Beds With Storage: Pros And Cons

Stoarge bed pros and cons

With an increasingly modern lifestyle, people are opting for beds with storage. Ranging from their luxurious premium look, their substantial storage areas, limiting urban home space, increasing lifestyle expenses, and other reasons, people are opting for furniture pieces with multiple practical usages. People prefer multipurpose furniture pieces in their buying list, and the one that tops their buying list is a storage bed. But all designs have advantages and disadvantages; the user should go through them to see if that suits them.

Let’s go through them!!!

Pros of Storage Beds

  1. Maximize your home space

Nowadays, people live in a studio apartment or have a small bedroom. People do not like cramped spaces, and clutter can accumulate quickly, even in a small area. In current times, space is rapidly shrinking to smaller and smaller sizes. There are plenty of ways to counteract this decrease in size. One of the top ways to maximize your space while also saving on functionality and ease in your home is the use of beds with storage.

  1. Utilizing your little space more effectively

Beds are large, clunky objects that we tend to use only when sleeping. Thus, people have been trying hard to find ways to cram more use into them. This, if you are looking for a way to provide space and have your guests sleep comfortably, or want to enjoy unique storage options in a small area, check Wakefit products!

  1. Create more space in your wardrobe and cupboards

Generally, people put seasonal things like blankets, duvet covers, pillows, bed sheets, etc. in wardrobes and cupboards, which take a lot of space. Since they are seasonal products that come out during winters, they can be quickly shifted to bed storage. This shifting frees up a lot of space in wardrobes, where you can keep your daily use items like clothes, etc

  1. Boosts the ambience of your house

Yes, they boost the ambience of your home. People generally put all their unused clothes or old clothes wrapped in clothes or bed sheets on the open shelves of their house. This bundle of clothes wrecks the look of their home. So, smartness is just putting all those bundles of clothes safely inside a storage wooden bed box.

  1. Gives a premium luxurious status

These storage beds look a little premium when compared to beds without storage. These come in beautiful designs and natural colors of Sheesham wood with a lovely texture. Guests and family members alike will feel ecstatic looking at and enjoying these storage beds.

  1. Saves Money

Many couples or students or new employees who purchase a new house and don’t have furniture can save a lot of money by not buying an extra almira or wardrobe. As the storage in the bed already has large spaces that will accommodate a lot of their space needs. And here, Wakefit storage beds come with a lot of space.

  1. Helps in transportation

Many storage beds come with do-it-yourself (DIY) designs. So, they can be easily assembled and disassembled. Also, the user doesn’t have to think about the wardrobe or shelves as their storage bed will help in storing a lot.

Cons of storage beds

  1. Lifting the heavy mattress every time

The mattress has to be raised or lifted before opening the storage compartment of the bed. This can be a heavy and tedious task.

  1. Mobility of bed within the house is stressful

The bed becomes bulky and difficult to move if the bed position has to shift within the room or home. A lot of these beds are cumbersome and difficult to move, especially if you live in a rented apartment. The last thing you want to do is push one of these giants twice a year.

  1. Removing the stored items during disassembly is a chore

Before disassembling the bed; all things kept in the storage have to come out. Removing becomes a tedious task if you have lots of blankets, clothes, and other items inside.

  1. Dirt or liquid spillage gathering beneath the bed

Due to the storage area of the bed, any kind of dust or liquid spill cannot be cleaned properly it as there is no space underneath to do the cleaning.

  1. Difficulty in cleaning the bed

Compared to beds without storage, the user has to clean a larger surface area as a bed with storage has a larger wooded area that needs to be polished.

  1. People don’t need that much storage

Sometimes people don’t need that much room, so these beds remain empty as there are plenty of cupboards and other storage areas in the house.

Storage beds‘ pros usually outweigh their cons as people typically don’t move their beds that often. And even if they do, it happens once in a long time. So, go ahead and buy your dream storage bed. Many companies like Wakefit have come up with innovations that make these beds reliable as well as cost-effective and beautiful. So, you can check their beds with storage for sure.

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