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Did you know, if you get the required 8 hours of sleep, then you spend one-third of your life sleeping? That’s a pretty significant fraction spent in the bedroom. And it’s no surprise because curling up into bed after a tiring day is welcoming and feels just like a warm hug.

Most often, the bedroom is everyone’s top favorite room, a sanctuary that remains undisturbed by guests. Whether you are someone who goes all out with a bedroom makeover or neglects the space completely, your bedroom will impact your life.

If you want your bedroom to influence you positively, then you need to show it some love. When you’ve spent so much to make the living room presentable for the guests, why not do a redesign of your Indian bedroom decor to personalize it for your own visual pleasure?

Bedroom Makeover:
Why You Need to
Think About It

Although the bedroom is usually meant for sleeping, most people have a few more purposes for it. Your bedroom could include your work desk, study table, game station, or even your home theatre with a grand TV unit. There isn’t a limit to how you can use this space.

Why Designing Bedroom Is Important

Designing your bedroom can seem like a scary ordeal. There are various checkboxes to tick during a makeover for your bedroom in India such as budget-friendliness, comfort, weather, practicality, and aesthetics.

Not to worry, there are more than a thousand ways to match your requirements without much compromise. All you need is a little imagination and planning.


Factors in your budget

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend on professional designers, strategic planning will help you cut down on unnecessary expenses and mistakes. With the least investment, you can pull off an amazing bedroom makeover.


Suits your style

An Indian master bedroom design that suits your personality will keep you happy and motivated. Pinterest is the jackpot for aesthetic bedroom ideas. So create your own board for the best inspiration.


Promotes comfort and functionality

When you plan your bedroom’s layout and design, you give importance to each element’s functionality and overall comfort. It creates an atmosphere for relaxation and high-quality sleep.

Open your mind up to the possibilities and you’ll find yourself planning a bedroom makeover that facilitates convenience and looks gorgeous! When your Indian bedroom decor mimics your personality and fulfills your expectations, it ensures better relaxation and improved productivity.

  • What aspects of your bedroom can you customize? (beds, wall paint, shelves, walls, tables, windows, etc)
  • How many components of your master bedroom decor can you enhance to make a noticeable difference?

For those starting on a blank canvas, it’s easier to build around a singular theme and decide the layout and the elements. A bedroom that’s already set up can go through a bedroom makeover that’s less dramatic. However, before revamping, you must understand the importance of sleep because that’s the purpose of your bedroom!

Here are the Aspects you can Modify in your Bedroom for an Instant Bedroom Makeover



You can customize the bed, wardrobe, desk, and shelves. If a walnut wood finish is your kryptonite, then you’d coordinate your furniture pieces to give your bedroom a harmonious atmosphere.



You can also change the windows to bring in more natural light or match a modern theme. Changing your somber-looking windows into large French or sliding windows makes all the difference.


Wall paint

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. It adds brightness and makes you feel like you’re in a new house. Hang up a few photo frames or paintings and watch the room liven up.

Check out sturdy beds for your room. Let your taste speak.

Things to Consider
Before Giving Your
Bedroom a Makeover?

Not to worry, there are more than a thousand ways to match your requirements without much compromise. All you need is a little imagination and planning.

bedroom makeover

What do you Use your Bedroom for?

A bedroom might automatically remind you of sleep. But that’s not all one does in this private space. It’s a room for relaxation, fun, work, and study. A room with so many functions deserves a good bedroom makeover with the best Indian bedroom decor. Due to the work-from-home scenario, most of us have been setting up a home office in our bedroom spaces.

Students are attending college on their beds and writing exams on their home desks. The room that already was an all-rounder has become more significant to your new lifestyle. Keeping all these in mind, it’s important to have a practical bedroom set up. All beauty and no utility is as good as an ugly bedroom. When you’ve considered your bedroom’s role in your life, you can design it with better vision.


Space available

If you’ve ever thought, “I could do so much more if I had a bigger bedroom”, you’re definitely not alone. It’s true that more space creates more bedroom makeover opportunities but less space doesn’t mean less fun. With limited space and a broader mind, you can incorporate aesthetic bedroom ideas even in a 500 sq. ft. apartment.

So, don’t let the space between the walls decide how your bedroom looks. For larger bedrooms, you can segment the space into different regions depending on their purpose. You can use a bookshelf as room divider or a separate desk set up for your workstation. In fact, a lot of houses do it mostly in their living rooms. That’s because keeping a bookshelf as room divider they can keep dining and living space separate. Thus, with tiny changes you can have a great bedroom makeover.

bedroom makeover

What Color Palettes do you like?

Colors are known to evoke emotions. A powerful red, warm yellow, or a calm blue can transform your master bedroom decor in any way you want. If you’re a minimalist, you’d generally stick to whites, greys, and blacks. These colors are low effort and maintenance
but don’t compromise on overall aesthetics. For the pop color and pastel enthusiasts, there’s so much room to have fun. You can have standout pieces such as a bright single-seater or a bedroom accent wall. You can also check out our guide
on ultimate bedroom colors for sleep. Still confused about what colors you want? Use an online color generator to give you some great ideas. You’ll understand what colors complement each other best and pick accordingly.


Your Personality

If you have your bedroom all to yourself, you can add your personal touch. But often, you’re sharing your bedroom with a partner, roommate, or family member. So, it would only be fair to incorporate their personality too. For the roommate who is into
photography, you can’t go wrong with a gallery wall. For the avid reader, use a beautifully crafted Wakefit bookshelf as room divider and a canopy seating
area for the perfect reading nook.


Your Culture, Tradition, or Taste

Cultures and traditions influence your bedroom’s design and functionalities. Distinctive furniture, traditional patterns, and common cultural themes add richness to the bedroom.

Despite the unifying traditions of a locality, your taste and preference could be extremely different from someone else. An Indian bedroom design that incorporates culture can help your favorite room feel more like home. So, bring in your culture while you’re doing a bedroom makeover.

Bedroom Decor Themes

Chapter 3

Bedding Decor Ideas

  • 1. What are the different types of Bedroom Themes?
    • Start with a Comfortable, Stylish Bed
    • Rustic Bedroom with Antique Wall Decor
    • Minimalistic Themes
    • Indian Themes
    • 70s Theme
    • Boho Room Decor
    • Mid-century
    • Modern
    • Fusion

Bedroom Decor Themes

When you say you want to revamp your bedroom, there must be a theme that goes around in your head. But maybe you aren’t quite sure about them. That’s because you might now know how they are fully or the essence they bring.

So, here’s all about it.

What Are Bedroom Themes and How Can They Spruce up Your Room?

It takes a little effort to implement a theme that decides the style and essence of the bedroom. Choosing a unifying theme can incorporate the feeling of coordination and ensure that the elements combine well. Plus, the bedding decor ideas shouldn’t go ignored as your back and neck’s health depend on it!

Without a bedroom theme, the space can tend to look random and the various design aspects create a sense of disorder rather than harmony. If you have a vintage bed accompanied by modern bedding ,
it could look out of place.

From rustic bedroom ideas, to sleeping in a cosy minimalist bedroom and judging different types of bed sizes, let’s find out more. Check out the following Indian bedroom ideas that can help you find your aesthetic!

What are the Different Types of Bedroom Themes?

stylish bed
Start with a Comfortable, Stylish Bed

The defining, vital component of the bedroom is the bed. Although choosing a bed might seem like a simple decision when creating your new bedroom makeover, there are numerous factors to consider. The bed varieties, material, color, types of bed sizes,
storage facilities, etc., need to match your preferences. The Wakefit’s bed range works great for everyone because of the diversity of available options.
Whether you want a solid wood bed or a sleek metal one, you’d find your fit. You can always create a DIY bed frame for a personalized style and choose from different types of beds.
No matter what theme you choose, a comfortable and modern bed can enhance the look of your bedroom. Also, using a bedroom storage to declutter your space, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Rustic Bedroom with Antique Wall Decor

If you like the idea of raw edges, antique wall decor, and laid-back design, then a rustic bedroom could be your thing. A majority of the rustic bedroom ideas are often inspired by the originality of nature. So, you’ll see a lot of unpolished wood, stone, and metal. Rustic bedroom ideas look welcoming and stylish despite their simplicity.

The theme is often misunderstood for looking shabby but proper execution could help with your makeover plans with aesthetic bedroom ideas. However, the types of bed sizes are varied to keep the essence accessible to all.

Minimalistic Themes

A cosy minimalist bedroom aims for less clutter. If you’re not a hoarder, then this is a great theme for you. You can add the minimalist theme to a lot of bed varieties and maintain the vibe. Minimalism can also include a restricted color palette with the dominance of neutrals. As simple as it looks, it can be tricky to achieve the cosy minimalist bedroom look because it is planned delicately.

Choosing from the different types of bed sizes, themes, and color schemes is sometimes difficult. This style is also a great theme for kids bedroom ideas thanks to it’s calming essence. Hence, you can keep things simple with a minimalistic bedroom makeover theme.

indian st
Indian Themes

If your bedroom depicted Indian culture, then it would look bold, exquisite, and historic. Create your tiny palace at home with bright patterns and vintage pieces. With a new Indian bedroom bedroom design, take advantage of the beauty of natural fibers
and beautifully carved furniture. You can add DIY bed frames to level up your bed’s elegance. India is a diverse country, so even within the Indian theme, you’d be spoilt for choice.

70s Theme

When it comes to the 70s, there isn’t just a single theme. You can choose from hippie to glamorous elements that represent the period. Paint your walls with bright pinks and peaches, add some retro wall art, incorporate macrame accents. You’ve got yourself a room straight out of the 70s!

Boho Room Decor

Boho room decor is all about layering. It is a style from the 1800s in which you play with multiple textures and patterns to create a synchronized look. You are allowed more creative license when adding the boho touch to your room. Also, a boho room decor
doesn’t have to look like a crazy pattern book. You can add as much layering as you wish with the designs, bedding, and decor. Also, let’s not forget the support our backs need. Hence, you can also look into choosing the best mattress for back pain. That’s because decor is nothing if comfort isn’t present.


The mid-century theme has muted colors and wood as its main elements. It gives off an earthy vibe that is both practical and neat. This easy room decor focuses on functional objects and makes the best use of every element. Although mid-century themes might have a few more aspects, they are often minimalistic in nature and perfect for a low-effort Indian bedroom decor.


When it comes to modernistic themes, you can have a million creative bedroom ideas. Whether you’re using accent furniture or futuristic design, the modern bedroom theme has many fans because it is an easy room decor option. As you bring the essence in, it’s also important to check whether it’s comfortable and healthy for your back and neck. You can top this bedroom theme with the best pillows for sleeping and call it a night. Modern themes never hold back on statement beds, artistic carpet patterns, DIY bed frames, or other types of functional design. You can also add vintage elements with a modern spin to it.


If you go for a fusion bedroom makeover, you must know that there is no rigidity in this design. Fusion themes allow the designer to play with two or more themes – a little bit boho here and modern there. Although the themes seem far apart and unmixable, you’d be surprised by the art you can make with fusion themes. You’d need some knowledge of art to ensure uniformity with your bedroom themes.

Bring ultimate comfort and calm into your bedroom. Pick from the already handpicked.

Headboard Design Ideas:
Give Your Bed a Boost

Chapter 3

Headboard Design Ideas: Give Your Bed a Boost

  • 1. Antique Mirror Over Headboard
  • 2. Gallery Wall
  • 3. Neon Sign
  • 4. Abstract Art
  • 5. Framed Handlooms

Headboard Design Ideas: Give Your Bed a Boost

Headboards can add a lot more to your bedroom. Maintaining your room’s theme, you can go for the following headboard design ideas that will elevate the look!

If you want a more magical essence for your bedroom makeover, you can go for neon lights for your headboard. Or, if you adore art, what’s better than abstract art? Maybe you love to revisit memories, what can a nature print gallery not fix?

Let’s have a look at those closely.


Antique Mirror Over Headboard

You can never go wrong with mirrors. It widens the room space and brings in more light. People often go for wall mirror designs for bedroom but have you heard of a mirror headboard?

An antique piece with engravings or a minimalistic one could instantly give the room some personality. This isn’t the most common of headboard design ideas but it works great. Mirrors also make an illusion of a bigger space and hence is one of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas.


Gallery Wall

Themed gallery walls add personality and meaning to an individual’s bedroom. Although this was previously a design tactic used in the living room, a gallery wall shouldn’t face any restrictions.

At the top of a headboard, a gallery of nature wall prints makes the bed design punchier and more alive. This remains as one of the classic headboard design ideas that remind you of good times and bring calm. Also, you can hang up images of your favorite people, places, themes, or topics.

neon light

Neon Sign

The famous neon lights for bedroom decor have inspired thousands of creative bedroom ideas. It gives a very surreal vibe and a pop of color. Hence, it’s one of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas of today.

The top colors for neon lights for the bedroom are pink, yellow, and blue. People also use neon signs for bedroom to highlight famous quotes or life mottos. And these are great addition to a small bedroom makeover session.

abstract art

Abstract Art

A framed art piece adds so much character to a room. Above the bed, abstract art can beautify and upgrade your room decor. If you’re not into abstracts, you can always choose a painting that matches your vibe. A more defined painting can change your room too.

Abstract art can elevate the elegance of even the best master bedroom designs. It adds to the whole vibe of the space. And this makes it a great master bedroom decor.


Framed Handlooms

Textiles don’t have to stay limited to bedding or carpeting. A standout handloom piece can be framed and hung over the headboard to add an oomph of color and style to the room. Even if you don’t want framed handlooms, it’s a great idea to play with different fabrics and determine which suits your room and personality. It plays as a great accessory during a small bedroom makeover.

Accessories that Add
Style to Your Bedroom

Chapter 3

Accessories that Add Style to Your Bedroom

  • 1. Patterned Rugs
  • 2. Accent Wall
  • 3. False Ceiling
  • 4. Light Hangings
  • 5. Sleek Wardrobe
  • 6. Modern Ottoman

What are the Accessories that Add Style to Your Bedroom?

Bedroom accessories are those elements that make the space complete. Either with cushions for comfort or the lighting that helps you calm down. Or, maybe even your bedroom walls could have a little something more! Find out the bedroom accessories that add style to your bedroom!


Patterned Rugs

Carpet patterns take up significant space in the room. It might not be the first thing you look at. But choosing the right carpet for your room is a great way to change the look of the flooring. You can also go wild with carpet ideas. Choose some Aztec design or the chevron carpet patterns to make the room look fun.


Accent Wall

A bedroom accent wall is a standout wall that is painted a different shade or has some texture work. Sometimes the accent wall has raised patterns or nature wall prints that enhance the expensive look of the bedroom. If you think a bedroom accent wall will eat a hole in your pocket then just search YouTube for DIY accent walls. There are too many easy designs for a beautiful Indian bedroom decor. It this bedroom makeover makes up for a fun craft project to do with a friend.


False Ceiling

A false ceiling with light attachments is the best way to bring brightness to the room, especially if you can’t change the windows. This temporary fix is more common than you think and can be incorporated into any living space.Add your false ceiling with light and watch your room look 100 dollars costlier. There aren’t many people who disapprove of this look.


Light Hangings

Fancy chandeliers or simplistic modern lights speak volumes. Light beautifies a room in ways nothing else can. They are similar to false ceiling with light but only hanging from the ceiling. When a room is well-lit, all its stunning details come to life. If you like to be a little dramatic with the lighting, then this will definitely work for you.


Sleek Wardrobe

Wardrobes might seem like boring boxes that keep your pretty clothes. But no one wants to compromise on style even with storage. Wakefit’s wardrobes are modern, stylish, and practical. When it comes to bedroom storage space, wardrobes play the biggest role. A sleek wardrobe that doesn’t look chunky can store clothes without taking too much room.


Modern Ottoman

An ottoman is a functional seater that usually includes storage space. It might not be a significant bedroom storage piece but it does a great job with what it can. Wakefit’s ottoman comes in different styles and materials. What’s your preference? An exquisite leather ottoman or a cute fabric one?

Tips for Bedroom Makeover Design for Better Sleep

The bedroom is an intimate space, and its makeover has the power to put comfort into perspective over other things. A bedroom makeover need not be a big rebuilding project; incorporating the smallest changes has a major impact on sleep. From ditching electronic screens to adding new bedding, here are some ways to make the bedroom a better place for quality sleep.

Change the Lighting

One of the challenges in a bedroom is having the right lighting. Usually, cutting unwanted light during nighttime makes it easy to fall asleep. Choose a window treatment that blocks brightness from outside but does not do that during the day. That is because natural light during the day is essential for the overall environment of the space. Use lightweight curtains with blackout lining so that it serves the purpose of blocking light at nighttime and allowing natural light during the day.

Coming to the bedroom lighting, choose a mix of things from reading scones, and table lamps to recessed lights or flush mounts. Picks bulbs that have low wattage or lampshades that can diffuse brightness. Opt for dimmers or smart bulbs that respond to commands to reduce lighting when needed. Look for two or three-way switches that can control light and electrical fixtures from different places in a room. Also, place one next to the bed so you don’t have to get out to turn off the lights.

Pick Soothing Colors

In addition to changing the lighting choose a color scheme for the bedroom that can set the mood. Often the colors in the mood dictate your routine and emotion. It also sets the tone for your accents and furniture. If you are going for a complete makeover that includes redoing the walls, choose soothing colors. However, that does not mean light colors, as sometimes bright, contrasting, or playful hues are also a good fit.

Choose white or blush if you want something versatile and easygoing. Emerald, green, soft black, or navy if you want a calming and cozy effect. If you want something to pep you up, then light red or yellow can work their magic. Whatever the color, ensure it is based on your preferences.

Invest in Blackout Shades

When it comes to sleep, light can be an enemy. The bedroom must be dark enough to enable an individual to fall asleep. The black-out shades or other window treatments should be as simple as possible so they can be drawn without any issues. Also, ensure that the shades are as per the window size to serve the purpose of blocking light properly and also look aesthetically pleasing. If investing in blackout shades is out of your budget, you can use a sleep mask as that does the trick of blocking light effectively.

Calming Scents

Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Cedar, Chamomile, there are so many calming scents that can be brought into your bedroom. It can be in the form of a candle, a ceramic incense holder, a smokey glass, or a sleek diffuser; these can bring in sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving properties. Additionally, having an aromatic candle lit in the bedroom is relaxing. If you prefer, you can change the scents based on the season. Make it citrusy or lemony in summer and brighter and richer in winter. If you want to have the scent for a longer period, use diffusers. If you want to dress up your bedroom instead of using scents, arrange fragrant flowers on special occasions.

Pay Close Attention to your Linen

The bedding is one of the essential elements for good sleep. But there are so many options when it comes to bedding that it can be quite a challenge to find the most comfortable sleep style. When choosing bedding, consider the temperature aspect of it. Choose options like cotton, as they are ideal for hot and cold. If you run too cold, flannel can keep you warm. When picking sheets, do not go by the thread count; instead, look for something soft and comfortable. Apart from adding good bedding, the area around the bed is also important. Consider placing a rug or a colorful mat that provides a soft landing, and your feet never land on a cold floor immediately after you wake up.

Invest in a Good Mattress

When did you replace your mattress last? If you can’t remember, then it has been a while, and probably it’s time to replace it. It is recommended that you change your mattress at least every 7 to 10 years, depending on the condition of the mattress. Generally, if you have an uncomfortable sleep, wake up with aches and pains, and do not feel rested even after spending 7 to 8 hours on the bed, these are tell-tale signs of a mattress needing a replacement. A mattress is a key element for great sleep. So consider the sleeping style, firmness, supposer, and size before making a purchase.

Arrange Properly

Harmony and symmetry are important in where you sleep. Find the right balance in your bedroom, making the bed the focal point. The height of the bed should not be too high or too low. It should be appropriate and based on the size of the room. Comfort should also be considered when picking the height; the distance between the floor and the top of the mattress should be ideal so that there is no pressure on the joints when getting out or into the bed.

Coming to the rest of the space, whether it is small bedroom design ideas or larger ones, design experts recommend it has to be organized and cohesive. Include nightstands on both ends if you prefer to keep night essentials handy. Have a bench at the end of the bed if there is space or a lounge chair to make the space more beautiful, comfortable, and personal.

Master Bedroom as Per Vastu

A bedroom is a place for sleep and relaxation; designing it using Vastu Shastra can help get good vibes. If used correctly, this can help improve the environment at home. Here are some tips for master bedroom Vastu.

  • The Direction of the Master Bedroom: The ideal direction is the South-West corner of the house. It should not be built in the North-East and South East as it can lead to misunderstandings between couples. The bedroom entrance should be either to the east, west, or north side of the wall and never on the south. Single doors are best for a master bedroom.
  • The Direction of the Bed :
    The bed should not be opposite the door. While sleeping, the head should be towards the east or the south. Sleeping in these directions helps you get good sleep and also have a long life. There should not be a beam over the head. Avoid irregular-shaped beds, and the bed direction should not be to the north as it can lead to stress.

  • The Direction of the Wardrobes: As per Vastu, heavy furniture like cupboards whole is in the west, south, or south-west directions. Place it towards the south wall with the doors opening to the north as it is very auspicious. For positivity at home, you can also place the wardrobes in the northwest. Do not have mirrors on the doors of the wardrobes as it reflects negative energy. Modern bedroom designs for small rooms call for wardrobes with mirrors; in that case, place the bed in such a way that the mirror does not reflect it. Placement of mirrors
    These play an important role in the bedroom. It is auspicious to place a dressing table next to the bed. The mirror should be at least four feet above the ground. Two mirrors should not be placed opposite each as that attracts negative energies.
  • Placement of TV: As per Vastu, it is best to avoid any TV or appliances as they generate energies that can disturb sleep. But if you wish to have a TV in your room, place it in the SouthEast and not near the sleeping direction.

Choose from the aesthetically pleasing bedroom accessories. Spruce up your bedroom today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedroom Makeover

Most individuals do not follow fixed themes. They usually mix things up and ensure that the bedroom looks classy overall. But people do love a slight hint of a theme here and there. The most common bedroom themes to create a new Indian bedroom design are:

  • Rustic bedroom ideas
  • Minimalistic
  • Indian themes
  • 70s theme
  • Boho room decor
  • Mid-century
  • Modern
  • Fusion
  • Luxury themes

You can choose themes based on your own preference and personality. If you dislike clutter, you are a minimalist. If you love a dramatic look, then an eclectic or boho them will suit your style.

To some people, too much color feels suffocating. But others need that pop of color to feel motivated and energetic. Choosing a theme is more of an intentional decision than one based merely on looks.

A modern bedroom follows a neutral color scheme. It also follows the rule of function-first. All elements in a modern bedroom are most likely to have a practical use more than a decorative one.

The best Indian master bedroom design in a modern bedroom have premium lighting, abstract art, and touches of glass, wood, and metal. A bedroom accent wall in a rich black or bottle green or nature wall prints can also modernize the bedroom.

To summarize these points, a modern bedroom has:

  • Muted color scheme
  • Functional furniture
  • Decluttered storage
  • Standout modern pieces
  • Glass, wood, or metal elements

A modern theme is often confused with contemporary. But the difference lies in the fact that a contemporary theme represents that specific period and changes with time and trends. The modern theme remains unchanged.

Bedroom colors reflect the individual’s personal taste. The best Indian master bedroom designs include a set of colors that can work together to enhance the room. But for those who aren’t that sure about color schemes, you can browse through Pinterest or stick to neutrals.

You can almost never mess up with whites, greys, and nude colors. They are easy to find and can be mixed and matched without difficulty. Trending color schemes change every season, so make sure to keep with the times.

The most common color palettes are:

  • White and black
  • Beige and nudes
  • Lavender and cream
  • Pastels like blues, yellows, and pinks
  • Sage green
  • Azure blue

Most people prefer neutrals for the living room and tend to take more risks with color for a bedroom makeover. Whether it’s an accent wall or bold furniture, there are many ways to incorporate color into the bedroom.

Unlike the popular notion, small bedrooms actually have a lot of potential for a wow-worthy makeover And this is where thoughtful bedroom themes and accessories come in handy. You can apply most of the creative bedroom ideas in a small space as well.

When designing a small bedroom, here are some tips to remember:

  • Mirrors reflect light and open up the space.
  • Lighter colors give the illusion of more space rather than dark colors.
  • Limit the number of elements in the room, especially the furniture, so that the room doesn’t look cramped.
  • Hide or get rid of your clutter in storage boxes or closets.

Doing a makeover for your bedroom need not be expensive or even extreme. Here are top 10 ways in which you can give your bedroom a makeover:

  1. Fill your bedroom walls with interesting hand-made artwork
  2. Use curtains around your bed
  3. Give your bedroom a themed colour scheme
  4. Declutter your bedroom space by using beds with storage
  5. Add statement pieces (a small statue, lamp, or wall-hanging)
  6. Make your window-space airy and bright
  7. Add a coffee table with interesting night-reads
  8. Create a small personal space for yourself to unwind (with beanbags, rugs, or wall-separators.)
  9. Use bunk beds to maximise floor space
  10. Install small indoor plants wherever possible

Here are some DIY Indian bedroom decor ideas that you can look into and make your space more inviting.

  • Picture frames with washi tape
  • Wall murals
  • Chalk wallpaper
  • Jute string lights
  • Oil paintings
  • Crochet cushions or throws
  • Handmade yarn rugs
  • Homemade candles
  • Photo clipboards

When you think of any decor ideas under budget, upcycling is the way to go!

Here are a few ways you can give your bedroom your dream makeover at next to no cost:

  • Repaint your bedroom/ add posters to the walls
  • Upcycle old furniture as antique pieces
  • Use heirlooms as statement pieces
  • Use local art pieces or photographs to decorate the wall
  • Use old fabrics to add as drapes around your bed or over your bedside coffee table.
  • Reuse empty glass bottles as decor by staining them in different colours
  • Hang a memorabilia of old pictures

To make your Indian bedroom design more aesthetic, you can rely on DIY or have some cool decor items under budget.

  • Add a canopy to your bed
  • Faux brick wall
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wall shelves placed abstractly
  • Indoor house plants
  • Candles
  • Pastel wall paint
  • Self design wallpaper
  • Tapestry for the wall
  • Warm lighting
  • Hexagon or circular mirrors

Refresh your throw pillows, change the blankets, rearrange furniture and artwork, light up the room, declutter and organize are some of the ways to restyle a bedroom.

Choose your favorite color palette, use the ceiling creatively, choose the right decor, pick the perfect sized furniture, have enough storage space, add luxurious linen, indulge in a private nook, choose window treatments to blackout, have enough lighting options, and remove electronics from the room.

Paint the wall with vibrant colors, use creative wallpaper, create a gallery wall, add art, hang a mirror, or add stylish storage.

Declutter and organize your things, add attractive lighting, change the hardware of your furniture, add artwork or go green by having plants or colorful blooms.

An Indian bedroom is colorful and bright. Indian beds are dominated by Razaais, or quilts made of bright colors and different textiles. The bed is usually made of some hardwood like Sheesham or teak. Traditional jewel-toned walls, embroidered cushions, curlicues on mirror frames, and chandeliers are some of the common elements found in Indian bedrooms.

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