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Buying a Wooden Bed – The 5-Point Checklist

No wonder you are here because you want to spend peaceful nights hereafter. After weighing in multiple options, you have voted for a wooden bed. True, wooden beds offer unparalleled reliability, amazing sturdiness, superb durability, splendid looks, low-cost maintenance, and, above all, peaceful nights. But what are your odds of buying a wooden bed and still being unable to sleep properly? Chances are quite high, especially when you visit a furniture shop without conducting adequate homework. Soft-spoken, well-trained salespersons convince you to believe in things they want you to believe. And, as a customer, you are most likely to feel impressed at first and vulnerable later.

Buying a wooden bed online is a different ball-game altogether. A professional furniture website helps you to understand a bed in its entirety and even provides you with the option to compare multiple beds before finalising one, at a discounted price. This blog takes you through the 5 most important things to consider before buying a wooden bed online.

  1. Check Wood Type

Wood Type is to bed, as the foundation is to a building. The type of wood you choose plays a major role in determining the texture, quality, lustre, and longevity of your bed. The price of a wooden bed depends upon the wood the bed frame is made of. Let us understand the various types of wooden beds available in the market.

Hardwood Beds 

As the name suggests, hardwood is more durable and sturdy than softwood. Hardwood refers to wood that comes from flowering or angiosperm trees like oak, Sheesham, teak, maple, alder, beech, mahogany, maple, birch, ash, and walnut. The best feature of hardwood is that it is resistant to fire, making it the first choice for high-quality beds. You may look up high-quality hardwood beds here.

Softwood Beds

Softwood comes from gymnosperm trees like cedar, fir, pine, juniper, redwood, yew, and spruce. Softwood is cheaper than hardwood and is usually used for manufacturing low-cost bed frames, doors, windows, MDF, furniture, paper, and more.

Before you buy a wooden bed, verify the wood type, source, and warranty to make sure the bed you buy is value for money.

  1. Select Wooden Bed Type

Once you have selected the wood type, the next task is to select the type of wooden bed you want. Wooden beds can be of various types like:

Platform Bed

A platform bed is the most commonly found bed in Indian bedrooms. Due to its simple structure, wooden bed frames in platform beds are long-lasting. A standard king size Sheesham wood platform bed weighs around 85kgs, and is more durable and requires far less maintenance than other types of beds. For checking more specifications of a wooden platform bed without storage, click here.

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed, with four-feet high posts on all four corners of the bed, gives an elegant appeal to the room decor. You may also decorate it with curtains. The curtains on the posts add up to the privacy of your personal space. It also inhibits wind during winters. Pay close attention to the wood being used, as this will ensure that the posts, along with the bed, remain termite and tension free.

Sleigh Bed

With curved headboard and footboard, a sleigh bed looks antique and adds a vintage dimension to the room. Often made with high-quality hardwood, a Sleigh bed, also known as French bed, is good for two people.

Day bed

A daybed can be used both as a sofa as well as a bed and is best for drawing rooms or studio apartments. Daybeds can be of various types like indoor, outdoor, hanging, and roofed.

Storage Bed

Remember the platform bed from earlier? Add storage compartments underneath the bed-board, and you have a wooden bed with storage. With ever-shrinking room size, the best way to maximise the available space is by decorating your room with a storage bed. Due to its additional storage facilities, the weight of a standard king size storage bed starts from 125 kgs onwards. For checking more specifications of a storage bed, click here.

  1. Choose Wooden Bed Style

The perception that wood and style don’t go together has never been more wrong than it is now. Wooden beds available today can very well be the envy of our ancestors. Let’s find out how.

Modern Style

These beds are stylish yet simple. With no extra decorative elements, these beds gel well with any room and add to the charm of the room.

Cottage Style

If you are fascinated with everything European, a cottage bed with elaborate detailing on the headboard is carved out of wood, especially for you.

Mission Style

The perfect element of an elegant bedroom. Horizontal lines on the headboard and footboard make this stand out  among other furniture in the room.

Conventional Style

A conventional style bed is designed to take you back to the bygone era. With its distinct vintage look and finely polished wood, this bed would surely grab all eyeballs.

Country Style

If modern city life appears monotonous for you and your mind always yearns for the countryside, make the country-style bed a part of your life. Made out of semi-polished wood and featuring an extra-long headboard, this bed has the potential to give your room the farmhouse appeal.

  1. Determine the Room Type, Size, and Bed Position

Before buying a wooden bed online, take a measurement tape and measure the available carpet area. This would help you in choosing the bed as per the room’s dynamics. Since a bed augments the aesthetic beauty of a room, choose the bed style according to the position of the bed. Spend some time to introspect and visualise the room before finalising. You may also take help of virtual Room Designer to see how your room looks after installing a wooden bed.

  1. Do a Price Comparison

Last but not least, compare multiple sites and decide which wooden bed to buy. A reputed furniture dealer like Wakefit offers not only amazing discounts but also unparalleled after-sales service and wide distribution network. Buying from a reputed furniture dealer always ensures the wooden bed you get is made with high-quality, genuine, and legally procured wood.

To Conclude

The bed is one of the most important things for scores of people. The bed is where we rest, are one with ourselves, among other things. Therefore, purchasing a bed is even more significant than it’s made out to be. A lot of factors have to be considered when purchasing a bed. Variables like wood type, bed type, etc. are especially important. So, the next time you go out for buying a bed, do peruse through the aforementioned information to get the best buy.

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