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Wakefit’s Teak Wood Bed Guide

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About the post: Teak wood bed is one of the most sought-after furniture in the world. It is durable, robust, long-lasting, stunning and termite-resistant. All of this results in teak wood bed being so expensive. That is where we come in. 

Wakefit has created a range of teak wood bed that retains all the good qualities of a teak wood bed while being extremely economical. 

How do we do it? We will get to that in a bit.

In the market, many manufacturers use ordinary wood to make their beds and then give it a teak colour stain to make it look like a teak wood bed. It is, therefore, necessary that you get your teak wood bed from a trusted brand only. 

In this post, we will not only tell you all about the Wakefit wood bed range, but will also walk you through the entire process of how this modern wooden bed design range of teak wood beds is created.

Wakefit Teak Wood Bed

How is a Wakefit Teak Wood Bed Made? 

Our modern wooden bed design is already a favourite among customers. But what’s the recipe behind this popular range of Wakefit wood bed? 

The secret lies in how these wooden beds are made. Here are the steps that are followed: 

1.  Sourcing the wood

Wakefit sources teak wood for its beds from African and South American countries. We believe in giving the best to our customers, and so offering value for money is our top priority. 

The choice of teak wood is selected by our own team in these countries.  

The reasons why we ship our teak wood from these faraway countries are: 

  • This variety of teak wood is more robust.
  • It is decay-resistant. 
  • It is dimensionally stable, thus perfect for an ergonomic bed design
  • This type of wood can be availed in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • African and South American teak wood is the best wood for crafting robust furniture adorned by intricate woodwork. 


2. Seasoning

Once the wood is sourced, it has to be seasoned. This process takes place in our inhouse seasoning kiln in order to control the moisture content in the wood.

3. Segregation

After the process of seasoning, the teak wood is checked and segregated for different applications and different machine processing. 

We have all inhouse machinery as well as skilled artisans to manufacture our wooden furniture.

 4. Making the cut

The teak wood goes through ripping, sawing, board-making, cutting and drilling operations with high sophisticated CNC machines.

5. The final touch

The wood then gets sanded in automatic machines, and enters the finishing section, where again the wood is handled by skilled artisans who coat the wood with desired polishing materials in order to transform them into beautiful pieces of furniture.

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Why is Wakefit wood bed better than other beds?

teak bed design | wakefit

Wakefit’s teak wood bed is the ideal choice for you in case you are looking for a bed that is: 

  1. Durable 

Teak wood is durable, which makes teak wood beds last longer than other bed types. This is why our teak beds come with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years.

           2. Robust

Wakefit’s teak wood bed designs are stable. This ensures that when you sleep on our teak wood bed, your body is supported throughout. 

Pair our teak wood bed with our Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress. Together these sleep products will work to make sure your body is offered the correct firmness so that you not only sleep well, but also wake up fitter each time.

        3. Easy to clean

Our Teak wood beds offer you superior quality, the ultimate support and stability, but expect very little in return. 

These beds are easy to clean and can be maintained without much effort on your part. A clean dry cloth is all you need to keep this piece of furniture clean and sparkly. 

Just one thing to keep in mind: Avoid abrasive solutions as they might ruin the polish and the overall look of your bed. Also, do not scrub the bed, but rather wipe it gently.

       4. Stunning

Teak wood beds are classy, which makes them an ideal choice for any bedroom. They add an element of panache to your bedroom decor and allow you to rest like royalty. 

Our teak wood beds have a honey finish which makes them even more stunning. If you are planning a bedroom makeover, then our range of teak wood beds will make you very happy.

      5. Economical

Though our teak wood beds are stable, long-lasting, gorgeous and easy to maintain, they do not cost you a fortune. As they say, every good thing need not be expensive. 

While our Ara Teak Wood Bed with storage comes at a special price of INR 19,800, the Ara Teak Bed design without storage only costs INR 15,750. The Wakefit Indus Teak Wood Bed with Storage can be yours at a price of INR 19,800. 

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Wakefit’s Modern Wooden Bed Design: Teak Wood Bed Range

wakefit storage bed


Bed material Teak Wood 
Support material MDF Board
Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty
Assembly Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
Storage With or without storage
Sizes Available King and Queen
Colour Teak in honey finish

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Whether you are looking for a teak wood king size bed or a queen sized one or a single size Sheesham wood bed with storage online (best DIY bed online), Wakefit is your one-stop destination.

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