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How to prevent burnout

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Working from home can be a struggle if you are new to it. With the pandemic, most of us have been forced into this kind of a work arrangement to at least some extent. Given that we are making the switch, it is best to do it right. WFH burnout is a real thing. Not knowing how to separate work and home chores and relaxation time when you are doing it all from the same place, can be very difficult. That is where we step in. At Wakefit, we have come up with some rules or should we say WFH tips that have helped us manage stress while taking up remote work. Here is hoping that these tips will help you as much as they have helped us! 

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How to prevent burnout 

Have a routine in place 

Know what time you will start work and what time you will bid adieu to your tasks. Make sure this is as similar to your normal work routine as possible in order to be productive while not burning out yourself. 

Know when to take a break 

Every one hour, try and take a ten minute break. Walk away from your desk and sit somewhere where you can calm your mind. If you can look at something green (plants or trees), then do that and give your eyes the much-needed respite from screen-time. Be sure to keep this break only ten minutes long or it will become a distraction rather than a help. 

Exercise regularly 

Take 30 minutes out every day in order to do your stretches or perform a dance routine or any exercise that you enjoy. This will keep you motivated and will ensure that your neck and your spine get the stretch they require to stay supple.

Don’t skip meals or meal time

Take your lunch breaks and tea breaks like you used to when you worked from the office. Working from home does not have to be any different. This will ensure you are getting your nutrition at the right time and so your body can function as normal making sure that no added stress is caused. Additionally, snack on a bowl of green veggies or fruits to keep your immune system strong. 

Pay attention to your sleep 

Your sleep and rest has always been important, but not it is crucial in order to avoid stress. To sleep better, try some sleep rituals such as swapping the gadgets for a book before bed, drinking a cup of chamomile tea to soothe the nerves, listen to calming music, etc. Another thing to be careful about is the sleep products you are currently using as they can be coming between you and good rest. To invest in better products, shop at Wakefit

That is all on today’s post. We hope you found this helpful. Take care of yourself and be healthy.

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