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Picking The Best Indian Mattress For Sleeping

best Indian mattress

Investing in the best Indian mattress for sleeping is a pretty big deal as you tend to spend one-third of your life sleeping on a mattress firm or soft. Unless it provides your body with plenty of support and comfort while you sleep, you are in for plenty of sleepless nights. In order to make the process of purchasing mattresses a tad bit easier, you can make use of one of the many mattress-buying guides available online. This will ensure that you get to buy only the best mattress for sleeping, made exclusively by the top mattress brands in India.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to purchase a new mattress, take a look through this checklist:

  • Waking up with back pain almost every day.
  • Waking up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep the previous night.
  • The mattress has started showing signs of deterioration like sagging or becoming lumpy.
  • Moving to a new location.
  • When space becomes a constraint on your current mattress.
  • If the mattress is not as firm as it was earlier.

Mattress Choices From The Best Mattress Company In India: Wakefit

If you have checked off two or more items in the above checklist, think no more. It’s time to invest in a brand-new mattress, preferably the best mattress for sleeping that’s available currently.

Top mattress manufacturing companies like Wakefit have come up with an array of high-quality mattresses to cater to customer needs. In fact, some of the popular mattresses offered these days include:

The Best Mattress For Back Pain:  The Memory Foam Mattress

There are days when we are so racked with pain that we search high and low for the best mattress for back pain. This is where Wakefit, the best mattress company in India, comes into play. The memory foam mattress from Wakefit is truly the best mattress for sleeping as it is comprised of pure memory foam that has the capability to adjust to any body shape. It is the best foam mattress choice for people who are experiencing chronic back pain or recovering from an injury. Wakefit has been proven to be the best mattress company in India to make top-quality memory foam mattresses. So say goodbye to pain when you use this mattress, touted by many as being one of the best mattresses for sleeping.

Dual Comfort Mattress

If you’re looking for the best foam mattress, your search ends here. This type of mattress is made up of three layers. The top layer is made of a breathable fabric to keep you feeling cool at night, even during the hot months of summer. The second layer is a slightly soft foam layer, offering immense levels of comfort as you sleep. You may be wondering why this has been called the best mattress for back pain. This is because the bottom layer is made of highly resistant foam to make for a high mattress firmness to give your body plenty of support.

Orthopedic Mattress

If you’re still wondering if this is truly the best mattress for sleeping, just remember that this type of mattress was designed by renowned orthopedics. Their expertise has enabled them to design what many have declared to be the best mattress for back pain. This type of mattress was produced especially to help people who were experiencing chronic pain, or healing from an operation or injury, to be able to rest conveniently on the mattress and thereby alleviate their pain faster. Wakefit is one of the top mattress brands in India that manufacture orthopedic mattresses. They come in different sizes to cater to different customer specifications. 

How To Decide On The Best Mattress For Sleeping?

Sleeping positions play an important role in deciding which mattress will work for you. If you are a back sleeper, a medium firm memory foam mattress from Wakefit, a world-class company that has been often counted amongst the top mattress brands in India, is an excellent choice as it truly is one of the best mattresses for sleeping available in the market today. It offers your neck and spine the right support without creating any pressure points. It is often recommended as the best mattress for back pain. In case you prefer to sleep on your side, the orthopedic mattress from Wakefit is the optimal solution.

It will alleviate any pressure points on your side, help you get a good night’s sleep, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. People who sleep on their stomachs need to opt for dual comfort mattresses to get the right level of support. As they lay on their stomach, their back needs optimal support to prevent backaches from occurring. Wakefit’s dual comfort mattress offers the right levels of support without compromising on comfort, making it the best mattress for sleeping. Many mattress companies offer their products on the company website, cutting out the middle person and helping you get big discounts. This has made mattress prices in India affordable and pocket-friendly.

Why Is Wakefit Among The Top Mattress Brands In India?

Although there are plenty of mattress brands in the country that falsely advertise themselves as being the best mattress for sleeping, Wakefit, the best mattress company in India, has a dedicated customer base due to its perseverance in offering top-quality products and excellent customer service to each one of its clients. So if you want to buy a mattress online, that too one that has been proven to be the best mattress for sleeping available today, take a look at the Wakefit website to get a 100-day trial period as well as extended warranty periods.

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