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7 Gorgeous Diwali Balcony Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Diwali is fast approaching, and with that, the excitement is on the rise. You, too, have probably started preparing your house for the big celebration. It is the time when most houses get repainted or at the least get spring-cleaned in preparation for the Festival of Lights. When it comes to decorations, most people overlook the balcony and concentrate on the pooja mandir and the living room. But it is one of the places which can jazz up your entire house from the outside. So here are some cool diwali balcony decoration ideas that can make your home look amazing without pinching your pockets. 

Factors to Consider when Implementing Balcony Decoration Ideas

Before you jump ahead to check amazing balcony decoration ideas, here are some factors to consider before you get down to decorating it:

Open or closed

Most homes have open balconies, which owners choose to grill or close them. So most of the balconies are closed. Additionally, since it is closed, it is easy to maintain, and there is less upkeep. Simple balcony decoration ideas work great in closed spaces. Also, you can enjoy the balcony all year despite changing seasons. Choose decorative items based on whether the balcony is open or closed. 

Make a Budget

Determine if you want to decorate the floor of the balcony along with the vertical space. That can have an impact on the overall budget. You can use wood, PVC, artificial grass, and more as flooring materials for balcony decoration ideas. Once you have set a budget, you can move on to implementing the ideas based on that. 

Consider the Weather

Shade, sunlight, and the wind on the balcony are other factors to consider when implementing decoration ideas. Upper floors usually have strong winds, making it impossible to implement certain light and outdoor decoration ideas. 

Is your Balcony Dry and Clean?

Does your balcony have proper drainage and pipe exits? If you have extravagant decoration ideas in mind, an appropriate drainage system is a must. Otherwise, you can implement simple yet effective decoration ideas.

Decorate as per Size

If you have small and compact balconies, ensure that the decoration is kept simple, so the space does not get overwhelmed. Even if you have bigger balconies, keeping it stylish yet simple is best. But finally, it’s your choice!

Balcony Decoration Ideas for this Diwali

Listed below are some balcony decoration ideas. Some of these ideas are ideal for smaller balconies, others for larger balconies, and some for both sizes. Depending on your preferences, you can implement all or any of the below:

Small & Large Balcony Decoration Ideas:

1. Modern Hanging Lights

Adding lights can be passed off as a small balcony decoration idea. Diwali decoration is synonymous with lighting. So there can be no talk of decoration without lights. Especially during this festival, light is never considered too much light. You can implement as many balcony lighting ideas for bigger balconies as well as smaller ones and as many types as you want. There are LED strip lights that are popular for balconies that will make your house shine with the stars. You can choose from the various options and designs and use them without hesitation on Diwali. Fairy lights and modern hanging lights are affordably priced, and you can scatter them on windowsills and surfaces. Alternatively, you can use crystals, glass jars, or other containers to make an impact.

2. Lighting Candles

While LED lights and strip bulbs are beautiful and are suited as balcony lighting ideas for bigger balconies, there is nothing more beautiful than having some beautiful candles and Diyas. If you want something unique other than the boring designs, you can buy candle stands that are pretty and unique online. This help to create an inviting and warm aura around the balcony. Another interesting way of placing candles is to make a Rangoli and decorate it with candles. 

Scented candles placed in a jar are also a great Diwali exhibit for balcony Diwali light decoration. Take different sizes of jostles, wrap them with threads, strips or bands and place a candle inside. You can also paint the glass containers with acrylic if bands and threads are not your things.

3. Add Furniture

If you want simple balcony decoration ideas this Diwali, invest in a few balcony furniture pieces. Among them, the trendiest is the swinging chair. It comes in many styles that are perfect for your balcony. You can then deck it with flowers and candles,  add some modern hanging lights from the top and your space is festive-ready.

4. Include Vintage Element

Apart from having swings, you can include something rustic and vintage to give a great vibe. One such small balcony decoration idea is adding a vintage element. It can be an artistic figurine, well-crafted benches, etc., decorated with flowers and lights. It is a unique way to decorate the balcony without too much effort. 

5. Experiment with Furniture

If you have larger balconies, you can opt for metal chairs and tables that are ideal for outdoor space. However, for smaller balconies, you can opt for light furniture like ottomans and poufs. Along with swinging chairs, benches, and small chairs, add balcony wall decor to spruce the space. Change things around by making new patterns, and your balcony will look astonishing in no time with zero investment in new things. Of course, don’t forget to add lights and flowers. 

6. Add greenery

One of the simple balcony decoration ideas is to have planters and hang plants on the railings with colourful flowers. These make for good Diwali decor during day time, and they will also display your well-maintained plants. You can also place them on the walls, which still looks pretty. Wrap these planters with fairy lights, and they look amazing at night. 

7. Bar on the balcony

Diwali is about fun and having a great time. So make the celebrations better by sharing a few drinks with your friends. How do you do that? Set a mini bar on your balcony. Wall-mounted wine racks are a fancy and practical mini-bar option. Have some modern hanging ceiling lights to create an ambience, buy a few bar trolleys and beer mugs and add some snacks, and you are ready to party!

Final Notes

So the above are some of the balcony decoration ideas you can incorporate this Diwali using home decor accessories. These are simple yet effective ideas that do not cost a lot of money. There are countless ideas to be implemented, provided you add some creativity to your ideas.

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