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You should be able to intuitively understand the different sizes of beds, right? The fact is, with so many mattress sizes in India to pick from nowadays, choosing the right size can be a lot more complicated than you may think. You need to ask quite a few questions, including: Does it fit well in my bedroom? Will it provide enough leg room? What is the difference between a queen size mattress and a full size mattress? What are the various mattress sizes in India? Once you find the perfect mattress size for your bedroom, you can sleep like a baby every night.

mattress sizes in India

Choosing the Right Mattress Size and Dimension

It is important to find out as much as you can about mattress sizes in India, so that you can better understand what kind of mattress will work best in your bedroom or any other space where you will be placing it. You should also understand how different mattress dimensions work for different households and lifestyles. For instance mattress sizes in India sometimes may differ from those in another country. When choosing a mattress, some of the questions you need to consider include:

  • Are you taller than the average person?
  • Do you sleep with a partner?
  • Do your pets share your bed?
  • Do you need to find a bed for a room that does not have much space?

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Standard Mattress Sizes in India

Mattress sizes in India are generally the same as the size everywhere else. 



Single or Twin bed

36″ X 75″

Double bed

54″ X 75″

Queen Size

60″ X 78″

King Size

72″ X 85″

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

Measuring 54”x75” (1.37mx1.91m), a full size mattress is a superb choice for singles on their own for the first time, and want a mattress that they can stretch out on and is larger than a twin. Full mattresses have extra space that can help combination sleepers as they change positions throughout the night. A full size bed is also great for guest rooms.

The full size mattress dimensions makes it an ideal choice for, as mentioned already, singles who want to stretch out comfortably while sleeping. They are also great for teenagers. As children grow older they need more bed space. A full mattress is a great upgrade from a twin mattress or twin XL that most kids commonly use when they are young. As mentioned above, full mattresses are also a nice choice for guest bedrooms as they leave space you may need to set up other items, like a home office or fitness equipment.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

Measuring 76”x80” (1.93mx2.03m), a standard king size mattress is not recommended unless your bedroom is at least 12×12. This size is ideal for couples who have children or pets that sleep with them or want extra sleeping space for themselves. For couples who use a king size mattress, each sleeper gets 38” (96.52cm) of sleeping space.

A king mattress is a great option for singles who have the budget and space to enjoy the luxury of sleeping in a larger bed, and as mentioned above, for couples with children or pets. It is best for master bedrooms, and if you have enough space, for guest bedrooms as well. People who have second master bedrooms also go for king mattresses to give them the same luxury as the primary one.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

Measuring 60”x80” (1.52mx2.03m), queen mattresses are a popular choice among singles who want a spacious sleeping arrangement. They are also common among those who do not sleep solo. A queen size mattress is also the ideal size for those who sleep with their children or pets as it gives them a little extra room to make it comfortable enough for everyone.

A queen mattress is the right choice for singles who have space and budget for a bed that allows them to stretch out and move around. It is also good for couples who want comfort when sleeping as a pair and still have extra space they need to make sure that their bedroom is not too cramped.

There are mattresses available today to suit every need and amount of space that a bedroom has. Whether you need a small bed to fit your small bedroom or one that allows you to stretch luxuriously, you can be sure that you will find the perfect size.


1. How do you know what size mattress to get in India?

The mattress sizes in India depends on several factors such as:

  • Size of your bed frame

Firstly, understand if your bed size serves your height well. That is the length is enough for you to toss and turn. Then, consider continuing with your mattress search.

  • Height, weight and mass of the sleeper

Consider your height while choosing a mattress with the perfect length for yourself. Also, make sure your weight and mass make you sleep comfortably. A bigger mass needs a double bed if sleeping alone.

  • The number of persons sleeping on the mattress

Understand how many people will be sleeping on the mattress. And also consider their mass. If it’s a couple with a wider build, a queen size should be comfortable. If it’s for a single person, the twin or single mattress should suffice.

  • Sleeping position

If you are a sleeper that stretches your hands and legs in varying positions, a single bed mattress might not be the right pick. But a double bed one might! And if you are a calm sleeper with fewer movements, the single mattress is your go-to!

  • Budget

Consider your budget. You would want to choose the one that fits your needs perfectly. Remember, the bigger your mattress size is the more you have to pay. Hence, check the earlier parameters to pick the ones that actually benefits you.

2. Why are mattresses so thick nowadays?

Mattresses are now being designed with extra cushioning on many of the newer models and this makes them thicker in width. Mattresses that are 10 inches thick or slightly more are known to enhance support and comfort while you sleep. Side sleepers may prefer a mattress that is 12-14 inch thick with extra cushioning.

3. What is the best mattress size for couples?

The best mattress for a couple can be either a king size mattress or a queen size one. A King Size Mattress Dimensions are generally 72 inches(1.8 m) in width and 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) length, which is very suitable for two grown adults or even two adults with a child. Because of its large dimensions,  it is perfect  for the couple’s master bedroom. Queen Size Mattress Dimensions are roughly 60 or 66 inches(1.52m or 1.68 m) in width and 72 to 75 inches(1.83m to 1.91m) in length. A queen size bed fits two full grown adults. Since it is narrower than a king size bed, there is also more living space in the bedroom.

4. How do I measure my mattress?

Follow these steps to measure your mattress size:

  • Remove all the bedding
  • Keep a measuring tape and pep-paper ready 
  • To measure the width, place the tape on one end and stretch to the other side. Make sure you cover the entire bed. 
  • To measure the length, place the tape on the centre of the mattress and note down the measurements. 
  • Measuring the height of the  bed would be easier of you could remove the mattress from the bed frame 

5. Is There a Mattress Smaller Than a Twin?

The Twin or the Single bed is the smallest size available in the market. They typically measure 38 to 39 inches in width, and 75 inches in length, making them the smallest mattress among standard mattress sizes.

6. What are Wakefit mattress dimensions?

Standard mattress sizes vary based on their types. 

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