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Beat lockdown blues with the help of a furry friend

beat lockdown blues with furry friend

Are you feeling the lockdown blues? Well, adopting a furry friend can help you get rid of unwanted stress during these testing times.

What better time than now to open your doors to a canine or feline buddy, who’s ready to shower you with all the love they have. Providing to a cat or a dog is not just an act of kindness but helps with a lot of physical and mental gains. A small dose of love a day can go a long way.

Here are a few ways your lockdown partner can help you.

  • Morning duty calls

You don’t need an alarm when you’ve got a dog or a cat.

They take the lazy out of you right from the start of the day until you go to bed. Your day will probably start with a brisk morning walk while they’re busy attending their nature calls and you can admire the clear blue sky and hear the birds sing. Probably, something that you’ve missed amidst your busy life.

  • Turning into an extrovert

Think of yourself as an introvert? Away from social media?

Well, your partner will turn things around for you and make you click those insta-worthy pics and interact with pet lovers across the globe by default. We bet you cannot refrain from clicking those cute puppy eyes and curious moments to show-off to the world. They will definitely teach you the art of capturing perfect moments and starting any random conversations starting with “ My dog” or “ My cat”.

  • A paw to lean on

It is known that dogs and cats have a tendency to know when a person is feeling low or feeling pain. Especially during this lockdown period, it is obvious that we as humans go through a lot of emotions. You know now that you’re not alone, your furry friend will always shower you with unconditional love and keep your heart happy. They remind us that no matter what, life still goes on.

  • Playtime? All day.

Getting into your lazy self after a good meal is the best feeling in the world. But what about burning those calories? Playtime with your furry bud is the best proven exercise. Their curiosity and learning some new tricks to show you everyday will leave you in awe. Just grab their attention and they won’t leave your side.

  • No date night? No worries.

Make it a movie night with your best bud at home. Grab some popcorn and kibble, put on your favourite movies and just keep binge-watching. To know that you can share a movie seat with someone at home will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

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