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Mattress buying guide

There are numerous choices of mattresses available in the market so choosing the best type of mattress from that is not an easy task. To buy a mattress that is right for you there are many things you need to consider. It includes body type, sleeping position, features, price and much more. The below mattress buying guide will help you answer how to choose a mattress question from the various types of mattresses:

Mattress buying guide: Features to look for in a Mattress

  • Support

As per the mattress buying guide, the primary consideration on how to choose a mattress is to consider the support it offers. Different types of mattresses provide different support and that should be factored in before you buy a mattress. The best type of mattress is the one with a firm base topped with foam that offers comfort is the ideal choice as it helps to keep your neck, back, and spine aligned and in a neutral position. No matter what the sleeping type is, to buy a mattress that is perfect, choose the one which allows a night’s rest without any pain, aches or stiffness. An orthopedic mattress from Wakefit offers great support and is the best type of mattress for people who have back pain or joint pain issues.

mattress buying guide - Wakefit

  • Comfort

The next important feature in the mattress buying guide on how to choose a mattress is comfort. A mattress that conforms to the shape of the body like a memory foam mattress is the best type of mattress to choose from among the various types of mattresses. Buy a mattress like the Wakefit mattress as it is a perfect choice when compared to other types of mattresses. It provides comfort to the body as it does not push the body away and offers great comfort. Another reason it offers great comfort and the many types of mattresses that offer better temperature control, the foam cells are bigger and thus have better air-flow and are highly breathable thus keeping temperature neutral throughout the night. So it is the best type of mattress for people who tend to sleep hot at night benefit greatly from a Wakefit mattress. There are types of mattresses like the foam spring mattress and the latex mattress available too but not the pocket spring mattress as it does not provide enough support and comfort. 

  • Durability

Durability is another crucial feature in the mattress buying guide that you need a close look into when looking at how to choose a mattress. Buy a mattress which is made of high-quality. High-density foams types of mattresses are normally more durable than others. That ensures the mattress lasts longer than cheaply constructed ones and you don’t have to think of purchasing a new one for at least 7 years. Buy mattress from Wakefit as they are the best types of mattresses as it is not only made of high-quality materials, but they also last longer and are highly durable. They also offer extended warranties on their products and the mattress price in India is cost-effective and highly affordable. So as per the mattress buying guide, Wakefit mattress offers high durability. 

  • Market reputation

Another aspect in a mattress buying guide that is of great implication when you buy a mattress is the market reputation. After searching for how to choose a mattress one thing highlighted; decide to buy a mattress from a company that is transparent in its dealings and also has a good reputation for customer service. They may offer many types of mattresses so it is essential that the materials the mattress is made of should be disclosed so that you know it is safe for you and your families. Wakefit has a great reputation among customers as the company that offers the best types of mattresses not just because of its affordable price tag but also because of the transparency in its design process and friendly customer service. So buy a mattress from Wakefit for its reputation alone!

Mattress sizes

mattress sizes | wakefit

How to choose a mattress on size. The mattress buying guide recommends considering the size of the room. The size of the room and your space requirements are important to consider in how to choose a mattress based on size. There are various types of mattresses based on size: 

  • Single: A single mattress is of varying dimensions and ranges from 72”*30 and 75”*42” and is suitable for a single child or an adult. It is the best type of mattress to buy for a room that is small and is suited for a child’s rooms, dorm or hostel.
  • Double bed: Also known as a full mattress, it ranges from 72”*48” to 75”*48”. The mattress buying guide suggests buying a double bed mattress if you sleep alone. It is also among the best types of mattress for couples who are small in stature or this is the best type of mattress who have a bedroom that can only fit this size.
  • Queen size: A queen size mattress ranges from 72”*60” and 78”*66”. It is among the best types of mattresses for single people who like more space or for couples to sleep snuggly.
  • King size: The king-size dimension ranges from 72”*72” and 78”*72. It is a few inches wider than a queen bed and is of the same length. It is the best type of mattress suited for couples who like to share their bed with their children or pets or for partners who like sleeping comfortably provided they have extra space in the bedroom.

Apart from the above considerations in the mattress buying guide, another thing to take into account on how to choose a mattress is to take the sleeping position into account consideration. This along with the comfort level should be considered to buy mattress from various types of mattresses. The comfort level is determined by the firmness range and is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 where 7 is considered average firmness.

If you are looking to buy a mattress online, look for reviews and feedback from customers, compare and make the right informed decision and buy a mattress that is the best type of mattress. 

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