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Must-Have Wall Mirror Designs For Bedroom Interiors

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“Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the greatest of YOU all?” 

When it comes to designing a new home (or redesigning an old one), the requirements are simple. Wall art, indoor plants, modern lampshades, and the shiny cherry on the cake – Mirrors! Wall mirror designs for bedroom has the tendency to make your home look sophisticated and bigger by creating an illusion of depth and space and reflecting natural light into the room. They also make great focal points and are perfect for statement interior design for any room, be it an entryway, a hallway, a dining or a living room, and of course, a bedroom. 

Mirrors are the best kind of interiors to include in a bedroom. Not only are they necessary because, how else are you going to get ready for the day? But they also make your bedroom look aesthetically gorgeous! 

So without further ado, here are some of the must-have wall mirror designs for bedroom ideas to give your bedroom a luxurious makeover! 

Best mirror wall decor ideas for bedrooms:

1. Twin mirrors for uniformity:

If you’re a perfectionist, these mirrors are one of the best bedroom wall mirror ideas to bring into your bedroom. For this design, twin full height mirrors are placed behind two nightstands beside the bed. This brings uniformity and a unique mirror image effect which is satisfying and pleasing. Add two small lamps on your nightstand and turn your boring bedroom into a luxurious 5-star hotel room! 

2. Decorative mirror wall decor ideas:

Decorative mirrors are mirrors that you can’t typically use to get ready or do your hair and makeup. They are purely for decoration and are generally used as wall art to fill up empty walls. These include small round mirrors that have another large artwork around them. For example, large metal artwork or a jute framework. Another example of decorative mirrors is centerpiece mirrors, where small mirrors are grouped together to form a statement mirror or a gallery of mirrors. 

3. Freestanding wall mirror:

The best kind of wall mirror designs for a bedroom in our opinion, freestanding mirrors are large mirrors that are placed leaning on the floor with no support or tables. These types of mirrors are typically heavy and come with an incredibly strong framework that keeps them from slipping down. If you want a full wall mirror but don’t have the budget for it, a freestanding mirror is the next best option. 

The greatest advantage of a freestanding bedroom mirror design is that they are mobile and don’t require you to punch holes in your wall. If you ever want to realign your bed, you never have to worry about the mirror placements! Additionally, these types of mirrors are known to accentuate the look of wooden furniture in living or common spaces.

4. Artistic mirrors:

Artistic mirrors are mirrors that flaunt a fancy, traditional or over-the-top frame. This gives you the opportunity to include them in your wall of art or your gallery. This room mirror design can also be used as statement mirrors, but owing to their smaller size, they fit perfectly amidst art and picture galleries. If you have a wall dedicated to art, pictures, and contemporary pieces, adding artistic designer mirror ideas for the bedroom will give your room an edgy look.

These kind of mirrors could be a great fit for your kids’ rooms too, as they enjoy being surrounded by uniquely artistic things, isn’t it! This might just spark a little more imagination as well as create a feel-good factor in them. Hence, read up on our best kids bedroom ideas in India and then get that beautiful artistic mirror placed at the perfect place in their bedroom.

Artistic Designer mirror ideas for bedroom

5. Vanity mirrors:

Vanity mirrors or dressing mirrors are generally placed over a table or are attached to a table. These mirrors are the most commonly used wall mirror designs for bedrooms as they serve the purpose of getting ready. Opt for modern or vintage designs that go with your bedroom furniture and theme. You could also get light bulbs installed in the frame to look and feel like a diva! 

6. Wardrobe door mirrors:

Another great option for wall mirror designs for bedrooms is by attaching them to your wardrobe doors. This makes the room look spacious and big and is typically a cheaper alternative to full-way mirrors. While it is okay to place mirrors on traditionally opening doors, it is better to opt for sliding doors when it comes to mirrors so the weight of the mirror lies on the frame of the sliding door. 

7. Minimalist wall mirror designs for bedroom:

Simple yet elegant, Minimalist bedroom wall mirror ideas are perfect if your bedroom style is minimalist. These mirrors do not sport a fancy frame but rather have a simple frame and flaunt a simple geometric shape, be it a circle, an oval, or a rectangle. Place it on a vibrant colored wall with some indoor plants and eco-friendly furniture! 

8. Oversized or Full wall mirror designs for bedroom:

Full wall mirror designs for bedroom is not common as it tends to be a bit expensive and requires a lot of support. Furthermore, they also become difficult to maintain because you’d have to clean the top most parts of the mirror using a ladder or a high stool. That said though, full wall mirrors are extremely classy and stylish. In most cases, they are secured with a framework or are installed by grouping smaller, similar-sized mirrors close together to fill the whole wall. This is done to reduce the risk of accidents or mishaps owing to the weight of the large mirror. These mirrors generally look great with wooden bed frames in your bedroom. 

9. Recycled mirrors:

One of the most beautiful and sustainable designer mirror ideas for bedrooms is by recycling old window frames into mirrors. This is a great option as they not only look gorgeous but are also good for the environment. If you’re remodeling your old house, please don’t destroy your old window frames! Polish, repaint and fix large mirrors behind these beautiful frames and you have your very own statement mirror! 

10. Statement mirrors:

Large, rectangle mirrors that are placed above the bed are common practices in bedroom interior design. These mirrors reflect natural lighting because beds are commonly placed opposite windows. However, it is considered unsafe to use heavy wall mirror designs for the bedroom or above the bed for safety reasons. This is especially true and important in earthquake-prone regions. If you do opt for mirrors over the bed, choose lightweight mirrors with a lightweight framework. 

Big or small, artistic or minimalist, statement or decorative, we hope you found your perfect wall mirror designs for your bedroom that match your personality in this article. As a bonus, we’ve got you an amazing Indian bedroom makeover guide that will give you an aesthetic sense of how to transform your bedroom magically. However, feel free to get creative with mirrors because there is no right or wrong way to include mirrors in your home!

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