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Diwali Light Decoration Ideas To Bring In The Festive Spirit To Your Home

diwali light decoration home ideas

The festival of lights, Diwali, is fast approaching. It is a festival that brings families together and bestows a lot of happiness and cheers with the start of a new season. People light up their homes every Diwali to usher in the new season. This Diwali is even more special as people can celebrate it with more gusto after holding back the celebrations for a couple of years. So to help you create that festive look, here are some interesting light decoration ideas. When shopping for light accessories as per recommendations from customers and design experts, you can shop from Wakefit. These lighting Ideas for Diwali for your home will serve as a handy guide. 

The Traditional Diyas – Must-Have Decorative Lights for Diwali

lighting ideas for diwali
  • The traditional clay pot Diyas are ever popular and add warmth to the house. While these are a must-have on windowsills and doorstep, many options are stylish and can be placed inside the homes. You can try using floating Diyas in the corridors or at the entrance. All you need to do is place some water in decorative bowls and a few flower petals, and your floating Diya is ready to add some sparkle to the dark spaces. 
  • If you want to slightly modify the look, then one of the Diwali light decoration home ideas is to add electric Diyas instead of clay pots. These can be kept inside mosaic lanterns and hung over the windows. You can also choose paper lanterns that come in traditional designs. These can be placed outdoors if you have a garden or on tree branches. This can make your garden turn into luminous and bright space.
  • If you want to add a twist to your traditional Diyas, you can make hand-painted ones so as to add a dash of beauty and colour to your decorations. You can choose acrylic brushes and paints and look for inspirations online for designs. 

Pendant lights for the Living Room – Lighting Ideas for Diwali

  • If you want a simple and perfect lighting idea, then a drop-down pendant decorative light is the one. It comes in the shape of a globe and can stylishly light up your house. You can also choose to have a chandelier instead of an overhead pendant light. These not only create an intimate ambiance but also act as accent lights to highlight the important design elements in the space.
  • Along with the above, Diwali lighting ideas add some hanging lights in your reading space in that empty corner and it can beautifully complement the accent lights. Use wall fixtures or shelf lights to highlight showpieces and other artwork. While picking any lights, ensure that it gels with the main lighting. When chosen well, the lights bounce off the walls and give a magnificent effect.

Fairy Lights – Diwali Lights Decoration on the House

Diwali light decoration ideas are incomplete without fairy lights. It can be a simple LED fairy light, or it can be with a series of bulbs in different colours and shapes. These are the popular light decorative choice that never goes out of style. It creates a whimsical environment and is an excellent choice for lighting a festive home. The best part of this is it can be placed inside the house or outside. It can be draped over tree trunks or on the compound and gives a magical atmosphere. It can also be placed over colorful lanterns and kept in the garden also. When it comes to designing them indoors, use them over curtain rods or inside colourful bottles and brighten the dark corners. These are a safe choice for your children’s room too.

Diwali Lamp Decorations for your Balcony

While most people do amazing lighting inside the house, they tend to leave the balcony bare and dull. One of the Diwali lighting ideas for balcony ideas is you can use stars and bird cutouts, string them together and hang them on your balcony space. You can also create a chime by stringing them together to decorate the balcony. As far as lighting goes, pull out those stored fairy lights and set them. For parading the lights, place them from top to bottom.

Scented Candles – Diwali Lighting Ideas for the Home

Take out all those candles that you stowed away after Christmas and use them for Diwali lights decoration on house. These can be reused to decorate your home this Diwali. They can be arranged over a beautiful rangoli made from different colours. Add petals around the border and some in the center to make a beautiful design. Some of the other ways of using candle holders are by arranging them in different shapes like that of a Diya. You can opt for scented candles as a step up from traditional candles. These can also be added to light up the bathroom as well as bring in a nice aroma and bring in the celebratory mood everywhere. Diwali lamp decoration with Candles can also be decorated on your balcony along with those fairy lights. 

Flaunt a Table with Lights

If you are not someone who likes to deck the home with Diwali home decoration lights. This is one of the best lighting ideas for Diwali. Use a plain coffee table and give it a makeover. Use some candles and oil lamps and arrange them in a silver or copper bowl with some pretty and vibrant flowers. You can also use lanterns and Diyas and surround the coffee table with them.

When it comes to home Diwali lighting ideas there are many options. However, choose the best decorative lights for Diwali so that you can implement those ideas and get the best out of them.

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