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Great Bedroom Storage Starts With A Storage Bed

Storage bed is one of the most practical and modish creations of furniture makers to date. What started off as a great hack to save space has now created a niche market for itself. A nicely designed and delicately carved wooden storage bed can make your bedroom decor even more elegant. Scroll down to learn more about designing a great bedroom with a wooden storage bed.

Storage Bed Benefits

On the fundamental level, a storage bed is designed to save space. But it is more than simply that. The other benefits of storage bed are:

1. It is a great way to maximise storage space which otherwise would have been wasted by installing a platform bed with no storage facilities.

2. It saves extra expenditure. For the price of 1, you are effectively getting 2 things – 1 bed and 1 cabinet. 

3. A king-size bed with storage is big enough to store almost all blankets, towels, suitcases, clothing, bedding, etc. of a three member family. 

4. It provides amazing flexibility to open the storage area from the sides or top.

5. It is most appropriate for smaller rooms where large cabinets or cupboards cannot be installed.

6. It is relatively easy to clean and requires less maintenance.

7. A storage bed made with hardwood like Sheesham is dust-free and termite resistant.

Now that you are convinced with the benefits of a storage bed, let’s understand what makes a storage bed the best companion of a great bedroom.

Leather or Wood

More than 90% of storage beds in the Indian market are either pure or faux leather upholstered or pure wooden. Ample positives on either side make both these materials great for your bedroom. Storage beds with leather upholstery would uplift the mood of your bedroom with class and style. Excellent finish, glossy texture, and vividly colourful, a storage bed with upholstered head and footboard offer a divine bedroom experience.

On the flip side, though, the upholstery requires frequent dusting and cleaning, and occasional colouring. If you have less time for regular maintenance, a wooden storage bed would be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Storage beds prepared with Sheesham wood are extremely sophisticated and durable. Sheesham wood is a naturally flexible wood used for preparing storage beds, as it can be easily carved, is long-lasting, requires low maintenance and cleaning, and is resistant to termites and pests.

The Design

In the bygone era, other than durability, a wooden bed did not have much to offer. Now, wooden storage beds play a significant role in defining the room decor. For a simple yet elegant bedroom, a contemporary solid wood storage bed frame with a medium-size headboard looks wonderful. A king size storage bed, with its large headboard and footboard, gives a muscular look to a big room.


Queen size storage beds provide a sophisticated look to rooms without a huge play area. A finely polished canopy bed, with posts on four corners, looks stylish for both decorations as well as protection from the wind during winters. A cottage-style bed in a bright, embellished with intricate carvings on the headboard, can take you back to the 18th century.

Plenty of designer storage bed frames are available in the furniture market. With so many options, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Pay close attention to the nature and position of the bedroom before buying a storage bed online.

Where to Buy a Storage Bed?

You may find storage beds, both online and offline. Let us check the merits of both.

Online or Offline

Buying a storage bed online comes with many perks and benefits. A high-quality online furniture website offers amazing flexibility to check storage beds round the clock, 365 days a year. Unlike brick-and-mortar furniture stores, online stores allow you to get detailed specifications about a wide range of storage beds. The biggest advantage of a local furniture store is you may visit to get the real feel of a bed before buying it. But for that singular advantage, you lose multiple other benefits offered by an online distributor.

Before buying a storage bed, either online or offline, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully.


A storage bed is synonymous with comfort and convenience. Complementing your storage bed with a high-quality mattress will provide you with comfortable sleep, night after night. And the facility to store a large number of things inside the bed makes it convenient. Browse through multiple websites and scan hundreds of storage beds before choosing the best for you. Just in case, that’s too much, visit Wakefit to get answers to all your questions in one comprehensive page.

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