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How To Make Your Wood Bed Look Stylish: DIY Tips


The American Sleep Association states that it is important to keep distractions out of your bedroom like television, mobile phone, laptop, etc. These objects can interfere with sleep and leave you feeling tired. The more comfortable and cosy your bedroom, the more you sleep. Another very important thing in the bedroom is a comfortable bed. A comfortable bed relaxes your body and allows you to fall asleep without any trouble. But sometimes it can take a lot of effort to find the right bed.

You have to keep in mind a lot of things while buying a new bed, like bed type, budget, weight, mattress fit, etc. Additionally, even when you do find a comfortable bed, it does not blend properly with your bedroom. Wakefit is one such place where you can find beds that will fit in perfectly to all your requirements.

Also, mentioned below are some DIY bed tips you can use to customize your bed accordingly. 

Matching Wallpaper and Bed Cover 

This idea works perfectly if you have a slightly larger room. Choose a colour that makes you feel happy and relaxed and match your bed lines with one of the walls in the entire room, preferably the headboard wall. You can also match some other accessories in the room like a bedside table, reading lamp, etc. This will give your room and bed a modern touch and allow you to represent your personality and character through the colour choice. 

Storage beds

Bed with storage is a clever way to make the most of the available space. You can add shelves in a DIY bed headboard or underneath the bed.  You can have an elevated platform with stairs to fit in drawers or have shelves fixed into the wall, above the bed as well. This will provide you with space to fit in both large and small items like bed linen or books, laptop, clothes, etc. Wakefit is the perfect place for getting built-in storage spaces in bed. 

Mirror illusion

This works brilliantly for smaller rooms. You can trick the eyes by creating the illusion of space. Fix a mirror behind the headboard or directly in front of the bed. This will make both your bed and room seem longer. While doubling the space, it will also add elegance and charm to your room and make you feel cosier.

Pay attention to the floor

A simple wooden bed box can be made to look stylish with a perfect floor mat or rug. Don’t be afraid to play with colours and textures. You can also decide on colour depending upon the age of the occupant. For the majority of the beds, a four by six-foot rug underneath is adequate. 

Sturdy bed frame

A simple DIY bed frame allows you the liberty of having a bed that is sturdy as well as comfortable. You can also save a lot of money by making your DIY bed frame. You can also experiment by keeping the bed frame a little longer than the mattress. The extra space can be used for keeping stuff or for decorating with small showpieces. Another option is of adding floating side tables with storage and for bedside lamps.

Photo collage 

You can customize your bed headboard by sticking on it a photo collage. The collage can include all your favourite memories with your close friends and family. The collage can look great against a simple wooden headboard also. These wooden beds are easy to maintain and also can be purchased at a minimum price. Wakefit Sheesham wood beds, for example, are reasonably priced and can be easily assembled at home. 

Stylish duvets

A bed can be made to look stylish and elegant by the duvet placed upon it. You can experiment with a lot of options like tasselled duvets, graphic printed, solid-colored, knit-work, etc. Also, if you want to hide the lower part of your DIY bed with storage, you can use slightly larger duvets to cover it. However, make sure you have a rug underneath the bed to accommodate the falling sections of the duvet. 

Unique pillows 

An interesting pillow can liven up both your bed and the bedroom. Gone are the days of using matching pillows. On the contrary, you can place pillows of various colours, shapes, sizes, and textures on your bed. If not colours, you can also play with words. Get your favourite quotes or songs printed on your pillows or also a picture. You can get them printed easily at reasonable prices through both online and physical stores. 

Wall plants

If you are a person who loves nature or simply the colour green, then you can put wall plants on the headboard wall of the bed. You can nail them at various angles on the wall and paint the pots with fun colors. You also have the option of matching your bed lines with the plants to give your room a fulfilling look.

Simple Bed Frames

At Wakefit you can get simple and elegant wooden beds which are both sturdy and lightweight. They are made of Sheesham wood, which will give your room an elegant look. The texture and the color of the wood is rich, while the designs are minimal but stylish. You can place the beds alternatively between the favorite walls in your room or simply against the window you like sitting near.

To Conclude

The bed is one of the most important, if not the most important, pieces of furniture there is. It is where we rest, contemplate life, etc. So, it’s all the more important that it looks its absolute best. To show off, of course! Therefore, the aforementioned bit of information should give you a rather clear idea regarding the different things you can do to make it appear more pleasing to the eye. Good luck!

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