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Top 5 Ways Wakefit’s Ergonomic Furniture Enhance Your Work from Home Experience

Wakefit Study Table

About the post: Wakefit’s ergonomic furniture is created keeping in mind the science of ergonomics. As such, our ergonomic furniture for home increases comfort and reduces fatigue in the user. Ergonomic furniture by Wakefit offers support and lowers the risk of musculoskeletal issues, thus helping you avoid any kind of strain or bodily stress. By using our ergonomic furniture, you ensure that blood circulation occurs throughout your body and is not restricted to specific parts. 

Wakefit’s ergonomic furniture for home marries comfort and practicality with style. We understand that just because you are buying ergonomic furniture does not mean that you should be sacrificing on the panache element. Our products, therefore, look stylish and sleek, and can upgrade the style quotient of any corner they occupy. In this post, we will particularly highlight our WFH ergonomic furniture that can improve your experience of doing business from your favourite nook. 


What is ergonomic furniture

In order to be ergonomic, a piece of furniture must:

  • Support the spine’s normal S posture rather than pulling it into a C shape
  • Be easily adaptable to meet a wide variety of people
  • Prioritize usability as much as aesthetics or comfort

It must not: 

  • Limit the natural movement and flow of the human body
  • Strain your muscles, bones and/or joints

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Why is ergonomic work furniture important? 

Wakefit Study Table

There are three main reasons why you should invest in ergonomic furniture for home workstation. These include: 

  1. Wellbeing 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 35% of people who sit for 8 hours or more a day are at a risk of developing a musculoskeletal condition. The need for ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks that look after the user’s musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, is essential.  

In the post-pandemic situation, employees are working from home most of the time, which means the need for ergonomic WFH furniture is even more important. 

2. Productivity 

When you feel comfortable and taken care of, you are productive and creative. 

By incorporating ergonomic furniture into your home workstation, you will not only be reducing instances of pain, irritation, distraction, but you will also be producing your best work. 

Wakefit’s ergonomic desk, for instance, reduces distraction caused by discomfort and therefore improves your productivity. This is what makes them a must-have if you are building a WFH station.

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3. Inclusivity

Ergonomic furniture promotes inclusion and diversity by embracing different body types and needs. 

An ergonomic furniture, such as an ergonomic chair or ergonomic desk, will distribute the body weight of the user uniformly throughout so that blood circulation is not restricted and hence no blood clots are formed. It will adapt to the body shape of the user to offer enhanced support as well as comfort. 

Ergonomic design, by keeping the needs of various users in mind, respects and celebrates diversity. 

Benefits of ergonomic chair and ergonomic desk 

Here are 5 ways in which ergonomic furniture can benefit you: 

  1. It improves your posture

wakefit ergonomic chair

Traditional chairs that aren’t ergonomic in their design, are one of the reasons why employees who work 7 to 8 hours have incorrect posture. 

An ergonomic chair is an answer to this epidemic! 

Its features include: 

  • A headrest for neck support
  • A backrest for spinal support
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism in order to let you stretch and get comfortable 

You can have a look at our ergonomic chair range and get one for yourself immediately!

2. It’s more convenient for you

Wakefit Study Table

An ergonomic desk is more user-friendly, and so they are way more comfortable than traditional ones.

Our study tables allow you to store all your study and work tools efficiently to make work pleasurable for you. For instance,

  • Our Athena study table has the largest workspace area and can accomodate devices such as a desktop computer and a printer, among others. 
  • The Sage study table offers both storage and display options to the user. It also comes with a shelf where you can place your laptop bag. 
  • The Apollo study table by Wakefit is raised on strong Sheesham wood legs that provide optimal balance.

3. It lowers your risk of neck problems

If you sit for an extended period of time without a neck support, you can develop discomfort in your neck and shoulder area. This may also result in complications such as cervical spondylosis. 

Ergonomic chair by Wakefit has a headrest that protects your head and neck even when you’re stretching out. This is particularly useful for people who spend a significant time at work answering phone calls.

4. It looks after your back

Ergonomic chairs have a backrest that supports the natural curve of the spine, which decreases the risk of back pain. 

Ergonomic seats are large enough to accommodate the entire back. Wakefit’s ergonomic chair even has a reclining feature that allows you to sit at an angle greater than 90 degrees, thus enhancing comfort. 

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5.  It relieves pressure on your hips and keeps them happy

The surface of a typical chair is hard. Because of this, there is an additional pressure on your hips.

An ergonomic chair has a decent seat depth that supports your hips and buttocks (measured 2 to 4 inches from the back of your knees). 

Are you currently using ergonomic furniture in your work from home station? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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