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What Is A Smart Grid Mattress? What Are The Advantages Of Smart Grid Mattress?


When it comes to sleep quality, the mattress plays an important role. For a mattress to aid in a sound sleep, it has to be comfortable. As technology improves, so does mattress comfort. Memory foam was once considered the most luxurious, but due to technological advancement and innovation, a smart grid mattress has come to the forefront. It combines the best feature of a spring mattress, the bounce, the luxury of memory foam, and the durability of a coir mattress in one, the smart grid mattress.

Origin and Design of Smart Grid Mattress

A smart grid mattress is a step above memory foam when it comes to comfort and luxury. It is now well-known that NASA created the memory foam technology to improve crash protection and also provide better cushioning to its astronauts. The memory foam provides the same level of comfort to all areas of the body. But the body structure is such that certain parts need more support than other parts, which the memory foam mattress is unable to give. This has led to the development of the smart grid.

A smart grid mattress provides different levels of support to different body parts, unlike other mattresses that provide even support. The grid mattress offers a soft and luxurious feel to the shoulders and hips while providing a firmer feel to the rear. It provides the right firmness to the back and alleviates body pain when used regularly over a period of time.

The smart grid mattress comprises several layers to provide ample comfort to different body parts, including the spine.

The top layer of the mattress is made of 7 zoned profile foam which helps in better air circulation. It comes with zonal support, which means the body gets differentiated support and keeps you cool through the night. The bouncy foam gives you the spring mattress-like feel.

It is made of premium high resilience foam to provide support, firmness, and durability to the overall construction of the mattress.

The even grids on the mattress are smart grids that stretch as per the shape of your body and provide pain relief.

Advantages of Smart Grid Mattress

There are many advantages of using this mattress over other types of mattresses. It has a combination of properties of latex, memory foam, and spring mattresses. Some of the benefits of a smart grid mattress include:
Better flexibility: When it comes to firmness, it comes in many choices and can be medium-firm or soft. The grid mattress, while bouncy like a spring mattress, can also provide a sinking effect, allowing the pelvis and shoulders to sink. It also maintains a firmness that enables the spine to remain neutral.

  • Adaptability: A smart grid mattress is highly adaptable. It is ideal for all sleepers and sleeping positions. It is equally comfortable for a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.
  • Temperature neutral: One of the main benefits of a grid mattress is that it allows enough air circulation through the layers. That helps in removing the trapped body heat and maintaining a proper temperature. So there is greater comfort to a sleeper as the grid is temperature-neutral.
  • Ideal for all: A smart grid mattress can be used by a toddler as well as elders who need more support to reduce aches and pains. Various grid mattresses and a smartgrid orthopedic mattress are also available for those needing specialized joint support for chronic joint pains.
  • Support: The smart grid mattress comes in many choices of density levels. The firmer grid mattress provides better support, while the softer ones provide optimal comfort. It also allows the right amount of sink and bounciness, making it a great choice for all types of sleepers.
  • Reduces back pain: The smart grid technology helps in providing optimal luxury while providing the right amount of comfort due to its firmness. It can cuddle the back, shoulder, and neck while giving the rear firm support. This helps alleviate any aches and pains as no pressure points are created.
  • Supports motion isolation: A smart grid mattress is ideal for many reasons, including motion isolation. Even if you or your partner twists and turns, it does not affect your sleep. The motion is absorbed by the surface instead of sending it all over the mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic: The smart grid mattress is made using polymers that are non-toxic and non-allergic. No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are used to make them. So it is safe for everyone, including those who suffer from allergies.

Smart Grid Orthopedic Mattress

A smart grid orthopedic mattress is a great combination of smart grid technology and comfort. This type of mattress comes with many layers, and each layer is designed to offer support and comfort for the back and spine. It adapts to the shape of the body intelligently, because of which it can relieve body pain. It also helps in aligning the spine bringing pain relief.

A smart grid mattress is made from high-resilience foam that is non-toxic. It intelligently adapts to the body’s shape and offers better support and comfort compared to other types of mattresses.

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