Stylish Wooden Bed Designs To Suit Your Style

The moment you enter your bedroom, what is the first thing that catches your attention? 95% of people would answer – it’s the Bed. A bed does more than to provide you with the space for comfort. It defines your personality. Gone are the days when a bed was just another piece of furniture in the bedroom. In the modern age, a bed redefines the room decor and plays the biggest role in designing the interiors of a room. This blog gives you an idea about wooden bed designs which would suit your style and add a new dimension to your bedroom.

Hardwood vs Softwood Bed

Just as foundation determines the strength of a building, the wood type determines the longevity and strength of a wooden bed. 

Hardwood refers to wood procured legally from angiosperm or broadleaved trees like Sheesham, Teak, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Birch, Beech, Walnut, and Ash. Hardwood beds are sturdy, reliable, long-lasting, and requires less maintenance.


Out of all hardwood beds, Sheesham wood beds are the most commonly found beds in India. Sheesham’s interlocked grains make this wood extremely strong and hard-wearing. Sheesham is the first choice for a solid wood bed because of its flexibility to adapt to any weather conditions, any glue, and any machinery. In addition, a Sheesham wood bed is fire resistant, termite resistant, and waterproof.


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Softwood comes from coniferous or gymnosperm trees like Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Pine, Yew, Spruce, and Redwood. Softwood is easier to find and cheaper than hardwood. It is used for manufacturing bed frames, window and door frames, furniture like tables and chairs, MDF and paper. Although solid wood beds made with softwood are widely available and costs less, it requires periodic maintenance and can be a source of regular expenditure for the buyer.

As a wise consumer, try to opt for hardwood beds even if that means you have to shell out a few extra bucks. The extra money you spend up front will save you from unnecessary hassles later.

King Size vs Queen Size

Your bedroom is extremely special. A spacious bed can make it even more special. Whether a king-sized or a queen-sized bed would fit in your room depends on the available carpet area. For a start, a standard king size bed is about 193 cm wide and 203 cm long; a queen size bed is about 152 cm wide and 203 cm long. The best thing you can do is to take a measurement tape and measure the available space where your bed can sneak in. While king size wooden beds are good for master bedrooms, queen size wooden beds are appropriate for guest rooms. Check out your room with the virtual 3D Room Designer to get a real feel of how your room looks after placing the bed.

Platform vs Storage Bed

Together, Platform and Storage beds account for over 80% beds found in Indian bedrooms. A platform bed is a four-legged bed often without storage facilities. Since platform beds are lower in height, they are ideal for children and old adults. Storage beds, on the other hand, are taller than average platform beds but offer amazing flexibility to store things that would otherwise spoil the room decor. Because of the extra load-bearing capacity of storage beds, bed frames made with Sheesham wood are considered the best. While a platform bed can give your room an elegant appeal, a storage bed is best suited when you are tight on space. To find out more differences between platform and storage beds, click here.

Canopy and Sleigh Bed

If you like to get a royal feeling when you enter the bedroom, buy a canopy bed. A canopy bed has support posts on all four corners, which, when decorated with curtains, looks stylish and classy. A sleigh bed, also known as French bed, is famous for its European curved head and footboard design. It gives a distinctly vintage appeal to the bedroom and is sure to grab all eyeballs in the modern age. Because of its flexibility, Sheesham wood is the best choice for both canopy and sleigh beds.

Modern vs Conventional Style

If the availability of space is the biggest question in the modern age, a modern style bed is the perfect answer. Modern style is the simplest of all styles. With no elaborate detailing or extra profiling, a modern style bed does perfectly the thing it is made for – to provide you with quality nights. The conventional style, however, is famed for its elaborate stylistic features and carvings. If space is not an issue in a relatively less furnished bedroom, a solid wood bed with exquisite designs might be the best choice.

Cottage vs Mission Style

Subsets of the conventional style, cottage and mission style beds are ultimate ingredients of elegance and style. A cottage-style bed is ideal if you want magnificent and delicate European style carvings on the headboard of your Sheesham wood bed. The mission-style makes a solid wood bed look sleek because of its horizontal or vertical lines on the footboard and headboard. Depending on your room layout, a cottage or mission style bed would most certainly amplify the aura of your room.


Choosing a wooden bed is nothing less than a work of art. Solid knowledge of interior designing, coupled with a subtle sense of aesthetic beauty, can do wonders in giving your room an urbane charm. Before selecting a solid wood bed, make sure you carry out proper research by visiting a quality furniture website and surfing through wooden bed designs. After all, a bed is not simply a bed; it’s your alter ego, with which you spend about one-third of your life.

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