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5 ways to beat lockdown blues

We’re all in difficult, unsettling, unprecedented times, unsure of when we’re about to see the world outside again. Many of us are sad, anxious, angry, afraid, bored, lonely and this is a crisis to our mental health. While there is a lot that is not under your control, there are still some things that you can do to preserve your mental health while still being under lockdown. Keep up your hope and follow these five things to beat the lockdown blues.

  • Stick to a routine 

A lot of our lives have been uprooted and may seem chaotic because of the lockdown. Some of you might even feel stressed or depressed. But fret not. The key is acceptance of the situation and making the best out of it. I’m certain that all of you have had a routine before being locked down. Sticking to that routine with some alterations to fit your current lifestyle will do the trick. 

  • Stay active 

Exercise or meditation is good for your mental and physical health. A good 10- minute meditation in the morning, as soon as you wake up, can help keep your calm and bring about self-awareness. But if meditation is not your cup of tea, you could always work out at home to stay healthy and kill time. There are numerous workout videos and live sessions on Instagram each day, tune in and get cracking!

  • Stay connected 

Coronavirus has pushed us to such an extent that we’ve gone from enjoying those work from home days to despising it. It is understandable that a lot of you miss your cubicles, office chai, boss’s deadlines etc. But always stay connected with your colleagues and work friends and don’t let disbelief creep into your head. We’re all in this together, well, at least via Zoom calls and hangouts for the time being. 

  • Learn, learn and keep learning 

Learning enhances your mental health and you have all the time in the world to pick up on a new skill online. Edtech companies like Great Learning, Simplilearn, Coursera etc. are offering plenty of courses for free. Grab the opportunity and learn something new, it could be an add on to your resume. 

  • Let your creative juices flow 

We’re all artists with hidden talent. Now is just the time to explore and let those creative juices flow. Pursue that hobby you’ve been long ignoring. Pick up your brushes and paint, crank up the volume and dance like no one’s watching, knit yourself a scarf, bake a cake or even redecorate your space. You never know, you might just surprise yourself.

Now that we know that the lockdown is likely to extend, make peace with the situation and work on yourself and most importantly, believe in yourself. It is going to be difficult, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Stay indoors and keep yourself mentally and physically fit! 

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