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Travel must-haves to make your holiday a great sleepcation

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The travel season is finally upon us and the year-long wait to sit back, relax and take a break from our forever-hectic lifestyle is coming to an end! As you pack your suitcases and plan your holidays, make we wanted to remind you of one important thing: the tumultuous wave of personal and professional expectations throughout the year has most likely taken a heavy toll on your sleep. Most vacationers are realizing this too. Our research points towards a trend where Indians are looking at vacation spots that help them catch up on their sleep. Our survey revealed that 35% of the respondents would love to wake up to the sound of the sea and 26% want to wake up in a peaceful home, as they believe beaches and the comfort of their own home will allow them to get a restful sleep on their holiday.  

Now, we know that you might find sanctity and peace in a completely different kind of vacation. So all we want to urge you to do is get as much sleep during your holiday as possible regardless of whether your ideal sleepcation pick is a beach, a road trip, your familiar and cozy home or an adventurous camping trek. To help you with this endeavor, we have put together five travel must-haves to make your holiday the perfect sleepcation.

  • A neck pillow if airplanes feature in your travel plan:

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A plane journey is often a pain in the neck (literally) when you’re traveling long distances. But with the right paraphernalia, this time in your travel schedule could be perfect to catch up on some sleep. We advise carrying a comfortable neck pillow with contouring properties that can provide ergonomic support to the neck. A neck pillow made out of molded memory foam usually does the trick, as it provides the required elevation and reduces strain on the neck. We advise doing your own research and zeroing down on a neck pillow that places health over style.

  • Back cushions if you’re planning a road trip:

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You might be wondering what a back cushion has to do with sleep. Well, the way you sit for long hours affects your posture and can thus impact the quality of your sleep. Carrying a molded memory foam back cushion on your road trip will help support the back as well as the lumbar area of the body. Look for contouring properties, as it helps in core spinal alignment which can maintain body balance and also help core nervous system protection. With rising back pain issues among Indians, it is important to opt for a good back cushion, which won’t allow pressure to build when you’re traveling long hours.

  • An eye mask for every kind of vacation:

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Vacations are meant for rest and relaxation and your eyes usually need the most of it. In today’s day and age, the working segment leads a highly sedentary lifestyle where they are perennially in front of computer screens.  A study conducted by Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital between 2017 and 2019 showed that the chances of people developing Computer Vision Syndrome is high if you are a working professional. Giving your eyes a restful break is absolutely imperative. Carry an eye mask, so you can switch off from the world, no matter which vacation spot you might be at.  

  • Comfortable pajamas no matter where you go:

Okay, so we don’t have any research or study to prove this, but we know for sure that you will all agree with us! Your own set of pajamas is the one thing that is sure to make you comfortable, no matter if you’re at home or on a treetop. While we know we are kind of stating the obvious here, but we want to call this out and make sure you don’t forget to pack this up. There’s no better way to get the sleep you yearn for than by being in the most real, soothing and cozy piece of clothing you own.

  • A sleep playlist to take you into dreamland:


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Well, it’s not all about the material things in life. There are some things you need to transport you into a world where peace, quiet and serenity engulfs you. And there’s no better gateway to this dreamland than a perfectly curated sleep playlist. You can either put in the hard work and create a playlist with your choice of songs that are sure to put you to a restful sleep or you can rely on the wonderful streaming platforms to curate the sleep playlist for you while you lounge on.  

So go on friends, take the oh-so-deserved holiday and indulge in the vacation that will make you happy. Just don’t forget to pack these sleep essentials and get the sleep-time you have been craving for.

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