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5 Reasons Why Ergonomic Chairs Have Got Your Back

Wakefit Chair

Wakefit Chair

If your routine mostly involves sitting at your desk and typing away through life (like us), then chances are that you too are looking for a solution to your back pain. Are we right? If so, then please read on. 

While regular stretching exercises and taking breaks from your work are healthy habits and completely non-negotiable, investing in ergonomic chairs is another thing that smart people should consider. 

But before we dive into the benefits of ergonomic office chairs for back pain, let us talk some more about how an ergonomic chair is better than a regular chair.

Ergonomic chair design 

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs come with the following features which makes them better than one that isn’t designed for back support: 

  1. An ergonomic chair has adjustable head and armrests. 
  2. You can tweak the seat height to suit the height of your table. 
  3. The superior lumbar support ensures that your spine is not bent unnaturally. 
  4. All of the above settings help improve your posture, thus preventing a number of health conditions, such as arthritis, spinal dysfunction, muscle strain etc.
  5. Some ergonomic chairs even allow you to modify your seat depth. This improves comfort level by offering enough space for you to rest your thighs and for the back of your knees to receive the support of the chair’s edge. 

With all these design features, an ergonomic chair not only helps improve your health but also enhances your productivity. Let us now look at how an ergonomic study chair alleviates back pain. 

Why Ergonomic Chairs Are the Solution to Your Back Pain

  • Offers perfect back support 

Ergonomic chairs with firm back support ensure comfort throughout the length of your spine. Because of this, you will not be hunched over while working, thus preventing back pain. An optimally designed chair with a synchro tilt mechanism will allow you to lean back and get a good stretch every now and then. This is very necessary for good back health, especially for those who work long hours. 

  • Alleviates neck pain

Stiffness in the neck is another grievance of desk workers. An ergonomic chair helps alleviate that. Ergonomic chairs with headrest, such as the Wakefit Virgo High Back Office Chair, can give your neck the support it needs while you toil to make your dreams come true.

  • Improves your posture 

Wakefit study chair

For good posture, an ergonomic chair not only offers proper backrest and neck alignment but also ensures that the arms are well-rested. A study chair design with the perfect armrest that is aligned parallel to your legs, is the one to go for. 

  • Hip pressure relief

As soon as the chair design gives you better posture, it prevents the formation of pressure points in your joints. As a result, even after working for hours on an ergonomic chair, you are likely to get up without a strain in the hips. 

  • Better blood circulation 

Sitting with our legs crossed or back hunched or the elbows dangling from the desk can impede blood circulation. By solving each of these through better design, ergonomic chairs ensure good blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation not only benefits the muscles but also the skin and the lungs. 

If you found this post helpful, then do consider going through these ergonomic designs that help you work from home. Until next time!

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