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How To Spruce Up Your Home Amidst Lockdown

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Is staying at home making you feel trapped and confined? We’re here to provide some much-needed aesthetic relief. 

The Coronavirus-induced lockdown has had varying effects on our life, the most significant one being making do with what we’ve got. But the sameness of surroundings can oftentimes induce feelings of boredom and monotony. In the lack of social contact, sprucing up your homes with these home decor tips can help you stay motivated and happy.   

Here are five quick-fixes that can add a dash of excitement, as you continue to stay at and work from home. 

  • Mix it all up! 

A lockdown definitely imposes restrictions on making grandiose changes to your home decor. But it also allows you to be at your creative best. A simple way to do this is to mix it all up. Try changing the alignment of your home’s setting or interchange some pieces of furniture from the hall and bedroom. The newness of a small change can be as refreshing as a complete makeover.  

  • Explore the magic of multipurpose

There is beauty to truly appreciating what you have and making the best use of it. Especially, if you stay in smaller spaces, multifunctional usage is the need of the hour. Try using your old carpet in your balcony for an outdoor sit-down picnic or create a cozy reading space with some blankets and cushions in a corner to accentuate your bedroom decor. 

  • Bring in an accent piece 

Accent decor can completely liven up your interiors and furniture space. These can vary from bookcases to colorful armchairs or simply a stylish lamp. In fact, a pretty table-runner or bright cushion covers can also lend a wonderful appeal to the aesthetics of your room. Figure out the decor accessory available to you and place it prominently in the room to get the desired effect. 

  • Employ a bit of craftsmanship  

If you’d like to explore your artistic instincts, try taking old bedsheets and sarees and creating pretty, patterned cushion covers for your home. Another great way to create quaint, dainty pieces of decor is to take up paper craft. You can create a variety of items and place it around your room. A hand-made photo frame can also enhance the look and feel of your surroundings. 

  • Brighten up your space! 

The significance of lighting in decor has been emphasized by many, right from Paule Constable from Britain to Alex Davis from New Delhi. You can transform the aesthetic appeal of your setting instantly by adding the right kind of light. Go for candles and lamps that create light pools across your room, as it will lend a cozy, comfortable ambience to your space.

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