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Is it a good idea to give kids a bedroom of their own? This debate has made some parents lose sleep. But some parents use thoughtful cool kids bedroom theme ideas to help their kids learn to respect privacy.

Children will grow up and create a place for themselves one day. So why do they need their own space so early on?

For years, parents worldwide have debated if kids bedroom is a necessary, and still, the debate continues. While some parents prefer to shift their toddlers to a separate room as soon as possible, others prefer to wait a little longer. But some parents start checking out for children’s bedroom decorating ideas.

Some traditional parents still grimace at the concept, “A separate kids’ bedroom?!” “Back then, we didn’t even have a good pair of shoes.”. If you’re a parent debating whether or not your children require their own space, keep reading on, and check out some children’s room designs & ideas.

However, it’s time to turn to a modern kids’ bedroom that is conducive to a good night’s sleep and success!

Small Kids Bedroom
Ideas - Why They Need
Their Own Space

Yes, they should. For starters, a children’s bedroom acts as a separate and distinct environment for the children from the rest of the house. When thinking of a small kids’ bedroom ideas, imagination becomes key. It’s critical to give children this space as kids become older and hit vital mental and physical growth milestones. It’ll soon be their sleeping, playing, studying at home, and dreaming space.

As kids become more autonomous, it’s best to transition them into their own places and develop their ideas for their bedroom. It is better to help them with children’s room design ideas.

Still not persuaded? Check out some easy children’s bedroom decorating ideas. Here are four reasons why small kids’ bedroom ideas are a must.


1. Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Privacy

The solitude of their own room will help older children in particular. It’ll allow them to have their own possessions without worrying about keeping them secure from the curious eyes of younger siblings. For example, a Lego construction that is now being built or an artwork that is drying. A separate room also provides them with some privacy, which becomes increasingly essential as they grow up. Make sure to check out for privacy before your children’s room design is planned.


2. Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Monument their growth and development

To study and achieve their full potential, children require a dedicated kids’ bedroom that is clean and well-organized. A young artists would appreciate a creative corner of their own to concentrate on their creative endeavours. A dining table may indeed be converted into an all-purpose art and innovative station or study space, but this won’t work out in the long run as other members of the family would require the space. If you are looking for cool kids’ bedroom theme ideas, then a room with a reading corner for kids and study desks for kids will create an excellent, distraction-free environment for the young geniuses, allowing them to experiment and pursue their interests and passions.

creative canvas

3. Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Creative canvas

Allowing children to decorate their own bedrooms may seem insignificant, but it may help them establish their distinctive style. Children’s bedroom decorating ideas can also help them a great deal. It makes them feel like they have a place where they can define themselves. A modern kids’ bedroom design offers children authority over their area and boosts their self-esteem, crucial in their early years. You can also help them by giving some children room designs to make their place swanky.

build self

4. Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Build self-reliance and responsibility

Children who have their own space from an early age will grow up to be more autonomous and responsible. One of the first stages toward independence is learning to sleep alone. You may utilise some fantastic kids’ bedroom designs to enhance their stay in a separate room.

5. Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Vastu tips for Kids Room

A child tends to spend a lot of time in the bedroom for various reasons like sleeping, studying, playing or eating. So it is important to place the furniture or things according to Vastu shastra so that the child enjoys all the benefits.

The kid studies in this room so placing the study table and all related items adhering to Vastu brings positive results. Some tips to be followed are-

Direction: West direction is best for the kids’ room, and place the bed in the southwest portion.
Furniture: The study table should be placed in a direction where the child could face east, north and north-east while studying.
Colour: The Colour of the room affects the mood of the child, so green is ideally recommended as it increases brainpower.

But it doesn’t end with simply allowing them to have their own space. It would help if you allowed them to come up with ideas for their bedroom makeover. When coming up with kids bedroom ideas, choosing their own furniture, wall colour, room theme and decorating their walls with decorations or photos are examples of expressing their unique style. Cabin beds are a fantastic opportunity for kids to express themselves via decor, and with optional play tents below, they can make their bed as unique as they like.

Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Girls always love to live in their fairy tale world, so designing a girl’s bedroom to match their dreams and ideas is vital. Some tips are-

  • The Colour combination can deviate from the normal pink to any other colour of your child’s choice, maybe try blue or grey.
  • A pretty study table with proper storage.
  • Design a girl’s bedroom with the right vinyl, decals, posters and graphics.
  • Appropriate bed size

Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

Boy’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing a boy’s bedroom is a little challenging because each one has a different taste and interest, some love cricket and the others love football, So designing according to individual preference is important. Some tips are-

  • Add a personal touch.
  • Proper storage and innovative wardrobes.
  • Colour the wall and use mixed patterns.
  • Bunk beds with conventional decor and accessories

The Design Dilemma:
Factors to Consider Before
Designing Modern Kids Bedroom

It may appear that coming up with kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms is easy. It may just be a space with all their necessities and a touch of design. However, contrary to popular opinion, your children’s room decoration ideas will take more time and thinking.

You must be mindful of many factors before picking your children’s rooms decoration ideas. Similarly, girl’s and boy’s room ideas may differ slightly, and you should modify the designs accordingly. Here are some guidelines to make a creative corner for your children:

kids room

Use colours that are bright and warm

The wall paint for your kids’ bedroom is likely the most critical decision you’ll make, as it’ll make or break your whole effort in creating your children’s room. Colours are a vital part of creative kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms as they have the power to invigorate, stimulate, and motivate your child.

As a result, select the appropriate colour for them. Choose bright colours and warm tones to create a welcoming atmosphere. Times are changing, so you needn’t stick to the traditional blue for boy room ideas and pink for girls. You can experiment to get some great colour ideas for children’s bedrooms ideas for girls.

beds storage

Keep their Personality in mind

Infusing components into the space representing the child’s interests and activities will mirror their personality, which is highly essential. As such, the living area must reflect the child’s interests.

shopping childern beds

Observe their Interests

If you want ideas for your kids’ bedroom and want to teach them to be organised, now is the time to instil such habits. Before implementing our kids’ bedroom ideas, you may arrange the room so that your child can store his belongings in designated areas.

This will also assist you in keeping their room tidy. Build shelves and children’s bedroom cupboard designs in the space to fit the size of the items they care about.

low lying

Notice their Passions

Give your child’s imagination wings and encourage them by devoting a section of the room to their passions. If they’re an art enthusiast, store their art supplies, then have a suspended rack or an over-the-door shoe holder.

If your youngster enjoys doing floor puzzles, then make sure there is adequate room for him to do so. For basic sketching or scribbling down notes, paint an area with blackboard paint.

Although we enjoy hiding the less-than-pretty toys in colourful containers and baskets, we know they’ll be out as soon as we leave the room. The same may be said about books.
And so, you can present some of the best books to read for beginners to develop a healthy reading habit.

Make a reading corner for kids that is accessible and fuel children’s imaginations and nourish their minds.

kids room

Keep them Occupied

A modern kids’ bedroom should have a work area if you have the room. Offering an area for your child to colour and express their creativity will keep them engaged, but it will also help them grow physically and mentally.

When your kid is older, a personal workstation might help provide a quiet location for your child to study and complete schoolwork. Correct and mindful kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms can keep them occupied in a way that contributes to their development positively.

beds storage

Providing a Space for their Needs

When constructing a space for your child, try to focus on what they like the most. By including a reading corner for your kids, you can instil a love of literature.

When looking for children’s rooms decoration ideas, provide a space for all their needs. Children come with many things, from toys, games, kids’ wall art, pin-up boards and books to ever-changing clothes of different sizes.

Would you need some help taming the ruckus? Hooks, wall-hugging bookshelves, under-the-bed storage boxes, dressing table designs for girls, and furnishings with built-in storage are all fantastic storage choices.

For more space on the bed and in the room, get a sturdy kid’s bunk bed.

Kids Wall Decor Ideas:
Walls that Wake You Up

Kids learn what they see. So, let’s keep a list of certain kids’ wall decor items that are conducive to proper brain development. You must pay attention to even the slightest opportunity for their growth.

Coming up with decorating ideas for your kids’ bedroom is a lot of fun! The possibilities are essentially limitless, and there are no design constraints. You can also glance at the tips for doing a great house wall design to make a desirable change.

Kids’ bedroom wall paint, for many, is the most pleasant aspect – they’re like large new canvases begging for vibrant colours and exciting designs. And with creative kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms, you can make a safe space for your children. Hence, let the following design elements and children’s room decoration ideas sync!

Spruce up the colour

kids bedroom ideas

Choosing a bright colour palette for your child’s room will help create an energetic, young atmosphere. Decorate the space using your child’s favourite colours or a two- or three-colour primary or pastel palette.

Brighten up and personalise your child’s room with colourful bedspreads, blinds, rugs, and wall panels. Make careful to keep the wall art ideas as creative as possible.

Keep it Calm

kids room india

Kids’ bedroom colours and moods should combine hues that offer a general sense of serenity and restfulness to the area. Consider the room colour psychology of hues like green, blue, and purple for their soothing properties when choosing a room colour for your bedroom.

You can also use wall stickers and children’s bedroom ideas for girls. It’s vital that the bedroom is calm and applies not only to kids’ bedroom ideas but also to adults.


kids bedroom ideas

You can create an attractive and organised appearance by including small shelves, square cabinets and a kids’ room bookshelf. This will help you organise your room while adding some much-needed dimension.

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to children’s bedroom cupboard designs. Pin-up boards can also store your kids’ to-dos and keep small notes. Plus, they tend to be cute and creative wall art ideas as well.


kids bedroom ideas

Murals are paintings that are directly painted on a wall or ceiling. The image or any location shown in these kids’ bedroom wall paint piques a child’s interest in the space.

Murals may transport you to another universe and transform an ordinary space into an adventure. Murals should be chosen following the concept of the child’s room, eg, a Cartoon theme. You may get your kids involved by having them paint murals on the wall. If you’re artistic, then you can do the artwork yourself. Make a stunning piece of art with stencils.



Decals are pre-made decals that are intended to be hung on walls. Decals come in several images, such as trees, fairies, butterflies, cartoon themes and others, and come in various sizes, from minor to extra-large.

Murals may be replaced using decals. Murals need painting and subsequent cleaning, whereas decals may be ordered and hung on the wall.


kids bedroom ideas

We can use a photograph as one of the kids’ wall art. You may also arrange for a customised photoshoot and have your child’s unique photos framed and displayed on the wall.

Allow your child to make art and create a showcase of what they have created. It’ll be an excellent wall decoration and a window to understanding their potential. Hence, photographs and painting frames make great kids’ bedroom ideas!

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Beds
that Reflect Personality

When coming up with kids’ bedroom ideas, it used to be nothing more than smaller versions of ordinary beds with cartoon figures or primary colours – pink for girls and blue for males – on occasion. That was the final word!

Those days are long gone, and with good reason. There is no limit to the ingenuity and invention that goes into designing children’s beds nowadays. Now, the child bedroom designs in India have turned into interesting ones for kids with double bed designs for children!

Many parents prioritise kids’ room themes that ideally help mould their children’s interests. For eg, a space theme for young astronauts, a reader’s theme for little readers, etc. Now, do you want to learn more about the most popular double bed design for children or Bed for kids boys? Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular styles of beds that maximise space and complement your kids’ room decor items.

bunk beds

Bunk beds for Kids

It’s an all-time favourite of both kids and parents and is at the top of the list of double bed designs for children. Simply defined, it’s a two-story unit with one bed placed on top of the other and linked by a ladder or stairs.

The most significant benefit of a bunk bed is that it can accommodate two children in two separate beds while taking up just one foot of floor space. It’s entertaining and space-saving at the same time.

The space underneath allows for placing more objects, thereby effectively being a Bed for kids boys with storage. And you can couple creative bunk bedroom ideas to make the space more inviting.

beds storage

Beds with storage design

There’s no disputing that growing children require significant storage space. You might be well-prepared to satisfy such requirements of your children with storage beds. They include an in-built storage area where you may store all of your child’s toys, books, and clothes that they may not need right now.

With a spacious box beneath, these kid’s mattress designs with storage allow more space and hence are more efficient. These are helpful kids’ bedroom ideas that go a long way.

shopping childern beds

Slide-in beds

When shopping for children’s beds in India, you’ll notice that some models come with one or more additional entertaining features. The new child bedroom designs in India include these interesting bed styles that a kid’s energy loves! It embodies personal space and fun, thereby promoting healthy sleeping habits.

Beds with slides are a famous invention found in loft and bunk beds. In addition to the traditional staircase or ladder, such designs include a slide linked to the bed frame. And they tend to stand as a unique and fun style that you can bring to life with our creative bunk bedroom ideas.

low lying

Low lying bed

The low-sitting bed is multi-functional in that it may be used as a piece of living room furniture or a pull-out bed. They are one of the modern kids’ bedroom furniture that people use these days.

The low height of the bed guarantees that it’s not only flexible but also highly comfortable. Lying on a platform near the earth has a certain ethereal quality to it. Low lying beds are one of the popular child bedroom designs in India to avoid falling.

Another advantage of a low-height bed in India is that it gives the impression of space and lightness in the room. Large wardrobe designs for children’s rooms tend to take over a lot of space. Low beds, unlike boxed beds, do not take up too much space and allow for more living space. It’s the ideal bed for all kids’ bedrooms.

Kids' Study Space
that Fosters Productivity

Ensuring your children have all of the resources they need for a successful school year should include assessing their living space. Are your children’s study places and storage spaces conducive to their success? Check out these children’s study room ideas that will help make the ambience so.

Infusing refreshing ideas in your kids’ bedrooms, schoolwork, and play spaces and providing them with a separate space will put them in the appropriate mindset to succeed in school. The following suggestions can assist you in creating a productive and stimulating environment for children of all ages:

working small space

Working in a small space

We realise the limitations of space when it comes to ideas for a kids’ bedroom, which is why the loft beds with study space below come in handy. With the right furniture, kids tend to focus better by using certain useful tips for studying at home.

Corner beds give up space in the room for a large kids’ study desk, and custom desks that can be folded away when not in use are another space-saving alternative. Such kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms efficiently provide ample study space.

colour infusion

A Colourful Infusion

A neutral workstation backdrop allows you to utilise seasonal accessories more efficiently. During fall, use colours like orange and navy blue to give the workstation its personality. Colours have a huge role to play as one of the children’s study room ideas that help them concentrate.

And those that are replicated everywhere in the setting help the kids study place. And you can utilise a common colour scheme to connect the newly added study space with the rest of the room.


Incentivize on Natural Lighting

Allowing nature to inspire kids can help them stay engaged for more than just the first few weeks of school! Making a kids’ study desk near windows looks excellent, is easy on the eyes, and helps them focus for more extended periods.

So, let that sunshine come in. Natural sunlight is always a great children’s study room idea conducive to their success.


Imbibe their personality

The small study room design in the kids bedroom must blend in with the room’s current style. You can do it simply with the correct kids’ room decor items and spatial solutions.

A desk with an industrial vibe is a must-have in a modern industrial kids’ room. If you don’t want to go this way, choose white and have a conventional design. You can also include a bean bag chair for kids.

How to select a suitable study table?

When purchasing a study table or work desk, there are numerous variables to consider.
We’ve compiled a list of the most crucial factors to consider in order to ensure that you pick up the best study table for students.

1. Size of kids study table

Do you want to know how big a study table should be? The ideal size for a work or study table is entirely dependent on the needs of the individual. If you’re buying a study table online, keep these size preferences in mind.
If you want a single table for your kids to share, go for a bigger size so it can hold all of their stationery, books, etc. Ensure that it has enough space to be used by more kids at the same time.

2. Style

The style of your study or work desk is the next primary consideration. If you type the terms ” kids study desk” into a search engine, you’ll get millions of results. It’s that simple to order a work table from the comfort of your own home. Here are some suggestions to consider while selecting a study table:

  • Consider your room’s or home’s general decor style.
  • When selecting a study table design, think of its functionality.
  • Your budget influences the table design you choose. So, consider all your options and choose one that best suits your needs.

Finally, your kid’s study desk should be one that they enjoy using and that allows them to be productive. If you choose a table that they dislike, it’ll affect their performance as well. On the Wakefit website, you can look at a variety of study tables. Prepare to be spoilt for choice.

Bonus: Small additions
for a big difference

With all these kids bedroom ideas for small room in mind, are you now thinking of sprucing up your kids’ bedrooms? Or maybe you think it’s time to give them a room of their own. If yes, consider certain thoughtful kids’ room decor items to help them develop. A mindful creative corner has great power to mould your child’s thinking!

As per a Dulux survey, 92% of kids said they would spend more time in their rooms if they were involved in the design process.

sharing ideas

Sharing ideas and making decisions together helps kids build a feeling of ownership and allows them to use their imagination and creativity to create an environment they can call their own.

design their mood

Let them Design their Mood Board

A mood board is a visualisation of our thoughts and ideas. It’s a well-thought-out and carefully organised arrangement of Images, texts- motivational, song lyrics, quotes, etc.

You can also use photo collages, reminders/ memos, travel ideas, colour pops- different colours and designs that brighten up the room. Let kids design their mood boards and include all ideas for their bedrooms.

allow room for growth

Allow Room for Growth

One of the most challenging aspects of coming up with all kids’ bedroom ideas is the necessity to upgrade periodically, as your child’s requirements and tastes will undoubtedly change as they grow older. Make sure there’s enough space to adapt the décor to a more age-appropriate scheme if necessary.

One approach to do this is to go with a neutral colour scheme and embellish with colourful wall panels, bedspreads, and artwork that you can change as your child’s tastes change. Always leave enough room to add more storage or a larger bed later.

take storage to height

Take storage to new heights

It’s usually a good idea to include a lot of storage in your kids’ bedroom. Wardrobe designs for children’s rooms are the primary storage anyone can think of first. And some small closet ideas come in handy! But you can get creative with the storage items and incorporate them into your decor.

Or, you can simply choose a kids bed design with storage attached, that is, a boxed bed. Also, you can make appealing and functional selections like a cabinet that matches the room’s style or a sleek mobile storage cart.

To store regularly used toys and clothes, colourful baskets and chests are other alternatives.

nature inside

Bring nature inside

It turns out that houseplants are great small kids bedroom ideas and can do more than add a splash of green to your home. Plus, the benefits of plants at home are huge! A renowned NASA study from 1989 indicated that indoor air pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde might be reduced by such plants, particularly in a controlled lab setting.

More recent research suggests that plants can make you feel less stressed and more creative. So, it’s a great idea to include plants in your kids’ bedrooms. The importance of sleep is huge, and
it’s vital to make them realise that since a very young age.

Consider your child’s interests and routines when decorating their room. Every child is unique, so choosing a look that captures their personality is always a good idea.

From choosing wardrobe designs for children’s rooms to the simplest decor item, it’s best to be mindful of those selections. Encourage your kid to participate in the process; it’ll be a lot of fun and an excellent way for you to spend quality time together.

Spruce up your child’s rooms with our exclusive furniture collection for kids

Frequently Asked Questions on Kids Bedroom Ideas

Although most interests are gender-neutral, some kids bedroom ideas are preferred by girls depending on their interests in shows and stories. Some ideas for girls are:

  • Dressing table designs for girls: that accommodates all their accessories and essentials.
  • Wall stickers for girls: Whimsical, Disney,  inspiring sports or novels are some of the themes girls might enjoy
  • Kids room bookshelf for girls: The bookshelf can be stacked across their study tables, with their favourite novels, personal awards and pictures as well.
  • Bedsheets for girls: though bedsheets with florals and spring themes are gender-neutral as well, girls may prefer bedsheets with these patterns.

Although challenging, it is possible to decorate a kids bedroom even if it is a small space. Whether it is boys room ideas or girls, there are several ways to spruce them up. Here are some cool kids bedroom ideas:

  • Set a theme: By deciding on a theme, it becomes easier to decorate the space with limited furniture. For instance, if it is a cartoon theme, the furniture in the room can be related to different cartoon characters that your kids love
  • Organization: Having furniture with storage is a great addition to a kids bedroom. This avoids clutter, chaos and also minimizes the cleaning processes. This makes the room fun and also easy to manage.
  • Creative Wall Art Ideas: Putting up picture frames, DIY projects, posters, charts, wall stickers for girls and boys are different ways to spruce up the room if you have less furniture or space for the room.

If you have a strict budget but you need to decorate, here are some great kids bedroom ideas:

  • Kids wall art
  • DIY projects
  • Kids study desk
  • Unique kids bedroom wall paint
  • Kids room bookshelf with storage
  • Pinup board or a creative corner for their creative minds
  • Bean bag chairs for kids
  • Reading corner for kids
  • Plants
  • Bunk bedroom ideas
  • Have a kids room theme

Kids may find it difficult to share a room with their siblings, but these fun kids bedroom ideas can be a solution:

  • Bunk beds
  • Individual study desks
  • Customised bedding
  • Room dividers or partitions
  • Trundle beds
  • Open shelving
  • Swings
  • Bean bag chairs for kids

There are so many fun themes to spruce up your children’s rooms:

  • Nature related theme
  • Cartoon theme
  • Space and stars theme
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Neutral and minimalistic designs
  • Murals
  • Inspirational quotes

Here are some ideas for easy to maintain and the safest common houseplants for a kids bedroom:

  • African Violets
  • Daisies
  • Venus flytrap
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Succulents

The colour of the walls of your kid’s bedroom can represent their personality, but here are some popular choices:

  • Yellow
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Aqua Blue
  • Dusty Pink
  • Lavender
  • Sage Green

If you have assigned a small room for your child, have no guilt, for there’s plenty of ways to maximise the small space for your child:

  • Declutter their space of any unnecessary accessories
  • Use furniture with storage facilities, such as beds with storage.
  • Use walls to build in storage racks.
  • Use hangers & pegs on the wall to declutter the floor
  • Paint the wall in light colours as it makes the room seem spacious
  • Use bunk beds.

The different finishes available in Wakefit kids’ beds are-

  • Teak Wood
  • Engineered Wood
  • Metal
  • Sheesham Wood
  • Plastic

You can be assured that your child is safe during the night because we make sure that every kids’ bed that Wakefit sell meets strict safety standards. Each bed is manufactured from high-quality materials that are strong and durable for them to sleep and relax. So, if you are looking for a bunk bed, cribs and cradles, kids’ double bed with storage or a single bed with storage, don’t worry you can find the right one at Wakefit to help your kid sleep comfortably. The safety measures to consider are:

  • Kids’ beds have guardrail barriers
  • Strong and durable
  • Check Kids’ bed size
  • The right age for kids to use bunk beds
  • Check the right mattress

Your child’s bedroom will require the following items-

  • Kid’s bed or bunk beds
  • Nightstand
  • Kid’s dresser
  • Kid’s storage
  • Study table and chair for reading area
  • Bookcase or bookshelf
  • Kid’s bedroom decor

Kids like their room to be colourful, so you can choose the following furniture colours to give a fresh look to the room-

  • Green for positivity
  • Blue for calmness
  • Light Yellow to balance mood swings and improve behavioural patterns.
  • Purple to bring peace

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