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How To Style A Child’s Bedroom: All The Tips You Need

This Children’s Day, decorate your child’s bedroom as a gift to them and their sleep.

While giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, you need to make sure you pay attention to both comfort and pleasure. A child’s bedroom needs to be a fun space, but also one where they can fall asleep easily.

In today’s Children’s Day post, we are going to share some tips with you to help you create a cool, creative, and fun space for your child to relax in.

Tips to decorate a child’s bedroom: Kids bedroom ideas

  1. First priority: Mattress!

Getting the mattress right is the most important thing when decorating your child’s bedroom. A memory foam mattress is both comfortable and provides your child’s body the support it needs. Also, these mattresses are hypoallergenic, which means your child’s sensitive skin will be protected against allergies.

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  1. Create space  

When styling a kid’s bedroom, try your best to create more space. The more space they have, the easier it is for them play and to spread out their toys or artworks or books etc. If you cram up the place, the chances of them getting hurt also increases.

The easiest way of doing this is pushing the bed to a corner against the wall. This opens up the floor for the child to play in or freely move about in.

  1. Make organization easy

Keep your child’s toys in open baskets so that too much mess is not created. This makes it easy for them to access their toys and other playthings while also making it effortless for you to keep everything where it belongs at the end of each day.

  1. Make the walls fun

Paint your child’s room a fun color like a sunny yellow or a fresh lavender. If you are living in a house you own, then consider painting fun characters (your child’s favorite cartoons may be!) on the walls. Give your child one wall to paint too, which they can use as a canvas. This makes them feel involved, hones their creative instincts, and also ensures they don’t mess up other walls.

If, however, you are staying in a rented apartment, then wall decals that can be peeled and stuck are a good option. Make sure you let your child choose the decals for themselves.

  1. Invest in light lamps

Children tend to see nightmares. Waking up to a dark room after seeing a nightmare can be horrifying for a child. To avoid this, you can buy a bedside lamp for them, which they can easily reach and switch on to light up their room.

  1. For children who share a room

For people with two children sharing a bedroom, you can add a curtain divider between their beds to give them a sense of personal space and to also reduce chances of nighttime chit-chat that stops them from sleeping early.

Another way to create more space for kids sharing a bedroom is to go for a bunker bed. This ticks both the boxes in terms of personal space as well as floor space.

  1. For teenagers

If your child is a teenager, then you need a space in their bedroom dedicated to studies. Have a sturdy table, a chair, some shelves arranged on top so that their study material remains in one place and is easy for them to access.

A table lamp is essential too, for some focused study time. It is best if you allow your teenager to choose the color they want in their room, since that color will be reflective of their personality, which is very important. However, try and suggest lighter hues since they keep the bedroom environment cool, which in turn is conducive to sleep.

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