What Size Mattress Should I Get?

If you are shopping for a new mattress, there are many things to consider, and one of the most important decisions to make is on the mattress dimensions. Buying one without finding out if it can fit into your room can turn out to be a wrong decision. Even if it fits into the room and if there is no space to walk around or place any other bedroom furniture or if it is too small for your room it is bound to leave you disappointed.

Read below to learn more about the various mattress sizes available in the market to pick the right sized mattress for your room.

Queen size bed

The queen bed is the most sold bed these days and is 60’’ width * 80’’ length. It is spacious for two people to sleep in with great comfort and can fit in room dimensions of 10*10, 10*12 or 10*14 with enough space for a nightstand, dresser or chair. It can also be used in guest bedrooms too. It is an ideal choice for couples as it fits into most standard bedrooms and also provides ample space for both people to sleep without disturbing each other.

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King-size bed

They have a dimension of 76’’ width* 80’’ length and is good for couples who like to have a lot of personal space and like to sleep sprawled. It can fit into a 10*12 bedroom but may not have a lot of space left. A 13*13 or a larger dimension room is recommended for these beds. A king-sized bed is equivalent to having two single beds joined together in width. The major drawback is that they are not easy to manoeuvre as they are heavy and can be problematic during delivery and installation. Moreover, bedding for this gets expensive as you will need longer pillows than the standard ones. However, if you have enough space in your bedroom and you have kids jumping into sleep with you, then there is enough room to sleep comfortably.

Double beds

It is also called a full-size beds, and they have a 54’’*75’’ dimension which is much wider than a standard mattress. They are useful for a couple who is of moderate size or can be useful to older kids who have grown out of their twin beds. A room which is of dimension 10*12 is necessary to accommodate this mattress. If you have a small room or you are less than 5’5’’ tall, then it is a good choice. It can also be a great option for spare rooms.

Single mattress

These are generally used in the kids’ room, bachelor place or in guest rooms. A single adult can sleep comfortably on this bed. They have a dimension of 36’’ wide* 75’’ long and can accommodate well in room sizes of 7’’*10’’ with ample space for other stuff like a dresser and a storage chest.

Now that you know about all the mattress sizes before you buy the best mattress design do the following:

  • Measure your room
  • Research online: Before you go to a store and compare products, conduct online research, check out reviews, and prices.
  • Set a price limit: It is essential to set a budget based on the type of mattress, bed sizes, material.
  • Take your partner along: If you are sharing your bed with a partner, it is essential to know if it is perfect for both of you. Check if there is enough space for both of you to sleep comfortably by sleeping next to each other and placing the arms behind your heads and if your elbows don’t touch, then the size is right.

WakeFit, a leading mattress manufacturer, recommends testing the mattress before you buy it as you will be spending a lot of money on it and it is worth investing time checking out the best possible option to get a comfortable sleep.

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