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Mental wellness spa at home

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We have all been maintaining physical distance for the last few months in order to keep ourselves and others safe. While that is a great step, it is proving to have some undesirable effect on our mental health. Though physical distancing is the need of the hour, we cannot overlook our mental health, can we? For this, in today’s post, we are going to share with you some of our Quarantine mental wellness tips. We will guide you on how to create a home spa for your mind without stepping out of home or your comfort zone. 

Mental wellness spa at home

Quarantine self-care routine

Here are some aspects you need to look after in order to take care of your mental health while physically distancing yourself: 


Practicing meditation is one of the best ways to calm the mind. Even ten minutes of mindfulness practice can yield miraculous results for your well-being. If meditation is new to you and you don’t know how to start, then join a live session. A lot of people are carrying our group meditations online. Join the tribe! 

Physical health 

The next aspect to look after is your body. Our body and our mind are intrinsically connected. If your body is not feeling okay, your mind will respond similarly, and vice versa. Make sure to take out at least thirty minutes every day to stretch yourself out or perform a yoga routine or a dance routine. These will help you get stronger, keep your bones more supple, and improve your immunity. Additionally, be sure to eat well. Foods rich in iron and magnesium must be on your list. 


Working from home can get out of hand if you do not set boundaries and chalk out a routine. Having a regular timetable for work and for relaxation is the best way to remain productive while also not burning out. After your day’s work, be sure to move away from your desk to give your mind the illusion of stepping away from work and preparing for rest. Having specific time for bath, for food, for relaxation, and for sleep. 

The ideal sleep environment 

A very important part of a mental wellness retreat at home is an asleep haven. Getting good sleep is crucial to self-care and mental health, and this is suddenly more critical in Quarantine when we are physically distancing ourselves. To create the perfect sleep environment, you need the right sleep products. At Wakefit, you will find everything that your bedroom needs to transform into the cosy sleep corner it should be. Shop for our products here

All of the above aspects of the Quarantine life are covered in The Lockdown Manual. These are tough times, but with a little bit of planning and making our health a priority, we can all sail through this. Stay safe and take care of yourself. 

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