in honouring your deity. So it is worth putting some thought into home temple ideas to create an oasis of solitude and peace and bring prosperity to the household. Here are some unique and creative home temple design ideas that range from simple to ornate designs. 

Top 10 Home Temple or Mandir design ideas

Now armed with the above basic factors, here are the top 10 home temple or mandir design ideas.

Home Temple or Mandir Design 1: Traditional Wooden Pooja Unit

If you don’t have enough space for a separate pooja room, there is no reason to feel downcast. You can use any space in the living room to install this home temple design. Bring home a traditionally carved ornate wooden pooja unit made of Sheesham wood or other durable hardwood for this space. If you have enough space in your home for a pooja room, wooden pooja mandir designs for home works well there too. One thing not to forget is to add small bells suspended over the unit from the wall. You can also add focus lights to decorate the unit. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 2: Floating Temple in a Compact Home

A floating temple is a mandir that is attached to the wall. The minimalist style of this home temple idea adds a splash of colour and is also extremely functional. This home temple design is best for compact homes and also for those elders who are unable to sit down to pray. Instal the mandir at a comfortable height on the wall, and the elders can do their pooja rituals easily. The functional aspect of this mandir is that it has two separate areas—the upper open area to place the murti and another with shelves to store religious items. The best part of this mandir design is that cleaning is easy. Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry, and it becomes clean in no time. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 3: Jaali Designs

The jaali can be made from wood, brick, or stone and is an intricate latticework pattern used in Hindu temples. These Jaalis are beautiful and can be used on pillars, walls, floors, etc. When used on walls and doors, the patterns give a beautiful look to the home temple. It also creates an aura like a temple with partial visibility of the Gods and enough air circulation. The jaali design can be installed in your pooja room. It is also a perfect design for a home mandir in your living room too. The wooden jaali fits seamlessly into the living room and is a great choice for those with a wooden entertainment unit. Since the lattice looks good on wood, it gives a high aesthetic value. Include drawers below the pooja unit to store pooja items. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 4: Sleek Pooja Room

Do you want a modern contemporary living room with sleek furniture, and are you worried there would be no space for pooja? Worry not. Indian home temple ideas work well with your modern style too. You can create a wall niche into a home temple. Use a base unit to hold the idols and add some pretty lights above them. Create an open design or have a sleek door to it. Ensure that you choose neutral colours and have smooth, clean lines that complement your modern living room. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 5: A Half-Open Mandir

If you don’t like your pooja space always open, the great idea is to have a half-open mandir. It is also an amazing idea for those who want elaborate home temple ideas. Add colourful glass doors or wooden doors to half the original size of the door. You can also add a combination of wooden and glass doors with bells for a complete pooja room look. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 6: Display the Unit as a Mandir

Do not have a religious bent of mind but still want to have a few idols at home. One of the most amazing home temple ideas is to double up your display unit as a pooja unit. A display unit is a multifunctional piece of furniture; it can be used to place artwork, photos and more. So why not place a few idols next to the decorative items

Home Temple or Mandir Design 7: Corner Mandir Room

This can be converted into a home mandir if you have an unused corner space in your living room, this can be converted into a home mandir. Choose an ornately carved marble mandir and place it on the floor. If there is enough space, add dividers made of marble to this beautiful home temple idea to give the appearance of a full-fledged pooja space with an open design. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 8: Minimal and Simple Mandir 

There is no rule that the home mandir should always be intricate and fancy. It can be simple but aesthetic too. One such home temple idea is to have a veneer panel in the background wall and a base unit of the same material to create an interesting pooja room design. To add visual effects, light lamps and add fancy lights on the top. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 9: Portable Pooja Unit

If you live in rented accommodation or have a compact space, one of the home temple ideas is to choose a portable and compact pooja unit. Look for a wooden mandir that can be placed on a kitchen counter or any other stable surface like a cabinet. Choose mandirs that come with drawers and shelves for storing the pooja items. 

Home Temple or Mandir Design 10: Temporary Home Temple

If you need a temple for a limited period of time, for instance, to celebrate a festival or mark mourning, then instead of clearing an entire room, you can choose an easier option. Have a makeshift mandir in places like lobbies, corridors or landing areas to do poojas. Instead of buying screen or room dividers for this home temple idea, you can use cloth partitions or curtains for the same. 

Colour Schemes for the Home Temple Design

The pooja room in Indian homes is a sacred space inside the home where the family members perform religious rituals and daily puja. Due to the lack of space availability, not all home temple ideas can be implemented. But since it is not essential to have a separate or dedicated room for this, families prefer to have a special place created. When implementing the home temple ideas, it is important to choose the right colours. Different colours signify different energies. For instance, white is known for peace and purity. Red symbolises strength and power. Yellow is the colour of happiness and optimism. So when choosing colours to implement home temple ideas, do as per what energy you want to invoke in the pooja room. 

Can a Home Temple Design be Implemented with Little Space?

One can use any place in the home to create a small pooja room. But ensure that it is clutter-free and clean. Make the most of the available space by choosing home temple design ideas that are elegant but simple. Do not use many patterns and colours, as they can overwhelm the space and make it appear cramped. Choose colours that can open the space and make it look airy. When it comes to furnishings, choose only essentials. The primary focus of your home temple design idea should be to create a peaceful, clutter-free environment, so stay away from furnishings that are a distraction. 

The pooja room is an important space in a home as it sets the aura of prosperity, peace and positivity. It is a place of harmony where people like to sit, pray and meditate. So it is important to have the right home temple ideas to create this heavenly environment. Choose from the top 10 home temple ideas above to sparkle up your pooja space.

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